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The addition of Caitlin's mother, Sonya, makes this fantastic story even better!
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So many parts to
This thanks
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This was a very strange journey. I’d literally gone from the sublime to the ridiculous. Only last night I had an extraordinarily satisfying orgasm under Mistress Caitlin’s feet, followed by an entire evening with her feet on my face at the end of her bed, then the exquisite pleasure of taking her to breakfast and being mesmerised by her beauty and dominance … and feet . And, nearly best of all, I hadn’t been busted up for a few days. Hooray!!

Now I was at the feet of a Woman, the Mother of my Domme, a Woman I’d never met before, subjecting me to a tirade of abuse.

‘Now, Caitlin has told me you have a very specific way of doing a pedi, on your knees, taught to you by a Mistress back in the day, and it’s humiliating for you but pleasurable for the recipient. Is that right maggot?’

‘Yes Madame Sonya’.

‘Well, what are you waiting for scumbag, get to it!’

So I filed the nails then placed my mouth around each toe, as I’d been taught, and licked the end of each nail to smooth it.

‘No way’, said Madame, ‘you suck on toes? That’s why my daughter calls you a freak, a foot freak. OK maggot, since you love sucking toes so much, suck on each of my big toes like you’re making love to them’.

I proceeded to suck, lick and slobber over Madame’s big toes, tonguing the under surfaces as she lay back in her recliner and sighed.

‘That feels really good, maggot, you’d make a good cocksucker; maybe that’s what you’re practicing for.’ She giggled at her taunt and closed her eyes.

I blushed in shame that I had allowed myself to be treated so derisively by someone I’d just met but I didn’t reply, I just kept doing what I was told, sucking on the big toe of her right foot.

Madame eventually roused and said, ‘What’s next, cocksucker?’

I really hated that. I had no desire to be a cocksucker.

‘I will paint lotion to soften your quicks then push them back with an orange stick, Madame Sonya, then I will lick the chemical off your toes’.

‘Sounds blissful, maggot’.

Madame continued to berate and control me as I finished off the pedicure.

She then inspected my work. ‘That’s a good job, slave. Caitlin tells me she always rewards you with footrest duties when you’ve been particularly submissive so you can go under my feet now for a while’.

‘Thank you Madame Sonya’.

I lay on my back and her warm, soft soles descended onto my face. God it felt good. I lived for these times and, whilst I was theoretically being ‘unfaithful’ to my Mistress, it was under her direct orders that I served her Mother.

My cock strained in the tube but, by now, it was a discomfort I’d grown used to.

After 10 minutes or so, Madame’s phone rang.

‘Hello darling. Yes, maggot has finished and you were right, he does a very good job. It’s a labour of love for him, judging by the twitching in his pants. Yes, I love that you have him locked up. Scum like him should have their orgasms severely rationed, it only makes them more desperate to serve. What’s he doing now? He’s in deep subspace under my feet. I’ll bet the tube is driving him crazy hehe. What’s that? You have news for me? You’re kidding, what a fucking prick’.

I had heard every word of the conversation from this end and wondered who the ‘prick’ was. I desperately hoped they weren’t talking about me!!
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Nice chapter and good cliffhanger ending. I too wonder who the 'prick' is.
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Like your style. THX and please go on.
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Madame removed her feet from my face and leaned forward so her face was above mine.

‘I have some very, very bad news for you, maggot’.

That familiar bolt of lightning ran through me as I tried to imagine what I’d done wrong. I racked my brain but came up empty. Madame let me squirm before she again lowered her feet onto my face.

‘You’ll never believe this maggot, but that prick Adam has been sleeping around. Caitlin has given him the shove’.

What!?. That was great news. I wouldn’t have to be a servant for Adam anymore. I was thrilled. But, hang on, why was that bad news for me?

‘Caitlin wants you to report to The Confessional, boy. She’s white-hot angry and I’d say that’s very bad news for your balls. Look on the bright side fuckwit, at least you’ll be granted release from your tube haha hehe’.

Surely this had nothing to do with me. Adam being unfaithful was hardly of my doing. Memories of the agony I’d been subjected to in The Confessional came flooding back. I never wanted to be in that place again. But, what choice did I have?

Madame spoke, ‘We’ll be seeing each other again maggot, soon. I have many uses for you. I have no experience busting balls but that’s about to change with the tuition of my beautiful daughter. Dismissed’.

I went to stand up when a heavy right hand crashed against my face. ‘You will stay on your knees in my presence unless you’re working for me, maggot. And you will kiss my feet when you enter and leave my presence. Am I clear?’

Where had I heard that before?!

‘Yes Madame Sonya, you’re crystal clear’. I kissed her feet then started to crawl towards the front door when Madame kicked my backside.

‘If you survive The Confessional, the next time I kick you will be in the balls, you weak, pathetic loser. Now get out of my sight; your fate awaits you, turd.
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I drove over to Mistress Caitlin’s place in a panic. What had I done wrong? What did that prick Adam being unfaithful have to do with me?

My phone buzzed. It was a message from Mistress Caitlin, ’The front door is unlocked. Let yourself in and go and kneel in The Confessional’.

Shit, shit, shit, this couldn’t be good. It buzzed again, ‘The key to your tube is on the shelf. Strip and unlock yourself. I want you in your underpants only when I arrive’.

Fuck, fuck fuck, the omens were all bad.

I arrived and did as I was told. I was terrified as I knelt in The Confessional, once again checking out the manacles and other restraints, and old blood stains on the floor. Would my blood be spilt here today?

As usual, Mistress left me stewing in my own juices for an hour, presumably to build up the tension, or perhaps she didn’t care about all my stress and anxiety caused by this twist of events. Probably the latter, upon reflection! I heard the door open and voices upstairs. Who else was there?

Then there was the padding of feet on the stairs and Mistress Caitlin and Mistress Georgia stood before me. I leant forward and kissed their feet as an act of reverence.

‘You’ve heard the news from Madame, scumbag?’

‘About Sir, you mean Mistress Caitlin?’

‘He is no longer Sir to you, he is nothing to you and you will delete his number from your phone and have no further contact. Am I clear?’ She smashed her right palm against my cheek. Unnecessary, I thought, but that wasn’t my call, never was.

‘Yes Your Highness, you’re clear’.

So far so good, that didn’t bother me at all!

‘Here’s the thing though, dirtbag, it’s your duty as my slave to pay for Adam’s sins. If I could get my hands on him, I’d cut off his balls and place them in a jar in my trophy cabinet. Your suffering will be worse than that’.

A shiver ran down my spine. I wasn’t in The Confessional for my health.

‘Stand up loser and put your hands above your head. You know how this goes’

I did, and my hands were manacled above my head to keep me at full stretch and my ankles were held wide apart by a spreader bar. To say I felt vulnerable would have been a huge understatement!

Mistress turned to Georgia and spoke, ‘Would you like to tee things off Georgie?’

‘It would be my pleasure Caitlin. I learnt karate at college and I’ve always wondered how some of the kicks I was taught would affect a target in real life. I’ve only been able to kick bags so far. I especially want to see the effect of a front kick, where you kick your target with the sole of your foot in a striking/pushing action’.

‘Well, here’s your big chance. Don’t hold anything back; remember, this is that cunt Adam we’re punishing’.

Mistress Caitlin stood in front of me and smiled. ‘You look scared, poor boy. Maybe this is why’.

And with that she launched a vicious front kick into my pelvis and groin which hurt like hell and shoved me backwards. I would have fallen back if not for the shackles.

‘Ooh, that is very effective, isn’t it Caitlin? In real life that would have knocked him to the ground and he’d be writhing in pain so I could stomp the shit out of him’.

I had been wrong about Mistress Georgia, she was every bit as sadistic as Mistress Caitlin, it had just taken opportunity to reveal itself.

‘Let’s try that again, shall we?’

She again lashed out with her right foot and kicked me a bit lower this time, making her heel collide with my balls. It was agonising and I let out an involuntary, guttural groan.

‘You will keep your mouth shut and accept these kicks I gift you with gratitude, slave. Do I make myself clear or do you really want me to punish your balls, you weak, pathetic loser?’

I was too distressed to answer. The dominant, sadistic Mistress Georgia was now fully revealed and I realised that she felt it was her right to inflict as much damage on me as she saw fit, just as Her Highness did.

I tried to brace myself for the inevitable next kick but Mistress Georgia was at her venomous best as she delivered her brutal ballbust at full force. It’s interesting how things occur in slow-motion, it seems, on occasions such as these where the emotions run high, at least on my part.

As Mistress Georgia was about to kick me, I noticed that she was more solid around the buttocks and thighs than I had previously registered and that, I figured, was where she derived her power. I also noticed that she was nicely balanced as she wound up her kicking foot, like an athlete, a boxer, perhaps. My musings were rudely interrupted by the blur of her right foot and leg as the foot made direct contact with my left testicle and compressed it against my pelvis. I shrieked in pain, like a girl, my legs turned to jelly and I slumped in the shackles, blubbering.

‘That one was for that cunt Adam. Suck it up, turd’.

Surely this was time for some mercy. I was trying to gather myself up, through the mists of pain, to beg for mercy, even though it was against Mistress’ Ballbusting Rules, when Mistress Georgia spoke;

‘You don’t let faggot complain when you kick him in the sac, do you Caitlin?’

‘No Georgie, the ball-gag is called for. I’ll attend to it’.
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Love it! I love how unfair the situation is for the slave, such delicious cruelty!
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Is it possible that there will be a slave ballbusting party? lol...
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Better and better
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