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View Poll Results: What do you want to see?
Clean My Panties 14 22.22%
Training School for My Slave 10 15.87%
Going Over the Edge 6 9.52%
Gas Chamber - No Escape 23 36.51%
Sensitive Stomach + Dirty Asshole = Tortured Slaveboy 14 22.22%
Zoning Out While He's Trying Not to Pass Out 21 33.33%
Nowhere to Run 16 25.40%
Eat My Farts, Drink My Pee 18 28.57%
Toilet Torment 19 30.16%
Sweaty Ass Smothercate 23 36.51%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 63. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 04-09-2017, 12:07 AM
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KinkyKiki KinkyKiki is online now
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What kind of clips do you want to see? VOTE NOW!

I am really wanting to make some clips that people will enjoy, and I’ve loved hearing all your ideas on how I can torture my slaveboy more. I am doing a poll for you all to vote on what you would like to see me doing to my slave most.

I will be making clips of the 3 top voted ideas. The length of the clips will depend on how much fun I have and how carried away I get.

Read the descriptions below and then pick your favorite title in the poll.

Clip Descriptions:

1) Clean My Panties: My slave will be strapped to the bed. I will make him clean my filthy panties that I’ve worn for 2 weeks straight. Covered in cum stains, piss stains, shit stains, and sweat. He will suck them, lick them, and I will scrape them on his tongue and teeth until they are spotless. But, if he doesn’t do a good enough job, I will gag him with them and torture him with extreme smothering and toxic face farts! The punishment will be severe.

2) Training School for My Slave: In this full on training session, I will teach my slave to endure breath restriction, progressively longer smothering, how to inhale my farts deeply so I don’t smell them, how to lick my asshole clean after a wet fart, etc. I will make sure my ass is extremely sweaty and stinky, so he will learn to appreciate my strong scent. He must show me that he can endure my sick, twisted torture. Punishment will be swift and merciless, including whipping, complete smothering until panic ensues, and farting directly into his mouth. Class will be taught in my smother chair, with the inflatable pillow being used to help ensure total suffocation.

3) Going Over the Edge: My slave will be strapped to the bed. I will set a timer and make him almost cum, and then stop, repeatedly, while grinding farts and other forms of my stink on his face. This goes on until he can’t hold it anymore or the timer runs out, whichever happens first. If he hasn’t yet, I’ll make him cum. Either way, after he cums, I continue to play with his cock for extreme torture, while smothering him with my farts, causing him severe discomfort and forcing him to inhale rapidly. The length of this torture depends on how long he lasts vs. the timer.

4) Gas Chamber - No Escape: I will strap my slave into my smother chair and wrap industrial strength saran wrap all around it so my farts can’t escape. My slave is trapped with nothing but fresh and stale farts invading his nose, and my filthy unshowered asshole smothering him. I fart over and over and over again until his gas chamber is filled to capacity with thick, raunchy fart fumes. Will the lack of fresh oxygen and my insatiable need to smother him in my sweaty butt crack make him pass out? Let’s find out!

5) Sensitive Stomach + Dirty Asshole = Tortured Slaveboy: I smother my slave while making him take farts in his nose. I will make sure not to shower for several days before, so my asshole is extra ripe. Then the entire day I will only eat and drink things that make my farts EXTREMELY thick and putrid. He will be tied up all day so he won’t have any idea of what I have eaten or had to drink. I make him guess what I ate and/or drank to cause my farts to be so horrendous, and if he guesses wrong, he gets a fart in his mouth and nose at the same time. I won’t tell him what I ate until I’ve felt he’s suffered enough. Once I tell him, he will think I’m finished, but I will continue with the torture. Now that he knows what I ate, he must inhale them even harder. The farts will start coming faster, and if I smell any of them, they will be delivered directly down his throat. They will be non-stop, and most likely a bit wet. I will be farting for awhile, so to ensure my maximum comfort, slave will be strapped into my smother chair. This will be a brutal and intense clip, in which my slave may come very close to throwing up.

6) Zoning Out While He’s Trying Not to Pass Out: I will strap my slave into my smother chair and play a video game while farting on his face and making him fight for breaths. I tend to forget he’s under me thanks to this amazingly comfortable chair, and my intense distraction with video games. Let’s just hope for his sake that the game doesn’t frustrate me, because when that happens, I take it out on him. (Don’t worry, if this one makes the cut, it will be 2 angles of nothing but my ass on his face). Lots of extreme smothering, breath play, and farting right when he gasps for air.

7) Nowhere to Run: I will strap my slave to the bed and leave him there gagged and blindfolded with dirty panties while I go shopping, workout at the gym, and run some other errands. I come home and sit right on his face, treating him like no more than a piece of furniture. I will relax and grind my sweaty asshole all over his nose. Pretty soon he will notice how gassy I am, as I’ve made sure to drink protein shakes and eat a big lunch of Mexican food or Indian food. He can struggle all he wants, but nothing can save him from some of the most foul smelling farts he’s ever endured. I’m not getting up until the farts stop. Lots of full weight facesitting and raunchy farts while I mostly relax, giggling quietly and ignoring my slave as he begs for mercy.

8) Eat My Farts, Drink My Pee: In this EXTREME clip, I will strap my slave to my smother chair and make him inhale my rancid farts while drinking a chocolate protein shake. I will continue drinking and farting until I need to pee. Then I will force him to drink all of my hot, sour piss, while continuing to fart up his nose. I may be nice and pause between gulps, or he may just have to swallow it all as fast as he can. Either way, he better not spill a single drop, or his punishment will be severe. After I’ve peed, he must clean me up, and continue to endure my full blast ass gas until the protein shake fuel runs out. This will be a brutal and intense clip, in which my slave may come very close to throwing up.

9) Toilet Torment: While taking a shit, I force my slave to kneel down and shove his head between my legs. His nose will be in the toilet bowl to inhale all my farts and shit stink. When I’m done, I will make him lick me clean.

10) Sweaty Ass Smothercate: THIS CLIP WILL CONTAIN NO FARTS. After making sure my ass is incredibly sweaty and ripe (by not showering for a few days and working out/walking around a lot in tight spandex pants), I will strap my slave to the bed and sit on his face, smothering him deep in my greasy, raunchy asshole. I will make him fight for his breaths, all of which come right from my asshole. After a few minutes of enduring my stink with moderate smothering, I will begin 100% smothercating my slave. He will have to go progressively longer and longer without any breaths, while I grind his face and enjoy making him squirm and thrash to near blackout. Maybe he even will pass out… we’ll see how carried away I get! THIS CLIP WILL CONTAIN NO FARTS.

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Old 04-09-2017, 7:32 AM
foofighter1229 foofighter1229 is offline
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There are so many personalities on this board, it may be hard to find a clear winner! I personally love the toilet torment option, because the stink is trapped in the toilet bowl, making it so much stronger. All in all, each of these sounds fantastic. No way I would complain about any. Maybe over time you will do many of them.

Thanks for sharing your ideas!
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Old 04-09-2017, 10:29 AM
Rhino Rhino is offline
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slave saran wrapped or arms belted to waist.. Reverse facesitting, feet under head locking he's head in place, asking him to lick your ass every so often and to put tongue in your ass every so often

simple, sweet, sexy
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Old 04-10-2017, 11:54 AM
KinkyKiki's Avatar
KinkyKiki KinkyKiki is online now
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Thanks for voting everyone. I'm making my slaveboy watch the votes as they are coming in. He's very scared about the currently winning clips... aww how cute. Too bad, baby! It's what the people want!! Hahaha
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Old 04-16-2017, 9:27 AM
jump321 jump321 is online now
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Looking forward to any of these clips. Do you have a favourite to win Kiki?

When do plan on making this happen and close the poll....
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Old 04-17-2017, 6:48 PM
KinkyKiki's Avatar
KinkyKiki KinkyKiki is online now
Join Date: Apr 2017
Posts: 26
I actually have a few favorites! We will probably end up doing them all eventually but the top voted ones are going to be the ones we do first.

One we will be doing for sure that I'm really excited about is the Training School video because I have the outfit and I love to dress up and do role playing.

Other than that one my favorites are Zoning Out, Smothercate, Going Over the Edge, Gas Chamber, and Eat My Farts, Drink My Pee. I love seeing the agony on my slave's face every time I tell him the Eat and Drink one got another vote! ;P

I am hoping to get about 100 voters before closing the poll, but it's been a pretty good turn out so far. I will just have to see how many more voters there are within the next week or 2 and go from there. I keep a good eye on it and check it everyday, sometimes multiple times a day.

I am really excited to do these videos, the only issue I will be running into is how to keep it under an hour because that's the average minimum length of our sessions. But I could always edit them into shorter clips.
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Old 04-18-2017, 1:30 AM
garrison15 garrison15 is online now
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On Going Over the Edge you should punish him if he cums before the timer runs out, like giving him butt drops, shitting in his mouth, stuffing a sweaty pair of panties with a shit stain into his mouth.
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Old 04-23-2017, 9:38 AM
footstool footstool is offline
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Hi Kinky Kiki,

I'm looking forward to Your videos!

Do You ever do buttdrops on his face? Do You ever torture his nipples while sitting on his face? I LOVE having my nipples tortured via fingers, fingernails, toenails, and high heels!!!

I would LOVE to see You do some facesitting while wearing pantyhose and some facesitting while wearing tight shiny spandex leggings

Thank You

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