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12-28-2002, 5:34 PM
Well gang this is a first for you all. As we said Rasta went out of his way to give us friendship, support and company in what was otherwise a shitty trip to France (because of a certain character who will be un-named but who just left here but is probably lurking) and therefore we returned the friendship.

He asked so nicely that we could not refuse so Helen trampled him in gym shoes, socks and barefeet (all his favourite ways). So Helen trampled someone else for the first time ever and it was yours truly on the camera (another first). It was worth it to see how much pleasure it gave our friend. She would not have trampled the other guy (even though some of you asked for it) as he treated us like lepers and inferior.

As you know I am not big into gym shoes or socks but so many of our friends out there are (including old Rasta) that we thought we would give you a treat. Let Helen and I and Rasta know what you all think and whether or not you are interested in some Helen and Stryder video work.

Enjoy we will post more each day as there are quite a few and there are bigger and better things to come. Thanks again to those who supported us during the recent crap and those who know the real scene and real decent folk.

12-28-2002, 5:43 PM
Hey there Stryder, very nice photo's
I am sure we will all be looking forward to seeing more as they become available ...Thanks again Mate

12-28-2002, 5:57 PM
Thank YOU for sharing with us. You two folks are terrific!:D

12-28-2002, 6:19 PM
WOW!!!! as usual dude nothing less than the best!
love ur work dude. Thanks so much!:D

12-28-2002, 6:52 PM
As usual, absolutely superb....I have only realized my trample needs for about 4 years or so...It was your photos at that time, that cemented my love for being trampled...Your high heel trample images are second to absolutely no ones that I have seen...Thanks to you and Helen for kicking my love for trampling into high gear...(pardon the kicking pun)....:)....Can't wait to see what the future images are like..Thanks for your generosity in sharing them with us...

12-28-2002, 7:05 PM
Love it my friend, where are the stilettos? That of course is my true love but there again you do go for quality.
Please do continue, respect from Pervy, Diane, Shauna, Scorpio and Val.

12-28-2002, 9:12 PM
how did an ugly oaf like you stryder get such a cute wife?
great pics though

12-29-2002, 12:50 AM
As promised here are some more. Dont know how this ugly lump won the ladies heart....probably by being exactly the opposite of the guy who recently tried to put me down and I guess my heart is as big as the rest of the ugly lump...or some such nonsense. No heels in this lot as it was a treat for our friend Rasta and this is the way he likes it despite having to do heels for the last few years. However some great new heel pics coming soon and Helen and I have a great heel vid...(if you dont mind the camera work )
So watch this space. Yes Mike sorry to be such an ugly bug amongst so many great looking guys...why even Rasta is a real oil painting.....sump oil that is. Heels are my favourite too but when we start doing more vids we will try and cater for all tastes (within reason).

12-29-2002, 1:09 AM
Absolutely great pics that were shot, Stryder!

There is seriously a lacking presence of good trample in running shoes (non Nikes). If it would be at all possible, more shots of Helen trampling and dominating in those New Balance runners would be great. As I said, there is a tremendous lack of pics like this out there. It was more of a treat than you know.

12-29-2002, 1:23 AM
very cool pictures ,thank u very much ,nice to see trampling when the lady is wearing everyday clothes.

12-29-2002, 1:29 AM
Originally posted by doubleback
nice to see trampling when the lady is wearing everyday clothes.

i definitely agree

12-29-2002, 3:44 AM
First of all, thank you for these wonderful pics and agreement for this trample session!
Secondly, look after your beautiful wife cause she enjoys trampling very much and this is very rare!
Thirdly, and most important, tell her please to use her h-heels more frequently!
Fourthly, mike is joking!

thanks again

12-29-2002, 5:37 AM
Thanx 4 the gr8 pics!!!!!!!


12-29-2002, 6:21 AM
Helen, Stryder. Thank you for those pictures. I always get a nice feeling when i think of you both enjoying life to the fullest

12-29-2002, 6:42 AM
Well, good for you, Rasta. Where you were most of us will only dream about.

Those very clear pictures of Helen enjoying this are the best, as usual.

Stryder, having your big heart means that some are going to hurt you for their own selfish reasons. Let me be one who helps to balance this a little.

Your and Helen's presence here makes this community a whole lot more fulfilling and enjoyable.

Since I first saw your images a couple of years ago, I've been amazed at your honesty. You've been an inspiration for so many who didn't have the courage to face this fetish and even enjoy it.

Just thought you'd like to know.:)


12-29-2002, 6:49 AM
It has been really a pleasure to be under your feet Helen and especially your used sneakers. With all the rain you received during your travel here, i was really happy to be your doormat or your stairway like in the famous restaurant in lyon the saturday evening. This meet with you and stryder has been wonderfull as you are so natural and cool speaking about everything with big laughes. Sure the guy remember when you showed him your sneakers in the little restaurant for the launch :D It's a pity that we are so far away cause it will be regullary party without especially be trampled, just to speak with you was fresh and funny. Something that i was loosing from a long long time and now that i'm more searching than to be the most trampled man or doing the most crazy movie. I'm arrived to the point that i prefer to have one girl that enjoyed it during a sensual exchange than 17 girls that do it looking to their clocks. It's life, i have no remorse about my merging with Cucciolo's page and it has been a great experience but after 1.5 years of collaboration with cucciolo, i'm more than happy to stop it without anybody telling me what i have to do in my life. Best wishes and really Steve, you had the golden fingers to meet Helen and maried her as she is a fantastic woman. Big kisses my friends.

12-29-2002, 8:38 AM
Thank's Stryder to you and your beautifull wife.

12-29-2002, 8:40 AM
Stryder,and Helen....What can I say,except:worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship:


12-29-2002, 8:56 AM
Lovely pics Stryder, what a nice lady!
I normally go for stilettos as you know but this is lovely set of pics.
aA very happy new year to you and your crew, Pervy2

12-29-2002, 9:24 AM
Helen without heels ???
I can't believe !!!!
What happens ?


12-29-2002, 12:27 PM
Hello Stryder & Beautiful Helen

I appreciate we all have our own tastes and likes, based around the same theme, but I have to echo the comments from our colleague BadCloster.

Helen without heels :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

U 2 R the greatest.......

Thanks for the post though, cos trample is trample afterall ! :D

12-29-2002, 12:31 PM
From sneakers and jeans (my favorite!) to soft and musky sweatsocks to a warm bouquet of her bare feet with red toenails and rolled up jeans so to enjoy the sight of her calfs also.

All I can say is wow!!

The Penguin
12-29-2002, 2:02 PM
thankyuo Helen and Stryder for your efforts and for salvaging somthing out of a dissapointing french visit

while sneakers are not my thing there are many whom it is and thanks for indulging those people

12-29-2002, 3:15 PM
Hey Stryder,

Wow! Thatís a superb photo set. I second (third, forth?) the comments relating to Helen. What a wondrously pretty woman! Itís great that you havenít fallen into the trap of jealousy with regard to her trampling other men who enjoy it. That little green monster threatened me in my initial phases of mixing in the real world. But, as Iím sure youíd agree, having a beautiful Lady is all blessing if youíre confident in her love of you.

Thatís my experience with Ms Sara, anyway.

But thanks to Helen, you and Rasta for those pics. I think that ďright-click > Save Picture AsĒ is high praise in these environs. Consider Helenís footwork highly praised!


12-29-2002, 4:09 PM
wow...just how i LOVE it.
a girl in sneakers steps on the face of a helpless guy.

why can't every girl put on sneakers and go for a human walk

greez and happy new year to all

sneakers forever

12-29-2002, 4:14 PM
Yes she is the best thing to ever happen to me...the second best was being able to share my life and meet new FRIENDS here on the board...almost too many to name but thanks Daddo, Rudy, TBone, Heely, Penguin, Footstool, Moby/Rasta, BadCloster baby (love your work too BC) well and everyone.....thanks again and hey I know Mike was only joking. Yes as you know my preference is Heels or at least feminine strappy sandals but this set is a first in many ways as you are right Helen without heels just seems so different but we will try to cover everything and keep all our friends happy. I hope you all have a great New Year and peace returns to our board and the bitterness of the last few weeks disappears forever. I hate conflict. Some more of the Rasta set and thank you mate for the kind words we really liked you too.

Stay tuned for more heels and Helen and others as soon as I get some developed.

12-29-2002, 4:35 PM
Stryder & Helen,

Very Nice post as always. You & many other great people in here have really nice pics & always try to boost the trample comunity up in a postive way instead of a negative way. Thank You for that.

Helen, your a beautiful woman in every way. Heels or sneakers, you can try a little "New Balance" on me any day !!

Stryder, you're a lucky man. :cool:

12-29-2002, 5:39 PM
Thankyou, and happy new year too.

12-29-2002, 6:24 PM

Thank you for the lovely pics. I always appreciate any contributions you make, not to mention the lovely Helen.

You should think about another turn behind the camera. The pics are very good.

Your Friend,

12-29-2002, 6:42 PM
Thanks again forget to mention atyourfeet, crushed, Sabina Kenrug...god I would be here all day to thank all the friends we have made so let us do it through pictures as they tell a thousand words.

12-29-2002, 7:06 PM
Might have doubled up on a couple of the sneaker shots try this

12-29-2002, 8:01 PM
Even though you accidentally posted doubles of some of the trainers being worn, would you possibly have any more? Like I said before, those kinds of pics are really lacking out there. It's nice to see such beautiful ones for a change.

12-29-2002, 8:22 PM
Add my thanks, for taking time to share private moments with us.
You are a lucky fellow indeed, to have a partner like Helen to share in your experiences.
She has a beautiful smile and truly seems to be enjoying the moment.
Thanks again :D

12-29-2002, 8:27 PM
Yeahhh !!!!!
dear stryder and all people, it remember me my old work that lot's of people know from the member area of rastatrample page .
Was only for pleasure and feeling with the models working on it.
Sorry for heels fans but this pictures has been taken as the movie in the end of afternoon when this student girls was coming back from school. Who has seen that student girls wear high heel when they are in university ? Most of them wear flat shoes or sneakers with socks inside . It was like that as i ask her to come with their used dress of everyday. The pleasure has been to feel and taste their dirty soles and not new soles that was bought few hours before just to try to do realistic atmosphere. It was great , but it will come back as i have now just few days to do with cucciolopage.com.

12-29-2002, 9:33 PM
Beautiful close-up of her feet flat on your crotch as you can see the footprint on the stomach where her foot must've been prssing just seconds for that pic was taken. Her toenails are perfect and her soles must've felt so nice on the bare abs. I live to see and feel bare soles on my bare abs...especially when the feet and the girl are as sweet as her in that pic. Thank you.

12-29-2002, 9:46 PM
I love sneaker and sock trample thank you so very much

12-29-2002, 10:20 PM
Hi Stryder and Helen,

Thank You for sharing those GREAT pictures, Helen You have a beautiful smile :) I am very interested in any future new trample videos of You and Helen!

I wish You and Helen a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!

12-29-2002, 10:33 PM
really great pictures, thank you ! :bananadan :bananadan

12-30-2002, 12:21 AM
Stryder, Thanks for more pics. Don't worry about double sneaker shots. I always like seeing them. You did get 1 new one in there. :) It's a Great one, just like the others! Thanks again.

MOBY, I have 1 or 2 of your pics from a looong time ago. I didn't know there were so many. Thanks. These are much better than the other ones I had. :D You are Soooo Lucky !!

The Penguin
12-30-2002, 2:00 PM
Originally posted by Stryder
Might have doubled up on a couple of the sneaker shots try this

Helen Looks like she's going "clam digging"

12-30-2002, 4:30 PM
I loved Helen's smile. I can't believe Rasta was the only other person she's ever trampled.
I loved the older Rasta pictures as well. I recognize Angelique, Claire, and a couple of the other girls. I wish I had after-school stories like that!

12-30-2002, 8:25 PM
dear Helen & Stryder
Your pix & letters are the finest on the net. I applaud your efforts. Am also very happy that you are both doing well together. I have just ordered one of your cd's & am awaitng its arrival eagerly.

Bronch1:worship: :)

12-30-2002, 11:06 PM
Happy New Year to all our friends some more pics of Helen dishing it up to Rasta/Moby. Enjoy will have some new Heel Pics in the next few days....we really need a digital.

12-31-2002, 12:04 AM
Stryder and Helen, you two are a unique gift to this community.

Thanks so much for sharing,


12-31-2002, 12:06 AM
Hello Stryder How are you? Did Helen put the heels on Rasta?

If so Please post them.

Happy New Year to you and Helen

12-31-2002, 1:06 AM
I just loved the old classic rasta pics and the new ones are pretty good too :) . You came a long way rastaman. :rasta:


12-31-2002, 9:04 AM
Does she like to jump up and down on his belly in those socks??:cool: :cool:

12-31-2002, 9:45 AM
Styder, you are one lucky guy to be under those gorgeous feet. I have one question for you - are her feet sweaty and smelly when she stands on you and has you sucking on them? Thanks for all the great pix!!

12-31-2002, 10:23 AM
Carpetman4her, we did it in few minutes just for fun and helen was dressed like that with jeans, sneakers and sock so this is why this pictures has been taken like that. In a soo natural way that i was in heaven under her. Sure there was lot's of shoes behind but it was not helen shoes and for me it has always been less intersting and exciting to use new shoes not used.
crushme3 ,, yeah , we forgot it but helen you was welcome to jump on me :D Thanks Backwalk and turbs for my old work , Turbs it remember me the old chat on irc when i just began the rastatrample page and you you was working on college-trample page. What are you doing now my friend ? Me i take the time for everything and taste the life now.
Just to remember the good time, few pictures with two girls i still have contact with them. The shoes used during this photo session was their shoes off course and they cleaned their soles on my dick. I feel that things like that will come back :D
Wish you all great party for this new year.

12-31-2002, 10:49 AM
I forgot to reply you oddworld17801
Her feet was smelling the natural smell that you have to found when any girls is wearing her socks into her used snickers, i mean a wonderfull taste and i think i really enjoyed autralian woman's feet taste. I just remember the last day when i gone to take you at the hotel to go to the airport stryder and helen, stryder was joking to me saying that there was a full bag of dirty sock of helen :D
I just replyed , give it to me for memories :D

12-31-2002, 11:08 AM
Stryder, I must Compliment You in your Wife, How some one can get that Luckyis a Gift, Now all of Us jealous wishers here want to know is How Much More orf the world will you be traveling and when can we all have our chance to be beneath Helen

12-31-2002, 12:18 PM
Helen and Stryder, I must too add Thanks, and especially thanks for thinking of the barefoot enthusiasts on the board. Helen, you have the most beautiful feet. If it's not too much to ask, which do you prefer......heels.....or.....bare? Just curious. Happy new year to all.

12-31-2002, 3:41 PM
As always a very nice collection of pics. I think they very illustrate what the sensual trample is all about.
Thanks Helen, Stryder and Rasta for sharing.

12-31-2002, 3:43 PM
Hello Rasta and everyone. I am glad you like the pictures that Steve (Stryder) took of me trampling Rasta in my gym shoes, socks and barefeet. I was not sure how Stryder would react to me trampling someone else for the first time even though I dont mind others trampling him...guys can be protective but he enjoyed it and encouraged me to even stand on Rasta crotch. I do prefer to use heels and nice sandals on Steve but that is his favourite. I actually find it easier work to trample someone in heels than in barefeet. When I was helping a stripper at a fetish club to trample Stryder she did it in barefeet then her heels and she actually found it easier in heels as well. I do love to have my barefeet massaged and licked and kissed and Stryder does that for me a lot so we can do more pics like this. Of course it feels better on my feet to put them in his warm place between his legs when they are bare but I still love the pleasure my nice shoes give him. It was different in gym shoes and socks for Rasta but Stryder and I both enjoyed seeing our friend have a nice time and I will send him some used socks if that is what he loves. I got upset about the way things went in France (including the trample with the girls) I could not watch anymore as I could see that Stryder was very unhappy even though the girls were pretty and it probably was not their fault. I enjoyed the video I did with Stryder over there and we will do that onto CD for people if you want.

Happy new year to all and a special hello to Rasta and to Footstool who always wanted me to say hi. We will have some good new pictures of the fetish club in my red latex and heels so I hope you all enjoy them too. We are going to the beach today as it is lovely weather for New Years Day.

Oh and I forgot that I do like to jump on Stryder in barefeet and shoes but did not jump on Rasta. I would have if he wanted. I did some jumping on stryder in the video we did I think.

12-31-2002, 6:15 PM

I always thought the woman wearing a white top and black pants was gorgeous. That would be the one in the 6 girl trample set. Are you going to do any trample videos with her?



The Penguin
01-01-2003, 1:38 AM
One thing that has always turned my on is women wearing white shirts and black skirts with pantyhose and heels (or pants as previously stated)

Hello Helen; Stryder is a lucky man having a Kiwi girl like you stepping on him I hope he knows how lucky he is!
Itxs too bad your trip wasn't as successfull as you would have liked! Have a great year in Brisbane & the gold coast ;)

01-01-2003, 11:20 AM
Hello Helen,

Thank You for Your post, I LOVED reading it, Please post more often, I would LOVE for You to share in detail some of Your trampling experiences with Stryder from Your point of view! :D
It is Fabulous to hear from a woman's viewpoint about trample especially from one like You Helen who really enjoys it. :)

Helen, You are Very Beautiful and have Gorgeous feet! :bugeyes: :worship: :worship:

I would LOVE to buy Your videos with Stryder on CD!

I hope to hear from You again soon :)

Thank You Very Much

01-01-2003, 6:45 PM
Thank you footstool and the rest of you. I have a day off work today and have had a couple of wines. I just wanted to thank everyone for all the kind words and the support you give Steve. I am being very bold to post one of these pics but I did not want you to all think that steve only likes me for my feet, shoes and legs. He loves it when I stand on him in heels or barefeet and massage body cream into this area after a shower. Anyway he said it was up to me.

You ask what I like about trampling steve....its not about how much pain I can give him but how to keep the pain and pleasure together and keep him wanting me go further. I love the look on his face and the feel of his muscles crunching under my heels. I like it when his face goes red with my heels on his face or neck but I dont like to cause him pain or injury although that often happens when he is really turned on by it. I had never done it before I met steve and he told me about it straight away although I had heard from our karate friends a little bit about it. It really adds to our personal physical life in a good way and it is a big stress relief for both of us....sometimes when I am a little annoyed with him I go harder.

01-01-2003, 9:41 PM
WOW!!! :worship:


01-01-2003, 11:42 PM
I hereby temporarily retract my opinion re: clothed/unclothed.

Iím not stupid. I can learn.

Helen, youíre fantastic.


01-02-2003, 12:23 AM
All I can say is ditto to what Turbs said!!

I am assuming he is referring to your smile....right??

Just kidding!! hehe


01-02-2003, 6:58 AM
Helen, you described the trample part of a relationship perfectly; the purpose isn't pain or some injury but that is a necessary byproduct of the experience. It's wonderful to hear a woman's perspective on this fine line between pleasure and pain.

We are so thankful that you and Steve are willing to share this part of your relationship with us. You're an inspiration to thousands:)

Also, when you can get Ken to make a specific exception to his stated opinion just for you, you really have some power!:D

A very thankful Tbone

01-02-2003, 9:48 AM
This pictures are delicious :)
It seems that it's good to have the weather you have in the gold coast than the cold winter here.
I have just one word, you are a queen to be so open mind, something that everybody is searching day by day.
Amazing and wonderfull :D

01-02-2003, 12:18 PM
Just curious about something, Helen,
Earlier, you mentioned that it's easier for you to trample in heels than in bare feet. The stripper you mentioned said as much. I've tried both, and my girlfriend had major problems keeping her balance. I guess you could dig the heels in, for that extra bit of pain and balance. I was just wondering how the heels could be easier.
Just wondering,
Love BW

01-02-2003, 12:29 PM
Thank you Stryder and Helen for the posts. It's always great to hear the Lady's point of view and Helen your comments and ideas are much appreciated. And the pics too - now we have one more reason to be envious of that lucky Stryder!


01-02-2003, 2:33 PM
Shit she posted the Helen breast shot afterall. I thought she was joking and would not have been brave enough. She is amazing that wife of mine. Oh well as long as she is happy about it. We will have some new pics today. Picking up some this morning from the recent fetish nights. Helen won best (or breast) costume. Backwalk I asked her about the heels v barefoot balance issue and she maintains her stance (excuse the pun) perhaps when she comes home from work tonight she will say exactly why. She does say that barefeet get slippery (skin on skin) and she feels like there is a heap more weight on the flat feet even though heels concentrate the weight in a nasty way they dig in better and give more hold. The comment is about normal heels not the platforms which are hard to balance in. She said that seeing your postings it is obvious you prefer barefeet and so anyone in heels on you may have the added problem of your tolerance. The stripper was a really tall afro american gal and a babe. She spent ages on me in barefeet and Helen told her to try her heels as she found it easier that way. She did and was amazed at what she thought was a marked difference and agreed it was easier although she was a little concerned about me. It will probably be better to hear it from Melons....oops Helen. Should have a couple of pics of that lovely tall goddess today.

01-02-2003, 3:30 PM
Helen & Stryder,

Thank you both for posting such wonderful pictures.

Its so nice to see that you both enjoy the trample scene, and we all really appreciate you sharing some of your exploits with us.

If you guys are ever in 'Pommie Country'......................

God knows why you would ever come here - its Bloody freezing at the moment - but ! you never know.

Thanks to you both again ...

YarmCarpet:p :p :p :p

01-02-2003, 5:39 PM
MsHelen, Stryder. Thank you. You Dear Lady have put a smile on my face that will last a week.

01-02-2003, 10:17 PM
Hello Helen and Stryder,

GREAT pictures! :)

Thank You again

The Penguin
01-02-2003, 11:58 PM
Well those pics certinaly put a smile on my face holy what a nice kiwi you have there Stryder you lucky Auzzie dog you
well i am totaly convinced you are not skiteing about your Helen eh? She certinaly beats out pics of ayres rock scrum of nuns, the old coat hanger, skippy as well as that crazy Steve Irwin and his yankie wife

I have to confess that last set of pics made me crack the fat
cheers :p

01-03-2003, 2:33 AM
:confused: WHAT THE HECK??? should we start an Australian forum???? from a confused yank...Ha Ha Ha......Moxi:confused:

01-03-2003, 3:08 AM
Hi Stryder,

Thanks 4 the post & pics. Sorry your trip had some bad times but hopefully the good made up 4 it.

Have you any pics to post of the afro american stripper please (with & without heels). I would be very grateful if you can oblige.

Happy New Year to you, Helen & everyone alse on the #1 trample board.

take care everyone

01-03-2003, 4:55 AM
Yes as a matter of fact I do have some of those pics. Picked them up today and there are some good shots but have not had the time to scan them as my folks came to visit tonight and so we did not get around to scanning them. Stay tuned as they will be posted soon.

01-03-2003, 8:07 PM
Hey have we lost interest in this thread..Oh well I guess no one is interested in seeing new spectacular material like below.....Its probably not good enough for you lot anyway :thumbsup: :D
I am much happier here than I was travelling this is first rate trample with people who love it. Well let us know if you really want to see this material or not...Helen loves responses that is the reason she posts so lets see if we can get 100 genuine responses. We both really really liked Angelique she was so tall beautiful, sweet and totally into trampling me. She kept thanking me can you believe it. America's loss now she is here downunder her girlfriend was an angel too thought I made her night but they both made mine...along with Helen and Tracey and a host of others.

trenton talbot
01-03-2003, 9:20 PM
Oh, I think this stuff is good enough to respond to....

01-03-2003, 9:39 PM
I'm not sure if either of you ever heard of Bob & Imedla of "Strickly Walking", but it seemed that no one would ever recreate that type of experience. You and Helen have surpassed that level and it's great.

Will you or are you considering making videos similar to theirs?

Helen, how about some ballkicking and eye gouging which leads into your tramplings? Sort of giving him a reason to be on the ground. Just a suggestion.

01-03-2003, 10:35 PM
Fantastic pics as usual, stryder. You da man! I, for one, love seeing your photos. They're the best on the board.

01-03-2003, 10:35 PM
Nice to hear from some new people always a treat to entice the quiet majority into saying something nice. We have a video now and between us and Mark and Diane we have some really great videos planned. There wont be hundreds or two every fortnight but there will be enough of different real trample to keep everyone happy. We will also do some custom stuff depending on response to the vids and the number of requests for particular styles of trample. Just waiting on Mark to get a site up and running so we can show what we produce and provide a means obtain them. Helen and I have one video we can do in VHS Pal format or CD Rom if anyone is interested. Good heels right through to the cum shot and good severe barefeet. Will probably put it on the one tape rather than try and make people pay for two separate ones as someone planned. Be warned though that the quality of the camera work is disappointing to us but fans should love it. It is really flattering to be compared to Strictly Walking...they had great stuff.
This pic is only a week old Helen in steel heels and our best friend . The old dude is more a boob man I think as he seems content to watch that part of my girl. Have heaps of new pics but will wait and see what type of interest this small sample generates :D

01-03-2003, 10:46 PM
Wow! that was quick! Love 'em..love 'em...love 'em!! Pic quality is awesome. Do you have any multiple mistress simultaneous cock and throat standing? I just greedily want to see more but really appreciate the vicarious thrills you give us.
Thanks again Helen and Stryder.

The Penguin
01-04-2003, 12:47 AM
Originally posted by MOXI
:confused: WHAT THE HECK??? should we start an Australian forum???? from a confused yank...Ha Ha Ha......Moxi:confused:
Well actualy I'm a Kiwi but no offense taken;)
1 crack the fat = get a woody = boner
2 old coat hanger = Sydney harbour Bridge
3 scrum of nuns = Sydney Opera house
4 Ayres Rock = giant mysterious rock smack in the centre of Australia
4 Skyiting = boasting
Steve Irwin that crazy crockodile hunter you see on TV

finaly since no one has asked about my by line it means:
a Kiwi eats then screws then leaves as in leave the building

01-04-2003, 3:27 AM
Hi Helen & Strder,

Definatly not ! - especially with the lovely Angelique and friend. Well appreciate the pics - pleeeeeeeese (pretty please with a cherry on top) post some more.

Take care & regards from bfrug

01-04-2003, 6:08 AM
Stryder and Helen,

Thank you sooooo much for posting new, exiting, and original material. We all love your stuff as it is full on "real" trample. The best part is it is more of a record of your adventures. We know you would be doing this with or without pictures taken and all feel so privileged to be able to see into your world.

Love always,


01-04-2003, 3:58 PM
Thanks for saying hi to us but did you like the photos? Why the add for your crush site on this thread it is not a crush thread and so is not really responsive to the whole intention of this post? Just interested to know why.

01-04-2003, 5:37 PM
Stryder & Helen,

Absolutely amazing pics. How can i obtain your trample cd rom with Mark and Diane, i e-mailed him a week ago and he hasnt replied to me yet. Would appreciate any help.

01-04-2003, 5:43 PM
Hello to Ireland mate. Helen's dad is from there and she has so many relatives there it is scary. My dads mum is Irish too. I have not been for a visit though. Mate I will get onto Mark and Diane today. They may have been a little busy with Christmas. If there is any delay there I will copy mine for you but I would rather check with them first as it is their vid even though I guess I am one of the stars. Stay tuned for more great new pics as well.

01-04-2003, 5:51 PM
Loved the African-American stripper on your face! Cheered me right up!
You were right about me in an earlier post: I am more into bare feet. I do try the heels every time I get trampled, but I always go back to bare feet. I'm hoping Carlo will have me back for another attempt at a trample video, so I practice with the heels. I understand you didn't enjoy the trip, and I'm sorry to hear that. Personally, I like you both.
I started out a foot fetishist, and got into trample when I found it was the easiset way to get under feet. "Backwalk" massages was what I enjoyed from the girls in the marching band and the majorette squad. That's why I picked the name.
Anyway, thanks for the explanation on why Helen prefers heels to bare feet.
Thanks again for remembering the barefoot fans out here,

01-04-2003, 6:00 PM
Hi mate , this club seems to be perfect to have some drinks and some fun with girls. How is the floor ? It looks like incredible comfortable.
Best wishes.

01-04-2003, 6:41 PM
Thanks for the quick reply. If Helen is over here visiting relatives please tell her to call in to me. he.he as i think i'm the only man in Ireland with a Trample fetish.

01-04-2003, 9:45 PM

Anyway enough said some more pics I guess for our supporters and friends. Only four now more later if they are acceptable to you all :D

01-04-2003, 11:27 PM
Hello Stryder and Helen,

Pictures are GREAT, Helen You look Fabulous as always, I LOVE Your steel heels sinking in deep! :bugeyes: I also LOVED the lady sitting next to Helen in the one picture, she has blond hair and is wearing black stockings (I LOVE black stockings :D) and Awesome black boots! Stryder, Do You think that lady might be joining Helen in trampling You in some of Your videos You are planning on making?

I can't wait until Mark & Diane gets their website ready and You and Helen start making Your own trample videos, WOW I know Your videos will be FANTASTIC :)

Thank You,

01-05-2003, 7:26 AM
Wow yep, nice photos Stryder/Helen,

I would also like to know who the blonde is sitting next to Helen, she's very nice...will we be seeing more of her?

Any idea when your site might be up? What style are you looking at? paysite?forum?

Keep up the good work big man!!!!

:D .S.:D

01-05-2003, 1:26 PM
Fantastic I really love your posts,Im new to this forum but Ive been through
all your posts and theres not much that compares to you two.
Thanks Mick London.

01-05-2003, 1:53 PM
Nice update!
Loved the smile on, I'll assume, Angelique. Not a bad reaction for her first time.
By the way, I tried to find your e-mail address, but was unable. You can shoot me an e-mail, if you would.
Thanks as always,

01-05-2003, 1:59 PM
Oh, yeah,
Thanks for the compliment on my work. I do try my hardest.
I may not be the King of Trample, but I think I'm at least a Duke or something!
BW (again)

01-05-2003, 4:07 PM
Hey gang more pics. Still at war with a certain someone an update on that later and hopefully a means to resolve it. Backwalk our email is

Let us know what you all think of these pics the blonde's name is Danielle really lovely lady.

01-05-2003, 4:47 PM
As always Stryder, the best. And as always, I would still love to have my face split open from kicks to my face from Helen' s sexy feet. :p

01-05-2003, 5:28 PM
Thank you Helen and Stryder
Your pictures are the best. I feel sorry for you about the european experiences, but all of us aren't that arrogant and rude as the person you visited.
Keep up the posting. It's over 2 in the morning here and I hope to wake up with more wonderful pictures on the board.
Thank's again

01-05-2003, 5:58 PM
At one time strictly walking was the standard we all dreamed about, but you Stryder, are the new king of trample. Many thanks to you and Helen for showing us what we dream about.

You guys are truly amazing! Has she ever trampled you in classic spike heeled black pumps? Those are still the best to an old man like me.

01-05-2003, 6:26 PM
Yes mate she has I will dig out the pics shortly the only difference to the classic pump is the lovely little ankle strap. In fact one of the family here (Marlon) used a pic of those shoes on helen on my C&B as his avatar. The video we have started here at home begins with them and so I think you will love it denim mini skirt great legs and those heels all over, with kicks and stamps as well.

Oh and for Mike19 please email us as we are interested to hear more of your offer.

01-05-2003, 6:58 PM
WOW, these are absolutely awesome Stryder and Helen is a true beauty!! My preference? Anything involving Helen on someone! ;) I love sneakers also and they seem to be the harder pics to find, so if ya have any more... :D If ya don't I'm already grateful soo, THANKS AGAIN!!! :thumbsup: :worship:


01-05-2003, 11:23 PM
Hi Stryder and Helen,

I wish I could have been there in person to watch You get trampled by all of those Beautiful women. Danielle looks Fabulous, I Love her outfit and her high heel shoes. Amazing pictures :thumbsup:

Thank You Again,

01-05-2003, 11:46 PM
Angelique is amazing. Thanks so much for your continuing contributions.


01-06-2003, 3:08 AM
Hi Helen and Stryder,

During the past week, Iíve been less on the board than usual and itís astonishing to see how much Iíve missed. When I have less time, I often (just) go to the story page and trample discussion page, but more and more, there are quite some thought exchanges on the picture page. I keep telling myself to pay more attention to that.:banghead:

Missing just one thread (and not picking it up in time) makes me realize that I (almost) missed this one.
I do apologize for not reacting sooner:worship:, as your magnificent pictures and contributions do deserve reaction from all of us. People like you contribute soooo much to this community with excellent pictures.:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

As said before: you are such a lucky guy to be under the feet of such a gorgeous Trample Queen like Helen

doorstep :bananawav

01-06-2003, 1:33 PM
As always Stryder your pics are great. I probably wouldn't have the heart to try 1/2 things I do if I hadn't seen you do it 1st. My wife doesn't get into trampling like Helen does so it becomes difficult to try new things. It is nice to be able to hear from a woman that actually gets into trampling. I love head and face standing and I would love to do this with heels. It is very unlikely that I will get my wife to try this though. At least I can enjoy vicariously through the pics here.
Happy Trampling,
and Thanks for Sharing.

01-06-2003, 2:43 PM
Hello Helen and Stryder,

due some language problems I can't answer to your reports. But your pics are excellent.



Hope the pix without nylons were right.

01-06-2003, 3:56 PM
Thanks Heely you know we love you pics and your lovely wife too. Yes the pics without stockings were wonderful.

Oh and by the way I just checked out how the video Helen and I have just finished here at home on the big screen and it is really great. Actually got the part where she stamps my nipple with her heel and I wipe the blood off on my hand and smear it on my side. It was an accident but looks great. The first part is a long shot so it shows all of Helen working me over in her black ankle strap pumps, dancing, kicking balls, twisting, smiling and showing off for you all she loves that camera. Should be able to get it all finished and try to make it look professional in a week with Marks help. Good cum shot under her strappy black stilleto stamping sandals.

Thanks for all the kind responses and support in this and other areas the problem may have resolved. Helen loves the feedback and will probably tell you all herself soon she is at work this morning.

01-06-2003, 6:34 PM

I just wanted to thank you Helen for giving us trample sluts some of the best pictures on the net.

And Stryder,

Thaks for sharing your pretty wife and her girlfriends with us.

As always I look forward to all your postings.:)

01-06-2003, 7:13 PM
Perfect as usual mat :D
Looking to your heels during this party Helen, it was really better to use your sneakers than these shoes for the funny shoot or the french wine has to fall down from my stomach in the restaurant :D
Anyway there's a time for sneakers and a time for female shoes especially during party's like that.
You are really a goddess in picture and sooooo much better in real. ;)
Was lucky to not have a heart attack ;)

01-06-2003, 8:47 PM
Well M. Moby aka oops..........nearly said Rasta :D
It is nice to know that someone over there thought highly of us. Your descriptions of our time together was how the whole thing should have been and shows the world the real Stryder and Helen as fun loving joking, easy going honest folk not as anything else. It shows how two different people can form two completely opposite opinions of people they meet. We liked you right from the start (well I have known you for years anyway and always counted you as a friend). I am sorry that others did not get to experience the real us and missed the whole point of what we stand for. Hopefully the war has ended and we at least can be happy again dealing with our friends here in Trample Heaven.

More pics soon
Stryder a.k.a. M. La Pettaman

01-06-2003, 10:28 PM
Just a break from the fetish night pics *(dont worry more to come) a couple from a new lot of pics from Helen and I at home. We had been out all day last saturday and her feet were hot and sore in her sandals but as soon as we got home it was sandal heaven. See Daddo I am losing weight again thank goodness. Oh and see Rudy I do like other shoes besides heels in fact I love sandals because you can really get worked over with them without the added risk of puncture wounds or worse. And summer here in oz land is amazing.......

01-06-2003, 11:09 PM
Hi Stryder and Helen,

I LOVE sexy sandals too, I especially LOVE the last picture! :bugeyes:

Does Helen have any sandals with a thin pointy spiked high heel, just curious?

Thanks Again! :thumbsup:

01-07-2003, 4:24 AM
Hi my autralian friends ;)
As you say , the war is over and it's a good thing. It will be really good when i will really finish my collaboration with cucciolo and i cross my fingers that it will be finish soon. Me too from the start when you arrived in france , i immedialty felt a great feeling to you and Helen. Lot's of jokes and funny stuff :D
In some way you see that somebody like you that has been trampled by thousand beautifull women and is married with the woman that we dream is so simple and honest without any eggo about other people and no jealousy that is the real point i had during my merging. It was possible for me to do my job about trampling and i will come back to my chemical job. Sure everybody will think that i'm crazy to stop it but they never did it during 1.5 year , dave did it during one month and the feeling is the same from every part. It's better to stop it than to be all the time under pressure, to not have the right to say what you think and so so so many other things that i will have to write a book if i wanted to be really clear.
It's life and as you said in other post , when i will be free, i don't want to hear anymore about this web page.
Big kisses my friends.

01-07-2003, 7:37 AM

01-07-2003, 7:38 AM
Stryder and Helen,

Once again thanks for the pics. You know how to bring the best out of trampling. Helen your heels and feet are perfect as usaul!!!

I would write more and more often, but I really hate typing!!



01-07-2003, 10:39 AM
Well my Australian friends, I take my hat off to the pair of you!
I thought I had a lot of fun but good old Stryder beats me hands down. These have got to be the best I have seen, well done Helen and Stryder, brilliant stuff! Pervy2

01-07-2003, 6:19 PM
I know you all love that girl of mine so do I. What I like best is her amazing sense of humour and some of the things she does by accident that end up piss funny......For the gym shoe and sneaker fans. Yeserday afternoon I rode my bicycle over to her place of work so she could ride home with me (keeps her legs and body fit and gets me back in condition again)...about 30 kilometre round trip. She came out of her office with her bike and cute shorts on and said her shoes felt uncomfortable. When I looked she had one of each of her two training shoes (one of her runners and the other a cross trainer two different brands and makes) but the really funny thing was they were both right foot. Ive got to tell you all we both laughed so much we could hardly ride home. That crazy wonderful gal. Its a wonder she did not ride in circles to the right.


01-07-2003, 10:51 PM
Oh I thought this new lot with Helen and some more of the fetish club would be a big hit but you must be getting bored with the thread.....no responses the girl will be devastated to think no one loves her anymore.....she also told me on the phone after I told her that the gang now knows about her two right shoes trick yesterday that she realised it before putting them on but had to wear them on the ride home as she had nothing else....She did not want me to make her sound too silly and I will probably get in trouble for that bit of poetic license but what a way to go :whip: :evillaugh

01-07-2003, 10:59 PM
Hey Stryder,

I am sorry I didn't get a chance to respond earlier, but Helen should know she rates at the top of my list!

Thanks again,

The Penguin
01-07-2003, 11:01 PM
What would else you expect Stryder Helen's a blonde after all:p

01-07-2003, 11:05 PM
Give us a chance, we can't tell you how much we look forward to seeing your messages appear. When there are pictures as well, no words can express........

Have a great day.

01-07-2003, 11:06 PM
Mate you are brave she will see that... lucky you are not in NZ anymore as she would probably get one of her sisters to hunt you down....then again that would probably be a good thing. :D

01-07-2003, 11:12 PM
I know the gang loves our work and that is why we love posting it and by the looks of the views counter and responses we are on the right track....

01-08-2003, 4:57 AM
Of to bed now gang maybe a little foot worship before we go to sleep. A couple of pics.

01-08-2003, 2:22 PM
There are a lot more new pics to come today and tomorrow so stay tuned (that is if you are all still interested).

01-08-2003, 2:32 PM
Sure that i'm interested , will enjoy to have a little swim in your pool stryder especially when here it's o degree celcius or less with big snow and you more than 25. Great natural pictures outside in the fresh air. Sun , trees and a wonderfull goddess. Is there any special frog in the garden to ligth ? :D

01-08-2003, 2:35 PM
Come on sunny Jim, this has got to be the longest running thread in history but we love it, well Helen anyway!
Go for it Stryder, we are all agog and thank you and your friends for the stuff you do. Pervy2 and friends.

01-08-2003, 8:51 PM
Had enough yet....still looking but not commenting we want to see how long the thread can go for for interest sake. So please dont stop letting us know you like them it doesnt take much and keep my girl happy to keep posting. More soon maybe.

01-08-2003, 11:31 PM
Hi Stryder and Helen,

Helen, I LOVE Your black spiked high heel sandals that You are wearing in the outside pictures in which You are wearing a black dress :worship: I find those style shoes VERY SEXY, I really like spiked high heel sandals that have a lot of straps and lets You see a lot of the beautiful foot that is enclosed in such a fantastic shoe! :thumbsup:

Pictures are Spectacular!

Thank You

01-08-2003, 11:55 PM
FROM HELEN : Thank you footstool and all the others that tell me they think I am ok I did not ever trample anyone before I met Stryder (Steve) so I hope I live up to some of the more experienced women out there. I really like to read the comments and they were what originally gave me the courage to get more involved and now show my face. Those heels steves bought for me not long ago and they feature in the video we have just done here at home last weekend so I hope you can all see it as soon as Stryder works out how to best produce it for quality for everyone probably with Marks (Dianes husband) help as he has not done video editing before. Shame on him for making me sound silly the other day...I knew I had two different shoes and the same foot before I put them on at work but I had to wear something. Penguin you would be a dead duck if I could get you for the blonde wise crack :whip:

Steve is on cloud nine because he spoke to his other favourite lady Vinyl Queen today while I was at work and talked using web cam.....it was a first for him and he is really happy as he really likes her so I suppose I should be jealous but she is really pretty and not a blonde and he prefers dark hair so I might go dark again for a while what do you all think...? Besides she made Steve happy with her pics and attitude when he going through his depression before we met so she is ok by me.

01-09-2003, 1:42 PM
Its Stryder not that girl of mine...yes I am on cloud 9 because out of the blue whilst talking with atyourfeet this wonderful lady popped up and asked to chat on yahoo and so we shared a chat and a couple of web cams....god she is lovely both externally and as a person to just talk with. Just wish she lived closer as I am sure we could not only be good friends but I would have the opportunity to share my interests with such a fantastic and beautiful lady. Thank you VQ as Helen said you did make my day I just hope I wasnt too obvious to her about it:D I am sure its fine with her and hope we can do it again soon.

01-09-2003, 4:33 PM
I was just going through all my old magazines some back to the 70's. I have about 40 and whilst they are looking their age the pictures and contents and condition of them is still great. Have not looked at them for years and years and forgot how much great stuff was in them. Most of them were my motivation to get into my fetish to the level I now do. These are collectors items and some of our younger members would never have had the pleasure of seeing these mags as those today are not as good and everything is on the web. I was thinking of selling them all but would not know where to start.....I can catalogue them all for anyone interested.

I tried to scan the cover of one but I dont think it is a great scan but I may start putting some pics from them on here from time to time. The pics scan a bit grainy and with strange patterns etc but look fine in the mags...must be because they were not made to be scanned back then. If anyone is interested let us know.

Makes me wonder where all those beautiful gals and guys are nowadays 20 plus years down the track.....I know Rugman still exists....

These from Footteasers One Vol One circa 1982.

Hey just realised this is the first time I have posted anything other than my own material.

01-09-2003, 4:55 PM
hi im a new member here and you get the privlage of my first post grate work you and your wife done im looking for one like that you are truly one lucky man i think this will be the first of many post to come from me

01-09-2003, 5:02 PM
Thanks heaps Brian you dont know how happy that makes us for a new member to like our work so much. I hope you can find all the other postings we have done before you became a member. Welcome and dont be a stranger mate. I will be sure to show Helen your post when she gets home this afternoon she will be thrilled this all means a lot to her as she becomes more a part of my world and this world everyday and the folks here that bother to support us and drop a kind word to us (and particularly to her) keep her interested in continuing to be part of this community instead of just my little world. I could not post pics of her if she did not like the folks here that respond so the pics are a thank you for all that support and as a result you can share Helen & Styders world (instead of just Stryder and friends) and very soon Helen and Stryder vids and it is all because of the positive feedback and responses.

So those of you who never respond it is isnt hard and it has positive results that you may not be aware of...you respond we post you dont we dont and I know a lot of other regular contributors feel the same way. It really is not an ego thing for me I could not care less I suppose (well a little) but if people want partners such as Helen to become involved and keep being involved a little ego stroke there goes a long way and helps make her feel that we are not the only ones trying...there are about 6000 members I think and I am sure a majority of them now know who Helen is and quite a few like our work so let us know because that is the only payment contributors (particularly original material contributors) get. We dont even mind the thank you more please posts but do like a little more feedback and we try to respond to most.

01-09-2003, 5:49 PM
This is one of the best threads we have ever had on this forum I love the great work you and Helen do. Helen you are truly a trample fans dream a beutiful women that will trample a man to a pulp. Hold on to that great wife of your Styder you are a very lucky man. Thanks for all the great pics and the obvious joy you both take in sharing with us all.

01-09-2003, 6:14 PM
Hello HELEN and Stryder,

My name is michael (or mike). I live near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I think this is the first time I've written to the both of you...
Stryder. You may remember that we chatted for a short while once on Luv2crush's chat room a few months back and also on IRC for what seems like years ago in the DALNET #feet channel.

Even if you don't remember me, I just wanted to say thanks for sharing not only your pics but your thoughts and feelings as well. I am like most guys out there that felt like I was the only guy that liked to be walked on by Women and was very shy about it...I still am shy about it in some ways, but being able to come to this forum and see so many others with similar interests is very heart warming and inspiring.

I especially like to hear HELEN's point of view on the subject of trampling - the Woman's thoughts and feelings when She's standing or walking on someone really interest me ;) Whenever I've had the honor to be underfoot it's always been important to me that the Woman was enjoying Herself also. It's a special connection that makes the experience even more worthwhile. So...to HELEN and all those Women out there that have allowed us rugs to fulfil our trampling fantasies.....Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! ..... :worship:

One thing I really like about your pics and your experiences is how infectious this fetish can be to other Women when They see you two in action - like at the fetish parties, etc. I know that if I were there and witnessed these tramplings first hand I would politely ask if I could join Stryder on the floor. I can imagine if one guy did that and was allowed to participate that many more guys have the courage to ask to join the human carpet on the floor. Has that ever happened to you two before? :D I wonder how all the Women would react to having several guys on the floor at their feet to be walked on :D

Anyway, I digress!!! <hehe> When I'm trampled it fills my very soul in a way that nothing else in this universe can. This is precious gift a rugman like me receives from a Woman when She walks on me. I can't really describe it any other way... :confused:
So HELEN and Stryder, when you share your pics and experiences with all of us here I feel that I receive some small part of that precious gift. Thanks again and I look forward to further posts, comments or pics from each of you :)

mike (humanrug)

01-09-2003, 6:39 PM
Glad you like the thread. Just learning some vid editing for the video Helen and I have just done here at home. I dont know how to post a clip here they are all about 1 minute long and one is 2 but they will be too long to post here if someone can tell me how to go about you can all be the first to see a clip from our first video which we will sell as soon as we finish getting it ready. The video is 1 hour.

01-09-2003, 8:52 PM
Hey Mate !
Add my thanks for your posts, to your long list of fans, and more importantly. friends !
The longer your posts and comments, the easier it is for me to feel comfortable with my feelings about this " fetish".
And to Helen...please don't hide that beautiful smile from us. Those shots of you two hanging at the pool are fantastic !!
Like my next door neighbor and his wife....well...without the heels in the neck... YOU know what i mean:)

Best regards,

01-09-2003, 9:23 PM
Hope this helps make you even more comfortable with who you are and what you like I fought it for years in a job that definately did not understand that but now I know it was that job and not me that had the problem and our fetish really does not hurt anyone (except ourselves if we are into heels like me) .

I am amazed at how my life changed when I stopped worrying about who I am and the things I enjoy (still not accepted by my immediate family in that regard but that is their problem I dont mention it to them or even ask them to accept it as they still love me anyway). We are all bigger than the individual things that go toward our entire makeup.

Thanks mate for you lovely thoughtful message Helen and I read it together and she said "I bet he is a nice guy". Yes it does go right to the mind and soul that is why those of us who have this as a part of us dont want to change even though at times we wonder how different life would be without that aspect. I sometimes think about that but often come up with the belief that it would not be as exciting and interesting and different. I have been lucky I guess at most fetish clubs because those others present who may be interested rarely come out of the closet which is sad for them and makes my night harder but still great. Some have tried but because the girls have usually been trampling me very heavily in shoes and heels it is hard for them to come back down to a more sedate pace for the new comers and they often get up really quick.

01-09-2003, 11:35 PM
Hello Stryder and Helen,

I personally have only been trampled twice with stocking feet, real lightly on my back but I just don't handle the pressure very well, I guess I am not strong enough:sadcry: So I REALLY do appreciate all the trample that You Stryder and others are able to handle.

I do LOVE to watch trample videos and view trample pictures so that I can imagine myself as the person being trampled in the video or picture. I do LOVE to serve as a beautiful woman's footstool in person and have done so several times (I can never get enough though;) ) I especially LOVE having her rest, rub, and grind her stocking or barefeet all over my face. My face = footstool ;) It also drives me crazy when a beautiful woman forces her beautiful toes up my nose, pinches my nose with her toes, or wiggles her toes against my nose and when she also shoves her whole foot as deeeeeeep in my mouth as she can! :bananavic

Helen, I would be soooooo honored to be able to serve as Your footstool in person someday if somehow we ever have the chance to meet in person:D That would be of course if You would grant me the privilege of serving as Your footstool and if it was okay with You Stryder, I guess I can always dream :worship:

Helen I LOVE to read Your comments and would LOVE to read about more of Your trampling experiences from Your point of view and what You are thinking/ feeling as You are trampling someone.

The above two pictures are AMAZING! Again those black high heel sandals are Spectacular they make me weak in the knees :thumbsup:

I want to send a special Thank You to both You Helen and Stryder for all Your contributions to the trampling community and I can't wait until Your videos are ready.

Thank You Very Very Much,

01-10-2003, 12:44 AM
Thank you mate for you continuing support and kind words. Are you on Yahoo messenger as I have a clip (that I have sent to one or two other friends only and for their eyes only) from the first video Helen I have done with our new cam here at home last weekend. The vid will eventually be for sale but it has the heels you love so much being used to severe then lovely purposes so it is a little gift for your continued kind words and shared thoughts. I can send the file to you on yahoo or email it... which is best. It is only a minute of two each from an hour vid and as it is only with windows movie maker until I get Abode Prem..it is not as good quality as the digital vid is..but still better than most short clips...in windows media player format.

01-10-2003, 10:40 AM
Hello Stryder and Helen,

Thank You Very Much for the offer of sending me a videoclip, I will send You an email right now about it.

Stryder please let me know if Helen has been able to read my last post as I would really like her to read it and hear her response to it! Helen is soooooooo BEAUTIFUL, You are a VERY lucky man Stryder! :D

Thank You

01-10-2003, 4:43 PM
Helen and Stryder,

Yes, I am a 'nice' guy <hehe> or at least I try to be. Then again, being nice to two such wonderful people like yourselves just comes easy and natural :D

I can readily understand about other guys at the clubs being wary to joining in the trample fun as all of us have different tastes when it comes to trample. I myself particularly like stomach trample the best. I can pretty much handle the weight in almost any kind of shoe or boot when it comes to stomach trample. I could never take the pounding you do Stryder <hehe> Especially, in the face and neck and groin area...
When I look at pics of Helen doing Her thing on top of you my mouth is wide open in complete AWE!!! :bugeyes:
And once the girls get into their trample frenzy I understand how it might be difficult for them to tone it down for someone just joining in on the fun. <Their loss though....nothing ventured, nothing gained>

My idea of trample nirvana is to be stepped on repeatedly (for example, She steps up onto my stomach and then lingers for a few seconds with full weight, then steps down and the process is repeated). I think I'd be the perfect stair master for a Woman <LOL>
You and Helen certainly love what you're doing - it shows in the pics. May the two of you enjoy it for many, many more years to come. Helen has mastered the art trample from what I can tell from the pics... :) She'll keep you underfoot for a long time for sure <grin> YOU LUCKY DOG!!! :)

Helen, I feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing that you thought I am a nice guy. I will try my very best to live up to that....

Peace all,

mike (humanrug)

01-10-2003, 6:02 PM
WOW, always the best scenes !!!

01-10-2003, 6:30 PM
Hi Stryder and Helen,

Thank You for the AMAZING video clip from Your new trampling video that You made at home with Your Beautiful wife Helen!!!

In the video clip Helen is stomping and digging those GREAT black high heel sandals that I LOVE into You :bugeyes: :worship:

Thank You Very Much! :thumbsup:

01-10-2003, 8:23 PM
Glad you liked the clip Footstool we have a couple more from our vid so who knows..(Do you think the gang will like the vid)

Bad baby...always good to hear from you I love some of your work too and that clip with the angel in the High Heeled boots is really great stuff. Always look forward to your material take care in Milano the traffic is bad....

01-10-2003, 9:13 PM
Pretty nice shoes Helen ;)
Wish you will put them in stryder face for the next cam chat :D

01-11-2003, 12:42 AM
Hi Stryder and Helen,

I believe Everyone will absolutely LOVE the video!

I LOVE the above picture of Helen digging her heel into the side of Your face and the one with her heel digging into Your chest :) I myself do LOVE to have a woman dig her heels into my nipples :D

Thank You Again,

01-11-2003, 6:00 PM
Hi Stryder & Helen !!

I have a fetish for women's feet and footwear more than I have for trample. At least that's how I thought!

My friend, after I saw some of your photos under the beautiful Helen, I started to get more and more interested in this board and in trample generally!

Maybe that's no surprise, since I find Helen has such wonderful pretty feet and an excellent choice for sexy footwear! :)

Really, I admire you both so much! You seem to have a lot a fun in your exciting fetish actions and you're so human and down to earth at the same time.

Please continue all the great work that you already know it's so appreciated by all of us here. Stryder, I love reading your posts, I love it when the sweet Helen posts some of her own words and I'm impressed and excited by the pictures of you two having fun.

Well, this post could go on forever because I can't get enough of this amazing real life couple. Let me just ask if you have taken some pics of mainly worship actions such as licking Helen's feet and footwear. Would love to see them too!

Take care ! I love you 2 ! :)

01-11-2003, 8:22 PM
Stryder and Helen, I've said it a million times you two are the best. I love the first sewt of pics on this page with those black shoes. Helen could trample and kick my face for hours with those sexy feet and shoes.

01-12-2003, 9:14 AM
All I can say is Brava! Or as we say here in the states: You go girl!

Thanks as always for you beauty and grace!


01-12-2003, 10:27 AM
WOW:beer: :beer: :theband: :theband: :bananawav :bananavic :worship: :bananajum
Stryder,and Helen,you two are just soo great.
Thank you again for gracing the pages of my little corner of the web.
Steve,I hope you are feeling better about your self,because you are admired and loved by soo many people,myself included.

Helen,please take care of your man,because her is one of the good guys from downunder (pun intended).

Helen,Helen,what can i say that hasn`t been said before??
You are a delight to the eyes,and you are just so nice!

I want to thank both of you for sharing,and being a part of my life.

01-12-2003, 9:32 PM
thanks also for the appreciations.
I hope to return online soon, even if to resist your comparison is impossible :)

01-13-2003, 6:44 AM
Dear Helen, dear Stryder--your gorgeous pictures, what a wonderful gift! Thank you so much for sharing! And what a looker this (your) woman is, simply great! Once again: Thank you! trmpl_face.

01-13-2003, 3:15 PM
What a amazing thread my friends ( more than 34000 views ).
It seems that the natural feeling under foot is the best :D
See you soon on cam Mr Lapetteman ;)

01-13-2003, 5:20 PM
congratulations man
tahts beautiful womans in the chair,
it`s the best.
I wana to do a gallery
only womans in chair,
smelly your mules and your
sweat feets...
let`s go !!!!!!!!
thank`s to posts, sorry my bad english....:D :) :) :cool:

01-13-2003, 7:27 PM
Once again thanks for all our supporters Helen loves the feedback. Hey Daddo did Rudy send you our clip from our upcoming vid? If not send us an email to let us know which email address would be best for you to receive a little surprise. Nice to see you on cam yesterday Mody/Rasta Helen says to give up smoking :D

And a really big thanks to the feedback from the new members and some of the first time message posters it is great to hear from you. Some of Helen mostly in her workshoes this time...I like the worn leather feel and smell of them and the heel is great for crushing.:D

01-14-2003, 2:40 AM
Is it normal to be jealous or is it just me?


01-14-2003, 11:05 AM
Stryder, My conclusion is simple and I am sure that everyone reading this will agree.
YOU are one Lucky Man, and we all wish we were in Your Place.
I do Know that I travel a lot myself and the Next Time I get Down Under, I would Love to Ring You Up and Meet helen and say Hello.
Take care Of her Stryder You Have a Prize

01-14-2003, 11:06 AM
Stryder, My conclusion is simple and I am sure that everyone reading this will agree.
YOU are one Lucky Man, and we all wish we were in Your Place.
I do Know that I travel a lot myself and the Next Time I get Down Under, I would Love to Ring You Up and Meet helen and say Hello.
Take care Of her Stryder You Have a Prize

01-14-2003, 11:08 AM
Stryder, My conclusion is simple and I am sure that everyone reading this will agree.
YOU are one Lucky Man, and we all wish we were in Your Place.
I do Know that I travel a lot myself and the Next Time I get Down Under, I would Love to Ring You Up and Meet helen and say Hello.
Take care Of her Stryder You Have a Prize

01-14-2003, 11:24 AM
What can I say that hasn't already been said? Helen, thanks for lending your style and grace to the board and thanks to you both for contributing so much.

Over 30,000, that's got to be a record for any thread.:)


01-14-2003, 4:09 PM
Oh, Stryder and Helen, can You send me the famous clip ?
If You want I can repay with one of mine :)
my adress for big files is:

Thankyou :)

01-14-2003, 5:44 PM
A massive thanks to you guys for posting so many awesome pics.

I have been a fan of yours for so long on the old board and this one and every one of your pictures is awesome.

Thanks for sharing the pictures and especially for sharing the story behind them.

May the two of you long continue to enjoy it.

01-14-2003, 6:14 PM
We are glad to contribute with such great feedback...more to come so stay tuned. We are happy that so many enjoy our work.

Bad C....the clips are on their way enjoy them...let us know here on the thread what you think of them.

01-14-2003, 6:58 PM
Thanks again Stryder and Helen for the great pics they keep me coming back every day.
I have been showing my wife your great pics and maybe just maybe she will soon let me post a few pics of her working me over. Well at least she said I can get my camara thats a good start. Take care and thanks again.

01-14-2003, 8:18 PM
I envy :worship:

01-14-2003, 8:27 PM
Hi Stryder and Helen,

I LOVED the first two pictures with the thin spiked high heel platform shoes with the one picture showing the heel digging into the cheek of Your face!!! :bugeyes: I think those shoes are my new favorite, I hope to see Helen wear those in a future video! :thumbsup:

Let us all know when You have any new information regarding Your videos and plans for Your website with Mistress Diane and Mark. :D

Thank You Again,

The Penguin
01-14-2003, 11:54 PM
well I'm back been super busy with work and family obs
1 Helen If I was single I would fly to Brizzie or NZ just to "let you and your sister(s?) get me (ultmate dream come ture!:D
2 Helen I just love those "work" shoes you used on Stryder NICE;)
3 Helen even if you dyed your hair dark or black we know the truth and anyway you will still be blonde inside so the two right shoes and other blonde moments will still happen:p
is that enough for you and your sister(s?) to fly to Canada Eh?
I just have got to get my a in gear and order vids soonest

PS You can take the blonde out of your hair but you can't take the blonde out of the woman!;)

01-15-2003, 6:01 AM
Greetings From Turkey and From Istanbul....

Aham!! My Opinion about this Post :D

First when i saw Helen's Blue sandals ->:thumbsup:
Then those pictures!! Near Pool and Black sandals at Helen's feet -> :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

As a result -> You are The Guru!!! :worship: :worship: :worship:

01-15-2003, 12:15 PM
Guess I'm going to have to break down and order these vids too!

It doesn't get too much better than this.

A thousand thanks to you both.:worship: :worship: :worship:

01-15-2003, 2:04 PM
Dear Stryder & Helen,

Thank you so much for all the pics !! I just can't get enough. :) Did I read a while back you might be starting your own site ?? If so, I can't wait to see it.

I love every type of pic you two graceous people have shared with us. Do you have any more sneaker trample ?? Any would be appriciated. :)

01-15-2003, 2:30 PM
Thank you.... GREAT pics!!!! All of them!!!!!!!!!

01-16-2003, 10:20 PM
Some more various pics of my lovely lady and yours truly. Doing some more clips from our vid and trying some video grabs so hopefully some new pics from our shortly to be available vid. Some have seen the clips already so they may give their feedback if they like (good or bad so we can learn from the bad and improve on the good). A couple of reposts but sometimes I loose track...

01-17-2003, 6:17 AM
quite heel in your eeye !!!!

01-17-2003, 9:38 AM
thanks again my dear friend....you are so REAL...


01-17-2003, 2:27 PM
Great pics, as always
Thank you very much, Helen and Stryder

01-19-2003, 10:23 AM
Dear Helen and Stryder
I've definitively fallen in love with you, your mood and your way of sharing your fetish. :D

01-19-2003, 2:31 PM
It is always so wonderful to hear from you. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Did you receive our email?
We will post a dedication to you shortly.

Love always from the two of us

01-20-2003, 12:41 AM
Stryder and Helen, this awesome!!

Only you two can keep a thread running this long!

Your Canadian friend,

01-20-2003, 5:47 PM
Wonder how long this can go on? So do we. An assortment of some new and some older pics and of course most featuring the horrible Helen :D .

Enjoy. There is a black suede sandal in there for John Ealand some pumps for those who asked for them C&B for Heely, FrankMD and atyourfeet and a bit of something for everyone else we hope. 10 today more tomorrow. The following lot of pics over the next few days are dedicated to:
VQ (love that lady)
SABINA (ditto)

And to all our other friends who make posting and coming here worthwhile.

01-20-2003, 6:18 PM
Couldnt resist posting some more this morning.

01-20-2003, 8:45 PM
The gang must not like the last 20 pics...no feedback at all but they are still viewing. Oh well try these and then might give it a miss. Still working on our vids and waiting for the ones to arrive from France.

01-20-2003, 8:51 PM
GREAT stuff Stryder- always like your stuff (no... love your stuff!!). Keep them coming ;am envious of you!!
by the way I sent proper $ to Mistress Diane for the cd with the 2 of you & have heard nothing back.. this was 1 month ago- is there some way you could help me?
if you can email me it is brerbru@aol.com

01-20-2003, 9:04 PM
Thanks mate. I have sent you an email. Mark and Di have been away for a holiday and should be back today or tomorrow but that is no excuse for the delay. I will find out what is happening and when it was sent. Everyone else got theirs with no probs so it may be something simple. Glad you like the pics....and dont worry you will get the vid even if I have to send it myself.:D

01-20-2003, 10:22 PM
Hello Stryder and Helen,

Once again, your pics leave me speechless!!

I absolutely loved them!!

I have been busy all day and I finally got a chance to look at them and let me tell you they were worth the wait!

Stay underfoot, and Helen may your road always be carpeted by men to cushion your every step!


01-20-2003, 10:29 PM
Thanks, Stryder and Helen.
I like your pics.

This must be the new record thread :D


01-20-2003, 11:02 PM
Helen and Stryder~

I have been out of town and am just catching up on this amazing thread! I better post before John shuts us down for eating bandwidth!

First . . . to Helen: Thank you so much for posting your thoughts, it was so great to hear from you. You are an immensely cool woman!! Your beauty is truly breathtaking, and you honor us by participating in this forum. You are becoming legendary, you know! Men and women all over the world adore you!

And Stryder . . . thanks again for your generosity. We understand and appreciate the amount of time you put into this. This forum would be a much duller place without your fine participation.

You are a wonderful couple and I hope you are rewarded with a wonderful life!

All the best, restif

01-20-2003, 11:13 PM
Hello Stryder and Helen,

Pictures are Awesome! :bugeyes: I hope You, Helen, Diane, and Mark are able to get Your website up and running soon and also get Your videos ready. I know they will be Fantastic, I really can't wait to see Helen trampling on video, those clips were GREAT and have me eagerly wanting more :thumbsup:

Please say hello to Helen for me, I would Love to see her post and share with us some more of her trampling experiences and her feelings while trampling :)

Thank You Very Much!

01-21-2003, 1:20 AM
Cool Cool Cool Ver cool very very very very very very very very cooooooooooool pictures you are the best you are the crazy :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship:

01-21-2003, 4:00 AM
You two are the King and Queen of this board. Thanks for the classic pump style pictures. You guys are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

01-21-2003, 4:26 AM
This whole thread is legendary; it's beyond any thread I've seen on any board.

Your generosity sets a new standard!


01-21-2003, 12:11 PM
Great pictures!!!!! Hoping for more

01-21-2003, 12:35 PM
Hi friends .
This new pictures kick the ass and i love especially ones with your black boots near of the pool helen. Was not this boots you had in france during the travel. If i remember well you walked on me in the stairway restaurant with this boots. Was heaven in spit of the big food i had in the stomach. Like a little bird walking on me :D
Stryder , buy a long usb cable for your cam , we will chat near of the pool next time ;)
Best regards my friends.

01-21-2003, 3:33 PM
:worship: You two are the best. Your Goddess wife is so beautiful and those feet. Damn! You are so lucky to be tortured by her.

01-21-2003, 3:35 PM
Steve and Helen...
No,rudy has not sent the clip,but you can send it to:
With my thanks in advance.
If/When you get your own site,please let me know the url,and I promise to visit.

01-21-2003, 4:46 PM
Seeing as though you all still like this long thread some more pics.
I have saved some clips from our new video (soon finished I hope) but I dont know how to post them here. They are in Windows Media format...If someone can help I will post a couple as a preview for you all. Some have seen them already and I think they went down well.

01-21-2003, 4:51 PM
hey mate, you can zip wmv files to be accepted by the server .
If you need more infos , you know where to find me .
Ps : last cam chat with piano and guitar was really great with the pink floyd, led zep and other song together :D
I especially enjoyed your autralian instrument ;)

01-21-2003, 4:51 PM
Originally posted by Stryder
Wonder how long this can go on? So do we. An assortment of some new and some older pics and of course most featuring the horrible Helen :D .

Enjoy. There is a black suede sandal in there for John Ealand some pumps for those who asked for them C&B for Heely, FrankMD and atyourfeet and a bit of something for everyone else we hope. 10 today more tomorrow. The following lot of pics over the next few days are dedicated to:
VQ (love that lady)
SABINA (ditto)

And to all our other friends who make posting and coming here worthwhile.

Thanks for the dedication Stryder ol' chap!

Truly, thanks alot. Not only for the kind words you've laid in my direction over the years, but also for the true love and affection you've shown the fetish lo these many years. You truly are a pioneer and a icon for us all. Please pass to the lovely Helen my warmest thoughts, and hopefully one day, the three of us can meet face to face. : )

And people...!

Let me tell you about the clip I was most fortunate to receive from Stryder.


All I can say is that if you're a true trample afficionado, you DO NOT want to pass up the opportunity to view Helen and Stryder in action.

When those CD's and tapes come out, sell the furniture or whatever it takes and grab some copies.

And Daddo.. Sorry I haven't sent the clip to you : ( I've just been swamped at work here, and it just slipped my ever forgetful mind.

I'll send it off first chance I get. You'll most certainly enjoy it!

01-21-2003, 5:50 PM
Rasta has told me to zip the file so I have but I dont know how it will go. Lets try.
DAMN SAYS TOO BIG OH WELL I TRIED. (Both were smaller than 1.5 so I give up on that have to stick to the pics)
Daddo I have sent two of the clips to your email address but I notice I have a large file coming through to me so I hope it is not a bounce back. Sent them again singularly and it seems to have gone alright. Let us all know what our grand old daddy thinks.

01-21-2003, 9:50 PM

Mate, these are awesome ladies with gorgeous feet and heels. Thank you so much for this superb thread of magnificent pics.

But I have to tell you, your pictures are a health hazard! I'm in danger of running seriously low on my essential protein reserves!! :(

I may have to take a holiday in sunny Queensland. :)

Good onya guys


01-22-2003, 1:21 AM
Also a big thanks to Rudy....such nice things you always say mate and glad you liked the clips. Just for that some more. Oh and I found the black suede heels that I was looking for to respond to Mr Ealands request so enjoy friends...interesting girl Ashley in the black suede shoes loved mirrors and taking the pics herself very cute and very cruel she is in a lot of my pics. And Mike I do miss Sydney sometimes the two pics of Blaze were at the Kastle in Abercrombie St in the city she was truly lovely and I saw her many times...she gifted me a pair of her stockings and they still smell like her. I dont know if the Kastle is still in operation I know Salon Kitty's is.

Thanks to everyone for making this thread so big and so much fun but stay tuned more pics very shortly I have heaps.

01-22-2003, 7:06 AM

[without any word]

01-22-2003, 3:13 PM
Some more pics for you all let us know what you think.

01-22-2003, 4:22 PM

01-22-2003, 4:49 PM

I have to say that I think the shot of your tongue under the toes of that sandaled foot is one of THE best pics I have EVER seen. Once again, you out-do yourself!


01-22-2003, 5:06 PM
Mate thanks...I like that one too. Ashley had her full weight on her heels at the time on my nipples and I could not resist showing how much I loved what she was doing to me even though the pain/pleasure balance was near breaking point. Earlier in that session she kicked me so hard in the side of the face in those heels that she blackened and thickened my ear and it is still slightly misshappen today....some considerable time later...Oh and I did not like that she just got carried away. Of course Helen proudly wears those lovely black platforms now but she often lends them to women who dont have heels on and want to trample me as she always takes several pairs along with her. You will see those shoes pop up on a heap of different trample angels in fact Diane uses them on me in the vid I did with her.

Then I am sure you will like this one I have posted just for you. We aim to please our supporters. When bloody Mark finally gets the web site up and running and I can start getting the videos and clips ready for sale we plan to do some great things for our friends who become members (it will be free for a while as a thank you to all and still have plenty of free material and we will still post heaps here free). If the site takes off and is worthwhile we plan to give away videos to members who stick around and we also plan a member draw (providing we make some money from it and it is all new to me so I am a little unsure of things) to bring a friend/member here to Oz to be trampled by Helen and Diane and have it put on vid if they want. The travel will be paid for by the site. Marks idea but I like it so I hope it is workable.

01-22-2003, 5:09 PM
Hi Helen and Stryder
You want to know what we thing of the latest pics?
Theyīre brillliant - as always.
Looking forward to se you succeed with the clip-posting.
Keep up the good work!

01-22-2003, 6:35 PM
WOW, very great pics :)
Thankyou so much !!!!

01-22-2003, 6:50 PM
As always, my mouth is open to the floor over the tremendous pix you have kindly given- just AWESOME

01-22-2003, 7:37 PM
:D Thanks mate. Did you put the "I come from the land downunder" wav. file on the Italian forum? Very clever. Glad you like the pics. I was thinking of putting some clips on Kazaa. Would that make it easier for everyone to see them. The kicking pic is just before she kicked my head and ear and sent me out cold. You can see the damage on my upper arm just starting to come through from the kicks. I was badly black and purple for weeks after this session and for most of it there were two girls as some of the pics show. The girl with the platform heels in my eyes was the other and she took some of the pics when she wasnt helping destroy me.

01-22-2003, 7:42 PM
Stryder/Helen...God bless ya both...you folks are fantastic...

You got one helluva gal, Mr. Stryder...a tip of my stetson to you, sir!:thumbsup:

Thank YOU for sharing your fabulous pix with us.

01-22-2003, 7:48 PM
This is the other girl Misty....forgot the pic and ran out of upload space. They are both shown in the pic of the girls biting my already damaged nipples...this was the first night we met and had some very serious meetings thereafter. There is also a pic of them posted earlier with the first time they trampled me. They both loved it so much and they were at the time lovers (of each other not me unfortunately) and still remain friends of mine. I should catch up with them again if I am allowed to by H.

01-22-2003, 8:41 PM
Stryder, why is it that everytime you post pics I love them more and more and more.

I have been a fan of yours for many years now and even the pics that I have seen before capture my attention as if I am looking at them for the time again!

Whenevr I see a thread that has your pics in it it is the first one I read!! I absolutely loved the pic whitepain8!

Keep up the great work you Aussie, and hopefully one day the wife and I will be able to visit the land down under and you and I will spend some serious time "downunder" 2 beautiful Godesses!

(Say Hi to Helen for me)

01-22-2003, 9:10 PM
atyourfeet...thanks again for you compliments...and love your clips too with your gorgeous wife....Helen loves then also. Yes a couple of them have been posted before but I have rescanned most of them clearer and bigger than before when I was first learning about posting pics...a little more of what you love then.

01-22-2003, 9:19 PM

Thanks again Stryder!!

I loved that set!!


The Penguin
01-22-2003, 10:35 PM
you lucky Auzzie dog you good luck with the web site I think it will be the first one I will actually pay money to! and become a member remember I'm a tight arse Kiwi so Helen will know what I mean
BTW is Helen still blonde ? you can take the blonde hair out of a girl but you can't get the "blonde" out of the girl :confused: :thumbsup: :banghead:

01-23-2003, 3:49 AM
She did nearly her whole strip routine on my body. Enjoy. More to come.

01-23-2003, 8:47 AM
I love the shots of the stripper on you. I have had the fantasy many many times before. And once again, what I have only fantasised about you have lived! I am so jealous!

I also LOVE the shot of the two women on you where one seems to be sitting on the others knee. Brilliant!


01-23-2003, 1:04 PM
Hey Stryder, in one of the shots Helen is on the phone and there nobody lying under her. What were you thinking of, you should have been in position. I would be in a flash :)

Being trampled while the lady is on the phone is one of my favourite scenes.

Great pictures, as always.

Thanks to both of you.

01-23-2003, 3:55 PM
Is that what you mean mate....enjoy. We were doing some trample stuff and she actually got a long phone call from one of her sisters in NZ so we just went with it. So the phone call is real and not posed...actually all our stuff is done during an actual trample and not just posed for the sake of a pic....its more fun for me that way and Helen hates posing for pics she would rather just click away while she tramples. More to come. :D

01-23-2003, 4:03 PM
Thanks, great pics once again Stryder!

01-23-2003, 6:37 PM
Tomorrow night Hellfire club is on in Brisbane (AU). Helen and I are going and our new friend Angelique the beautiful 6ft plus afro american angel has emailed us to say she is coming with us. Mark and Diane might come as well and a few other nice folk. Should be some great things achieved and some awesome pics......stay tuned.

01-24-2003, 4:32 AM
Great pictures!!!! Do you have more nipple biting picīs?


01-24-2003, 7:36 AM
Seeing as though you are a new poster on the board welcome and even though it is not trample here you go mate...It is Ashley and she is a trample goddess so I dont really mind what she does or did to me and she loved biting particularly after damaging my balls or nipples with her heels (actually liked to taste blood....well each to their own). Had to dig these out for you and it took me ages but it came from the same session as the white pain photos above. There is some bare foot worship from that session too I will find for the gang. Ah but one is not my nipple :D

01-24-2003, 9:51 AM
Thanks for the "biting" picīs! You are the best!
I love all your picīs.


01-24-2003, 11:17 AM
Hi Styder and Helen, the phone shots are great. I think its the image of the trampling being secondary to the main activity, ie talking to a friend on the phone, that I love.

Thanks again,

01-24-2003, 11:24 AM
:D that's what we call British humour ...

anyway I do love talking on the phone that way, hehehe

01-24-2003, 1:39 PM
Stryder I don't know how many thanks are needed for all these great pics, so I will tell you only one: THANKS

L Murray
01-24-2003, 3:28 PM
Thanks, I admire all your pictures. The photos of the phone conversation and the fixing of the hair are exceptional.

01-24-2003, 3:46 PM
This thread is amazing !!!!
55 thousand view , when i think we started with few pictures , now it's full as a member's page :D . I hope the work is in a good way about it steve as i will join immediatly knowing your natural feeling about trampling. Lovely pictures with you Helen talking by phone and standing on Steve. Will be funny to do the same with the web cam next time if we have time to find us with this fucking time zone. Do you remember steve that i told you i was working on a little thing, i have finished it and i will put the url down of this message. As i told you it's little but it's good like a hobby. If you want to update , you do , if you prefer to be with your girl, there's no obligation like a member's page and i know what it is to be every week blocked by it. May be see you in few mn as the morning is coming in your side except is Helen destroyed you this night :D
Best wishes my friends.

01-24-2003, 5:48 PM
We love you Saby. Especially Stryder....
Thank you all so much this thread is so much fun and Helen loves it and the responses. Nice to see so many new people popping in to say hi she really loves that. Hellfire tonight getting excited. So then some more of these pics you all love.
Warmth and love to all.

01-24-2003, 6:39 PM
Great !! :D
I'm happy that you enjoyed this french song on the guitar for your morning breakfast :)
As usuall my friends, was a nice cam chat and really Helen you look like a princess dressed like that wow!!! i was near to eat my web cam :D
Off course Steve was naked like usual with his ass in front of the cam :D

01-24-2003, 8:05 PM
Steve , i have received well your clip and few more as
oh heaven
little sexy dance
face and throat
sexy stomping
serious heel stomps

To be honest , with the little experience i have during my work on cucciolopage, this is a complete bomb to see it . All the pictures that people have seen on this board of stryder are nothing looking at it on real. It's true, natural, sensual, exciting, it's really amazing and i wish that Steve will be able to open his web page soon to show it. Helen is really a professional killers when she use her heels like that and it's really fantastic to see it knowing her when we was eating in a good restaurant. She can be sweet and can destroy everything under her divine heels. One more time Steve, i think that most of us will need many lifes to find a diamond so precious like Helen for our life.
God bless you, i love you two.

01-24-2003, 8:38 PM
I went away for a little while...what a treat to come back and see all the great pics and commentary.
Helen and Stryder...What can I say but THANKS and nobody does it with such class and style as you two. You're the best!
:worship: :worship: :worship:


01-25-2003, 5:59 PM
Just saying thanks again gang. Great talking to you too Rasta and thank you for playing guitar while we had breakfast. We are happy you liked the clips. We were a little unsure whether people would like them (with so many others doing videos) it is often hard to know whether or not what you are doing is different sexy and interesting.

01-25-2003, 10:02 PM
Those pictures of Ashley are incredibly hot. She has the sexiest feet, and she's obviously very enthusiastic about using them to to cause pain. No holding back there. She's got amazing arches and toes, looks sooooo hot in those spike heel sandals!!!! Wow. You are one lucky guy!

Thanks for all the wonderful posts.

01-25-2003, 10:10 PM
Steve, you've gotta be kidding. I don't think any clip would be more anticipated than the divine Helen doing you in.:)


01-26-2003, 12:11 AM
Hi Stryder and Helen,

Fabulous pictures, I Absolutely LOVE the pictures of Helen wearing the red shirt and black spandex workout pants!!!!!!!!! :bugeyes: :worship: I have always LOVED a beautiful woman wearing those kind of shiny tight spandex workout pants, I think they are AMAZING, I hope You and Helen will consider making a trampling video with Helen wearing those exact same pants for the video! Can't wait for Your website and videos to be ready :thumbsup: Helen You are the Best!

Thank You,

01-26-2003, 12:40 AM
Wonderful pics as always, I love the hellfire series of pics.
I got up this morning feeling grotty after a whisky too many last night, logged on and found these pics of my favourite trample friends, just what I needed to perk me up!
Heath and happiness to you both. Pervy2

01-26-2003, 2:20 PM
I've seen a slice of heaven when I saw your angel Helen in classic pumps. I'm sure you were in heaven every moment she was there on top of you. Thanks a million!

01-27-2003, 2:10 AM
Thank you all so much for making me really important and well liked from so many places in the world. Thank you especially to Moby and Larry for the really nice comments they are so flattering and nice and it makes me enjoy coming here and helping Steve post pics and talk to his friends. I cant believe how many people like to look at pictures of me trampling Steve as it is just so much a natural part of our lives. We went to Hellfire last Saturday and we took our new friend Angelique who is in some of the pics from the last Fetish club night she is so tall dark and such a lovely person we got on so well. We sat for hours there and chatted while Steve laid under our heels and bare feet it was really nice.

Here are some pics of me trampling Steve (Stryder) in the heels that I wear to work a lot. We went out to a fancy dress party and I wore one of his old police uniform shirts and a black business skirt and was going to wear these shoes but they did not suit the cop look so I changed to a more suitable pair then I changed the dress from black to dark blue. Before we went to the party however Steve wanted me to trample him in the outfit with the original strappy heels and skirt so I did and we took these pics I hope you all like them it was fun he went to the party as a prisoner.

Thanks again to you all it is so nice to feel like I am part of some of your lives. Hi to atyourfeet and your wife and to Vinyl Queen it is nice to chat with you and nice to hear rasta play his guitar for us thank you for calling me a diamond Laurent I am glad you liked the video clips. I will wear the tights and red top with the pumps for a video footstool so I hope you will like it. This is taking a long time and I am having trouble getting the pics to go on this message so I will get Steve to put all the rest on when he comes home as I am not good at it. And to penguin yes I am still blonde but I have a good enough memory to remember your blonde jokes I will get even one day.

Love to all H:)

01-27-2003, 4:01 AM
Helen, I'd be more than willing to stand in for Penguin and take his "get evens." Isn't that generous of me?:D

Yes, looking forward to your Hellfire memories, also especially Angelique. It'd take someone like you, Steve, to bear up under her.

To date I've only joined one pay site but you can be sure I'll be one of your first members when you get yours going. I think you're going to be amazed at flood of membership requests from all over the world. I'll bet this world-class thread is just the beginning.

Helen, what a pic of you at the party; you just glow.

Thanks for continuing to share with us.


01-27-2003, 6:42 AM
Jesus , you look wonderfull in cop dress Helen.
I will enjoy to have a police control by a woman like you.
Like : Mr you was at 30 km more than the speed limit, for this fault, you will have to lick my soles with your tong :D

01-27-2003, 10:39 AM
Hi Helen,

Thank You for posting it is always GREAT to hear from You :) Helen, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for saying that You will make a trample video wearing those tight shiny black spandex workout pants, You will be making my dream come true :D

Maybe someday I will have the honor to meet You and Stryder in person, You are sooooooo Beautiful :bugeyes: :worship: I wish I could have the privilege of serving as Your footstool in person, my face= Helen's footrest :sadcry: :sadcry: :sadcry: :sadcry:

Thank You,

Ste Letto
01-27-2003, 12:30 PM
I'm sure I'm echoing everyone's sentiments when I say Stryder is the luckiest man alive. To have a beautiful, playful, open minded, goddess of a wife like you Helen is a dream come true. If we could clone people I would love to have a clone of you.
I can't say strongly enough how fantastic you are and how fantastic the pair of you are for sharing your pics and your life.

01-27-2003, 3:01 PM
Absolutely fantastic. I'm speechless. Helen you are the best and Stryder you are a very lucky guy.



01-27-2003, 3:47 PM
Thank you all for making Helen feel so welcome here. I notice she did a little post for you yesterday evening. That is really nice and she must be learning about the board as I was not here and she must have been listening when I told her how to post. I am going to try a post a shortened version of some of the clips I took from our vid. The quality suffered a bit shortening it enough to be within the limits for the board but the original vid/cd will be really good quality. I think it may be too short to get the full impact I have emailed several of the longer clips to some folk and they have kindly reported on the clips here on the board.

Let us know what you think. If they work ok and the quality is not too poor we will post some more clips. I will have to work out how to keep the quality as good as the original vid when reduced to a really short clip. But hopefully it gives you a little idea what to expect from the real thing. Well I notice they are shorter than the 250kb so I can make them slightly longer perhaps next time. Helen sends her love. Special Hallo to Heely...love your new pics mate as always. More pics today and a couple that Angelique has sent Helen for her to post from when she was back in the States.

01-27-2003, 4:16 PM
Your wife is my God. I worship her and her feet. She could trample me for ever.

01-27-2003, 4:47 PM
Dear Helen and Stryder,
I'm your italian fan.
You are amazing, wonderful, great!!!
Helen is like my lover.
Thank you for your clips.


01-27-2003, 6:14 PM
Well they worked ok. Now two more that no one has ever seen not even our close friends. First time ever shown anywhere....Enjoy let us know if these are good. I only just took them from the vid a moment ago.