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Hispanic Hierarchy

Hi, all!
Just a little idea I had for short stories.

Essentially, a world where Hispanics have taken over and enslaved evertyhing.
If there's interest, i'll publish some more little snippets.

Hope you enjoy!


Pushing her cheeks back and forth, she could feel the liquid building in her mouth, a ball of phlegm in the center. Pursing her lips, she spat. Landing a gigantic loogie on her slave’s face.

“Eat it.” She commanded, watching with glee as the man had no choice but to lick the phlegm off his lips and swallow.

“Good puta.” She teased.

Nobody was sure how it happened, but during a solar eclipse years’ prior, all those of Hispanic descent grew to enormous heights. With both, men and women average 20ft tall, the rest of the races of the world were soon subjugated.

“Now get back to sucking my toes.” She ordered, laughing as the pitiful Caucasian could barely fit her big toe in his mouth. As she looked down at his pitiful mouth working on her digits, she thought about how he used to be her boss at her shitty retail job, constantly sticking her with the shit work and tossing racial slurs about “spics” and “wetbacks”. She remembered the fear on his face when she tracked him down at his home, taking he and his wife to serve herself and her husband.

“Between the toes!” she barked, slapping the reddened face with her sole. “How many times do I have to tell you, gavacho!” Spreading her toes, she snapped her fingers.

Extending his tongue, the little man ran it between the massive digits of the woman’s foot, a day’s worth accumulated dirt and grime scooped into his mouth witch each lick.

Laughing at the displeasure on her slave’s face, the woman squeezed her toes together, grabbing the tongue and preventing the man from continuing his duty.

“What’s wrong? You don’t like?”

“Shi shi.” The man attempted to reply in Spanish, nodding furiously.
Smiling at the obedience, she splayed her toes once more, releasing the tongue.

“Bien. Continue.”

Hawking another loogie, she spat it onto her foot, watching as it ran between her toes.

“Lamida…” She ordered placing her hands behind her head and watching gleefully as the little lips and tongue sucked her spit from between her toes.

"la vida es buena," she purred, the warm tongue dutifully tending to her toes.
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Wow! Great! More, more.
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Laughing at the thrashing arms and legs below, her large hand held the smaller head in place against her stomach.

“Come on, guapo, give su amore a big kiss.” She pushed the blond-haired head deeper into her skin until she felt the satisfying wetness of the tongue inside her belly-button.

“Very good! You’re learning well. Maybe in a few more weeks you won’t have to wear a collar anymore. Until then, I’ll have to keep my perro blanco on a short leash”

Removing her large hand, she let her slave pull his head free. His reddened face gasped for air, smeared in her sweat and spit. She loved a good tongue bath after a run, and former parole officer always did such a great job. At 18ft tall, her legs, alone, were longer than her plaything was tall; he stood at a height of 6ft 2in.

Grabbing her slave by his left arm, she lifted her own arm presenting her arm pit.

“Lamida!” She commanded, forcing him into the sweaty crevice.
Giggling at the tickles upon her stubbled armpit, she enjoyed the fearful obedience of her slave. Switching arms, she could feel the sweat being removed by the drying tongue of her plaything.

Leaning back on her gigantic mattress, bareback against the cool wall, she let her slave continue to suck in air. His pathetic pale body framed by her titanic bronze legs. Wriggling the toes on her gigantic feet, she yawned, stretching her arms above head. and then reaching back down with her left hand, pushing the man into her mattress.

“Time to wash my cońo, mister…”

Dragging the man across the silken sheets like a rag doll, she watched as his head disappeared between her legs. His soft tongue soon lapping at her crotch, rubbing against her pubes and eventually making it’s way to her labia.
Leaning back, she enjoyed the automatic obedience of her pet. Doing his best to stimulate her orally, nearly his entire face fit inside her pussy.

Squeezing her legs tight together, she reached down, pushing his face deeper inside her.

“I know you got more than that!”

Her titanic fingers grasped his skull, palming his head like a softball.

Bucking as her vagina was worshiped, she pulled the face free, maneuvering the man like a living dildo so that his tongue was stimulating her clit.

Nearing climax, she forced his head back down into her pussy, covering him cum.

Soaking her sheet with sweat, she wore a smile of bliss on her face, but gave her slave no time to recover. Instead pushing him to the end of her bed and demanding he worship her massive peds.

As her "perro blanco's" teeth, gnawed on her callouses, she wiggled her toes some more. Pure pleasure filling the life of the superior Latina.
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Extremely nice. Please more!
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more! it's awesome!
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Great Stuff !!, Thank You.
Please more.

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