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07-19-2003, 5:54 AM
Sorry to disappoint Laurent no stunts here all real.

07-19-2003, 7:02 AM
Originally posted by Stryder
Sorry to disappoint Laurent no stunts here all real.

Oh, come now Steve!

We ALL know you shoot your material on a soundstage in front of a bluescreen, and layer in the CGI effects afterward.

You can practically see the gimble and wire system attached to the girls that supports their weight, thus keeping it off of you

(that's if the girls are even real and not some trample equivilent of Jar-Jar Binks ! )

And sheesh! That "blood" can't fool us...!

We all know how easy it is to whip up some of the fake red stuff. I mean, a bottle of Karo Syrup, some corn starch, some red and blue food dye, and viola'! Instant excitement!


Well, of course the message above was with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

Steve, just let me say that you and Helen never cease to amaze me.

I've said many times before, that you two truly exemplify and engender all that the fetish is and can be. The symbiotic loving relationship you two share is a joy to behold.

Hopefully, we'll one day get to meet, and we can swap and share "war stories" so to speak, and I can have the pleasure of meeting and gazing upon the lovely Helen up close and in person. Please relay my best wishes to her.

Continued good luck with the site endeavours, and never hesitate to ask me if there is anything I can help you with in that regard, or for that matter, any other regard as well :D

Until then,


07-19-2003, 7:58 AM

Your injury is clearly a dry skin problem. All that hot sun downunder, the chemicals in the pool, and the fact you have people walking all over you so often requires you pay more attention to your skin condition. Have Helen put some lotion on the bottom of her feet and rub it on your chest (especially around the nipple area).

Dr. Zoox

07-19-2003, 9:05 AM

07-19-2003, 9:21 PM
Loved the blue screen comments from Rudy! Especially with the wires and CGI effects. i'm just rolling over that one.
Jar-Jar binks!!!!! next it will be Stripperella and Jessica Rabbit doing a tandem Trample scene with a falling piano.

As mentioned by more than one respondent Steve, it is the reality of the relationship you maintain with the real life Women who trample you that makes it so thrilling. With every post that Helen makes, it becomes ever more clear what a special, kind and generous Woman She is. Further more, not that you don't rate Steve, butt when the other Ladies who trample you write there feelings and observations here it is reaffirmation of life for me.

Thank you just doesn't come close enough. The pictures are terrific, butt hearing about how everyone feels and their reactions is what makes your post the more valuable.

i'll close with one last statement from the soap-box, if that is ok. Never stray from what works for you. If you start playing to what other people think they want to see, the realism will leak out like water from an old rusty bucket and the magic will be gone.

Stay real. You and Helen and all the lovely Ladies are what keep life focused and in vivid color.


07-20-2003, 12:20 AM
Nice to hear from you big guy. Rest assured that you will be always the first I will contact for advice or help. I like your satirical little message very witty mate. Nope all real stuff just like you mate but sometimes (like today) when the sexual thrill and adrenaline have run out I think shit not again. Helen was out getting some lunch for Christie, Mark and I when the nipple damage was made complete. Its hard because they never quite get a chance to get better before the next trample (for example the lovely Anneka is coming over on Wednesday to work me over and she really tries to put the damn things through you).

When Helen came back from the shops she said "I will put something on them to stop infection" she then put methylated spirits directly on the cut nipples and I gotta tell you all that really hurt (LOL). I cannot talk about the pain because as you know when the mood and conditions are right and it is real and not contrived then the pleasure outweighs the pain and so it is nice rather than nasty. I guess only true believers like yourself understand that comment.

Christie noticed the blood first and got off I did not even know it was bleeding but I remember the heel stomp right on the nipple that must have done it. After I assured her I was in no pain and the cut was only small she got back on and Mark got it all on video as she smeared it and dug her heel back into it. Mate this was so intense for me (in terms of sexual) that I nearly let go with a full climax and from the wonderful smile and look on her red lips framed by that black hair she was fully aware of it. Christie is another one who actually thanks me after a session (like Kerry) .

We finished the vid with barefoot foot worship and pampering and I massaged her feet with creame whilst sucking her toes and she just lay back fixed me with this amazing look and purred. She said she was sad and missed me because it had been a while since we got together so she made up for it yesterday and my wonderful wife (who is from the same country as Christie) took the photos while Mark ran the video. I must be the luckiest trample guy in the world so when my friend Trenton says his GF said "oh the poor guy" she is wrong I am really happy albeit a little worn out for a few days each time but that is old age.

I dont see it as cruel or brutal or punishment or degradation or humiliation but as uplifting, bonding and deeply satisfying particularly when I see the happiness and pleasure it gives my friends here and the women who really know me and enjoy what we do together not from a sense of cruelty but mutual trust and respect and total mental and physical understanding for that period of time. I know some folks like the humiliation and cruel and degrading feeling and that is what they want from getting involved in this "scene" this however is not for me and I guess that is why so many can see the difference and the women sure can as most really dont want to treat another human (particularly a friend or lover) like an animal, slave, dirt or less than human even pretending (and if you are pretending what is the use?) and if they are really like that I dont think I want to know them no matter how beautiful they might appear on the surface.

This is probably why I have trouble with the staged, contrived or posed material and why I could not enjoy being trampled by a women who was only in it for the money, for cruelty, or was nervous or worried about the whole thing or pushed into it by friends etc.

Thank you all so much for coming here to talk with us it means a lot and keeps us coming back. We dont have a lot of close friends around us so it is nice to have them here.

beneath_feet: Thanks mate for your warm and sincere wishes and we will try to always be here to share with you all.

Dr zoox: Yes mate I truly do have a bit of dry spotty skin happening but the nipple damage is really from having it targetted so often and you all know how much I love that area worked over and they are still incredibly sensitive despite all the treatment over the years.

Oops sorry gang another trip into the maze that is my mind but if my friends here can understand me then it might be easier to understand themselves as well.


07-20-2003, 3:15 AM
Hi, Steve. I too like the way you don't specifically script your sessions.

The idea mentioned earlier of a woman "punishing" me actually takes away from the experience. Trample as an outgrowth of a loving friendship is so much more sensual. That some pain and some superficial injury is a possibility and even inevitable both my partner and I know but that is not the focus.

So that's why the "dom" thing just by itself really trucates the range of emotional experience and leaves me (and as far as I know) any woman who has cared enough to explore this with me kind of unfulfilled. Sort of like "is that all there is?"

But in context of a friendship and relationship, the growth in our experience is really endless. Each time is kind of fresh and new. For both of us there are still surprises because we're growing and exploring together.

Because I see that with you and Helen and your angels and you share the reactions, I don't get that "more of the same" reaction after a while. ( And I agree that the regular or even nice work or evening clothes are best for a lot of the same reasons. Surprisingly, that's even more personal in a real-life way than fetish clothing or nude.)

There are just so many ways and places a woman can walk and jump and stomp on you but endless ways a friendship can grow and provide new contexts in which it's somehow new and unexpected each time.

Your description of how Christie wanted to stop when she saw your blood and how she just went on with enthusiasm after you encouraged her is a great example.

Thanks again for taking the time to share those precious moments with us.

Thanks also for sharing a little about Anneka with us. I just get a general idea that she is pretty tall compared to the other girls. About how tall is she? She seems a big enough girl to carry the spiked heel experience to a new level. In the pic with her wearing those wonderful black patent pumps of Helen's I noticed that at least one heel print showed that she cut you slightly just from the pressure. Please be sure to tell her thanks for sharing with us.

Also, one of the most intense forms of worship (just to me) is my partner walking barefooted, with socks or especially with nylons on my face. I know it's not your preferred experience but it does bring the both of you really close in a personal way and it'd be great to see a little of this with your other angels, particularly Kerry. Love the ones of Helen on you with her socks.

If I could be so presumptuous as to include a non-Stryder shot in this thread, this candid one of Edwige and Carlo is a great example of how it can be enjoyable for both. And thanks again to Carlo for explaining what was going on here in his thread, "Coming Soon." (Of course from www.cuccliopage.com)

My very best to you and Helen,


07-20-2003, 3:40 PM
Ah a pic from the continent...Never got to meet this lady when I visited France she is very beautiful and I think she might have a little special place in Carlos collection of angels I think also she might have a little special affection for him too and that is why for me the pics involving her stand out above many other great pics. She does seem to be very much enjoying herself and that it what I always try to achieve with our site and what I tried (successfully I hope) to explain to Carlo he likes the punishment non sexual part I am the opposite but we both still provide and end up with the same outcome.

When I did the first video for him it was very hard work because the girls and the format of the video was punishment, brutal, coldheared girls (even though they were gorgeous) and so I got to experience the way Carlo, Dave and Rasta did things (although I understand this is part of the thing Rasta did not like). Stryders Deadly Dream involved Carlo letting me introduce some of the ways I like to do things and it seemed to me the girls really enjoyed this little difference and therefore I enjoyed it more...actually two of them were really fun and great and I could see they were actually really enjoying themselves and being very creative and beautiful and sexy cheeky cruel instead of cruel per se.

For others the difference may seem subtle but for me it is pivotal for me to being able to perform at my best and survive. In this way Carlo and Dave got to experience watching and understanding how I do things so at least I can now understand both ends of the trample spectrum but still chose to stay at my end of the spectrum and Carlo stays in his it is our comfort zone.

I remember when I first got a girl to stand on my face with her heels in my eyesockets in bare feet I loved it and still do it whenever I can the progression to heels was an exciting but really dangerous progression from there. Its about 30 years since I first started serious heel trample (closer to 40 if I count the experimentation with friends and my first childhood sweetheart who became my first wife or go right back to the first uninvited trample) it has gone so fast.

I was about 16 and the women were gorgeous high class hookers in Sydney. I had one of my first paychecks as a young police cadet and was so nervous I could have passed out. They were so beautiful older (only early 20's) and really could not believe this nice young boy wanted them to dance and walk all over him in their wonderful heels but they did it and did it and loved it and asked me to keep coming back what a team they were and every wonderful moment is still burnt forever in my psyche. They both sent me valentines day cards (believe it or not) for about 4 years and I saw them together regularly over that period of time until they moved on got married or whatever. Two things particularly ring in my mind about them that has helped shape the way I do things today. One woman was seated with her heels on between my legs she tied my C&B up with the little gold belt from her clothes and was squishing and prodding my young screaming dick. The other was seated at my face with a collection of the most wonderful 70's strappy stilletos. I looked up with my young face and said to this girl "will you please crush my face with your heels" she smiled a smile that rocked me and said "with pleasure babe you are such a turn on" and commenced to crush my face with all her energy.

The other girl kept saying "you love us dont you" "do you love what I am doing to you?" "shoosh baby this wont hurt a bit" (than she would work my C&B over). Then one would trample me hard in various heels while the other asked me to tell her what I was feeling and she would stand on my hand and play with herself and tell us both how wonderful the whole scene looked. One or the other would ring me and say "we really miss our trample and favourite boy" and I would be there in a flash. They also became as interested in trample and heels as I was and several times one or the other or both would ask me to come shopping for shoes with them (and there is a great story from one of those occasions but another time perhaps).

The hugs, warmth and kisses I got from these wonderful women were genuine and they really showed me how to love and be in love with what they were doing and why...they also helped me understand how to treat a women this education has stayed with me and I hope has made me a special person for Helen and my friends.

Anyway enough about my Italian buddy and my memories here are some more clips. I think one of them has Helen and Kerry with full weight one foot heel crush of my upturned face while Christie does the same to my throat...intense but satisfying:D

Shit I am sitting here scratching and picking at my scabbed up nipples and chest I have to stop that or they will never get better before wednesday and Anekka.

I remember once a hooker friend and brilliant trampler Ashley asked me if we could make love after we trampled. I was all mushy from the amazing workout only she could provide and I said "we just did make love Ash" she loved that and we lay there cuddling and talking and gently touching each other and then I worshipped her with my tongue until she felt as great as I did....give and take I say and of course this was before Helen and I met.

07-20-2003, 4:37 PM
..actually two of them were really fun and great and I could see they were actually really enjoying themselves and being very creative and beautiful and sexy cheeky cruel instead of cruel per se.

I remember you told me the girl you did appreciate more in "High heel execution" for her attitude was Amelie the red hair girl (see pictures below)

I don't remember you told me the two girls you did like more in Stryder's deadly dream" but being there and knowing a little bit you i try to guess
One was Anna the blonde polish girl and the other was the lovely Maud (both in the pics below...Maud is the girl looking to the camera in the last pic )..... so do i guess right ? do i start a little bit to know my aussie buddy ? i hope if not shame on me....lol

I think the fact you did appreciate more some girl than the others depends a little bit also from the level of their english, because it was easier for some of them to communicate with you.Most of our girls doesn't speak a fluent english while for example Maud and Amelie speak english quite well

07-20-2003, 5:04 PM
Carlo very close but no cigar mate:D (you should give up smoking anyway).

Right on the mark in the first video it was Amelie she has the making of a natural, imaginative beautiful trample goddess.

And so close with SDD. Yes Anna loved that girl did not need any direction or instruction just went for it and did what she wanted and the other was Camille....so much dynamite for one so small she was cruel but sensual and I could not wait to see what she would think up next to do to me. You are right with Maude though I thought she was the most attactive of all the girls I met and with the most lovely nature. Even though I secretly like brunettes (sorry Helen babe I make an exception for you) Maude was stunning and I found my heart beating faster just looking at her. It was nice to be able to communicate with her as well. But in terms of trample she was nervous and frightened to hurt me and so I worried about her worrying about me and so that was not so good. It did not help that the shoes she wore were a bit big for her:D . You can see in the vid (except for the tongue crush she liked that) that she did not put the weight on her heels very much and was being gentle and kind to me while the others were not so the mixture became a bit confusing as I really could not take my eyes from her face, legs and feet but felt unfulfilled because I was worried that she was not enjoying herself. I hope she visits us if she does come for a holiday here.

You know I told you but I will tell the others that back a few years ago when I was suffering severe depression and left the police service and prosecutions and for various relationship reasons I lost myself. When I went to get trampled then it was for punishment and for the girls to try as hard as they could to really injure, humiliate and hurt me because I felt so unwanted, useless and no good. No one would believe the things that happened to me being trampled during this period. If you think what you see from me now is scary and full on you would not want to see my body after a session with one or more women back then. YOu would also not want to see what it did to my psyche either.

The only thing it did was give me a physical release of tension for a short time because of the pain and injury and intensity. There was no sexy or sexual release (I hardly even got turned on) there was not bond, the girls really did not like me or what they were doing to me (I guess they did not like seeing that they had this capacity for violence because I would just say do what you want to me I want to be hurt and they did). I lost two hooker close friends during this period as they did not like this change in me. I could not find friends or a partner to enjoy this treatment and I felt worse about myself and even more ashamed than I did before I started the session. I was a total mess inside and out and it took me a long time to come out of it and I thought I never would at one stage. I really hated my fetish and myself and it was so self destructive.

So I guess you can see I have seen both sides of the fetish and chose my side now as the other goes down a dark path of going one step further but remaining unsatisfied, sad inside and needy in terms of wanting pain and humiliation above pleasure and fun and the pleasure/pain that comes from a friendly or loving person MUTUALLY enjoying it. When you start to see women as a means to an end that is as an instrument of torture, punishment or humiliation and nothing else it is time to reassess and thank the maker I did just that. You know women can sense this attitude in a man and they avoid you as they did me back then. Honestly the opposite happens now and I love it. Just a little warning to all my friends.

07-20-2003, 5:13 PM
Sorry mate....i'll have to study stryder's taste again..i'm not ready yet :)I would not expect you could mention our little Camille....wowww she will be happy to know she pleased and she was appreciated by the big stryder :)

By the way probably it won't be something new or unknown for you steve being an expert about the subject but i have found this link posted by another guy on another thread of the forum and i think it's amazing and interesting for you to read

Please let me know if you discovered something interesting and new for you about the infos provided in this link and what do you think of these new weapons called high heels :)


07-20-2003, 5:29 PM
I have not seen that before however I have a great true and memorable story. I had a teacher in science when I was in 1st form in High School (my first year of High School so I was about 13) her name was Miss Royce. She was only in her early twenties and was the most attractive woman in the school (and it was a big school). Actually she was the most attractive woman most of my horny mates and myself had ever seen. Long blonde hair, super model figure and voice that would melt steel.

She was explaining to us this same concept and in fact actually used her own high heels (she wore them to school for that day for that reason) to crush materials and objects to explain and we had to get down close to watch. Most of the girls couldnt care less some were interested most of the guys were watching her boobs but I was in love and honestly had a discharge in my school pants watching because I asked her what would happen to my finger if I put it there and she said go ahead so I did and she pressed just enough to feel the pressure then tossed her hair and laughed and said now I dont want to go hurting my pupils Mr Mac. I loved her from that moment on but we only had her for a year and she married some big time doctor and left teaching to do modelling or something.

07-20-2003, 5:48 PM
Wow steve what a magnificent story you just mentioned
I have never got such a teacher in my early age :(

Coming back to your last post....thanks for sharing your deep feeling and the bad moment you did pass through
People should read with attention what you just write especially reading some people on the board writing things like i would like to be trampled to death or to be injured etc etc....they don't really know what they are talking about and they don't get any sense of the reality

I for my part was reading your "warning" to the extreme stuff with care and attention as much as you told me about this before
by e-mail

It's not my goal to hurt myself as much as possible doing my stuff as a sort of punishment since i have the luck i'm really happy in what i'm doing and living.... that give me a great chance to express my personal concept and idea of trample and fw through our videos
I don't enjoy the pain itself but to see a girl being cruel with her feet and heels... i'm happy in my deep inside in what i'm doing ...if i don't enjoy a video because it's too painful or i don't know why it's not a big problem for me..the video is not done for me...i'll try to enjoy next time if not that's ok....what i really enjoy is to create new situations, actions and ideas with lovely girls showing no mercy....exploring all the most possible situations and aspect of our beloved art.
I search my real pleasure in his true meaning out of my job...and i've got a chance to know a girl that touched me deeply and that's
her that complete my circle :)

07-20-2003, 7:34 PM
Depression is one of the most dangerous and overwhelmingly powerful forces one person can ever experince. i know all the landscape, the trousit spots and all the deep dark corners within which it lurks. The allure of destruction beneath a Woman's heels speaks with a voice that can never be silenced!

The justifications and rational for why the depressed person needs this level of pain seem black and white clear. Each word of the self proclaimed sentence rings crystal clear like the peals from the bells of doom.

All it takes is a few moments of listening to the voice, to hold the essence of its message completly in the center of the mind. The syrens of Ulysses have nothing over the click of a Woman's heel striking a hard wood floor. the sound reverberates like the shot from pistol at point blank range.

The words, the spriit and the letter of the message you delivered have not fallen on deaf ears. Just ears that might be tuned to a different point in the spectrum.

Always beneath the feet of a Woman

************************************************** **
Death smiles upon us all...
The difference is Marines smile back.
************************************************** **

07-20-2003, 10:07 PM
Hey gang the video we shot a week or so ago with Diana has just been released you can check out the pics and description at the site http://www.stryderman.com/videos/under/under.htm

This video is outstanding even if I say so but dont take my word for it check it out.

Also for those who dont want to wait for the video or prefer pay per view there are several long high quality PAY PER VIEW clips in the Pay Per View Section running well over 1000kbps. Mind you I dont have the video myself yet but have seen the pay per view clips and I really cannot believe how it all turned out.

I think rather than talk about the vid much more I will wait until some members and friends have seen the vid or the pay per views and do their own review. Prepare to see something wild, sexy and totally over the top in terms of what this angel and friend does to me. Special C&B clips and other clips from this vid will of course be available for members shortly as well.

I cant wait to hear what you all think of it I really gave my best to this one and the descriptions cannot do it justice believe me. Mark said Diana was happy for a week afterward and really mellow he thinks I must be a marriage counsellor to tame this gorgeous dominant english rose and relax her so much:D I dont think I tamed her just satisfied her needs to let off steam and sexy cruel energy. As usual she was in charge I just said "do what you want you are the boss". God that is what I always say to the women no wonder they enjoy it. That is about as much direction as any of our vids or sessions get.


07-20-2003, 10:39 PM
Geez, Steve. Maybe you've created something brand new here. A new and unique component of marriage counseling.

The only problem is that there will probably be plenty of women wanting to sign up and way too few men willing to make such a sacrifice for even such a wonderful cause. (he, he)

That'd be even better than having Carlo's job. Wonder what kind of program it would take to certify the counselors?

I know that'd sure make it all worthwhile for a friend to say that to me about such an English Rose. After seeing some of the results and knowing a little about Diana, I can almost feel the beginning of the endorphin rush just thinking about it.

But referring to what you said before about ignorant fantasies (my translation), we're talking "world class" here. All of us envy you but in reality few of us could satisfy one such as Diana.:worship:

Hope she sees these threads and realizes our admiration and appreciation.

Thanks again for suffering so for us.:D


07-21-2003, 2:45 AM
Hello Stryder,

Thanks for your response. I do understand your point about ladies being keen on to trampling penises, though I do see a sexual point there. You see, if it is my girlfriend I will restrict myself to foot worship only and NEVER expand over territories unknown to her or what she describes as "humiliating a man". However, when I get the chance to serve another female, then conditions may allow for further foot services, always depending on how 'open-minded' the female is, BUT never indulge ourselves sexually. You may call me romantic, but as far as sex is concerned I am trully committed to my girlfriend. Anyway, what I do feel the need to emphasise is that if we wish to promote 'foot-fetish' it is imperative that we maintain some degree of 'normality'. I am certainly not saying that what we do is not normal. Simply enough, and since it is summer time, everywhere we turn our eyes we see ads for pedicures, sandals, here in England the BBC has an ad of a lady trampling someones back, we witness footfetish in movies and so on and so forth. Therefore, if people start feeling more familiar with the concept, they may then become more intrigued about it. Here the situation can, nevertheless, become a bit complex. If they realise that they may hurt the 'subject' then it is unlikely that they will try it out. As far as my own exp[eriences are concerned, ladie snever had a problem with me licking their feet, but when it came to standing on my face I had to put an effort to convince them that they can't hurt me and that if I am in pain I'll let them know so that they can step down. That is all I am arguing against pain and brutality. I fear that these issues are the main causes for people treating us with disbelief and what essentially presents our fetish as 'weird'.
To sum up and to raise an issue for discussion later on, the only reason that I love to serve a woman is because I greatly respect the opporite sex and because I find them extremely beautifyl, enough to deserve to be served and nothing but that.


07-21-2003, 9:51 PM
You have some interesting views sklavos and as with all my other friends here I respect your views even if I dont personally agree with some areas that you propound. I have other friends here who would suggest and in fact do suggest that a carpet (which I dont like being referred to as because I am a man) should never feel pleasure only pain, or humiliation as it should be and that is great for them because that is what works for them and I fully respect and support their right to enjoy themselves in that way and I admire the resolve and dedication some go to in achieving just that.

The clear definition of fetish (rather than the use in totemic or religious/tribal sense) is the sexual fixation, or gratification from the worship of an object or specific body part. The most common ones are feet, shoes, hair, etc etc.

Foot fetish is the most common and studies show that most people involved in this (and the majority are men) are gentle people who for whatever reason have this predilection. Some develop a mashochistic nature at the same time once again for a plethora of reasons.

I have stopped being concerned about those ill informed people in the world (some very close to me) who use the words weird or strange, or deviate etc etc. I feel that is a problem of their own prejudices, misconceptions, inexperience or for deep reasons such as having their own sexual hangups or fetishes or some sexually driven urge they are ashamed of or have not come to terms with and so they become fraudulently indignant to others to hide their own failings.

My first experiences with my fetish go back to very early childhood and unless they were totally a product of my upbringing and early experiences some traumatic some dont need to be aired then it may also be inherited. Whatever the reason (and I feel I know them) I am happy with who I am and not ashamed of my fetish and think it a nicer and more romantic way to treat a woman than younger men of my acquaintance (including my brother) who think I am less than a man but then espouse with vigor their love for anal sex with women.

I am totally loyal to Helen in terms of having sex (in the usual understanding of the word) with anyone else and she does not see my trample fetish as being unfaithful even if the woman wants to trample my penis. In fact if she is present when that happens she will often ask why I was not turned on with a particular woman or she will comment that I was particularly "pleased". Some woman ask her if they can step there and Helen says yes go ahead but watch his testicles as we have trying for babies. Our close female friends get disappointed if I dont seem turned on for a particular reason and go out of their way to ensure this finally happens.

As far as the pain thing is concerned that is tied into sexual arousal as well. If a woman sees what she is doing is not resulting in screams of pain and discomfort but sexual turn on they usually just keep on enjoying themselves. In fact the level of tolerance that people here say I have and exhibit and even people well experienced in the scene like Carlo continually tell me I have is also tied to the level or arousal I feel at a particular time. Helen and other close women friends know how to monitor this and react accordingly. If I am tired or sick or run down or for some reason just not turned on then I am like anyone else and all I feel it the pain and discomfort but when I am really turned on that is when I truly am Stryder and the things you may all think are painful or dangerous or really terrible are actually not feeling like that to me and you will often hear me say MORE and you will see the woman go into overdrive....it is just that simple for me. Like Sampson remove his hair and he is weak remove Stryders sexuality and capacity to be turned on by being trampled under heels and he is no longer Stryder but screamer.

I have never actually asked anyone to trample me (with the exceptions of the first times I visited a hooker to tell her what I was into and then they usually enjoyed it and most said I was their favourite client so there is another example of women surprising you and these were sexually experienced women who usually had done this for the first time with me). At clubs etc I just lay down for Helen and they come to us. That is how I met Kerry, Danielle, Anneka, Jules etc etc. When they ask if they can try trampling me it is such a turn on and I just tell them to do what they want and assure them that I will tell them if I am hurt and women like this do in fact do what they want. Dont believe for a second that women are the softer sex or do not have urges, fantasies and desires that can match and exceed our own. I too think they are MOSTLY all goddesses but dont confuse that with thinking they are prudish and easily frightened by things that we ourselves may label weird. Women friends that Helen and I have show a greater concept of sexual understanding and what they want in terms of their own passions and desires that it makes me feel uneducated. What I have learned it that the majority of women do love to be treated like a goddess but not spoilt or treated like they should be wrapped in cotton wool and put on a pedestal.

They want to be listened to and actually heard and they want us to know that they are as much sexual beings as men (and in most cases more so) and not objectified because of being a woman. If a woman wants to share something of a personal or sexual nature with you then she wants to know it is not only appreciated but responded to accordingly and with appropriate response.

Therefore mate if during my sexual lifetime and particularly with my trample and foot fetish life if a woman decides she wants to be part of that life for however long or for whatever purpose if I become aroused I am not going to hide it and in fact when you start really understanding the whole thing neither does the woman as I said before it is almost impossible to keep a woman TRULY interested in trample and foot fetish from enjoying the fruits of her effort by testing to see if she has worked her magic and I for one will never stop them from doing so and have never directed them to that area they find it themselves usually very quickly and seem to not want to leave it for a while sometimes you wish they would leave the damn thing alone it can only take so much of this type of attention.

One example was when Helen walked on a friend and stood on his genital area she was disappointed that he was no showing signs of actually being turned on and thought that he was not interested or did not like what she had done for him or too him...I must admit knowing my wife I was amazed at this response (or lack thereof too).

When you say "a woman deserves to be served and nothing but that" it can only be your view of how it should be you cannot speak for what women actually want as they often will not tell us but watch out if you dont guess it. They want us to be sensitive and to worship them but they also want us to be what we are supposed to be and that is a man. I will give you another example. I had two friends they were boyfriend and girlfriend and both were involved in the fetish scene and both enjoyed it. The guy would pamper and fuss over the woman and continually worship her feet and act really submissive and loving and kind and told her he lived to worship her only as she deserved.

Now she loved to trample and have her feet worshipped but she also had needs of a sexual nature which this guy would not fulfil because he said she was too much of a goddess to defile etc etc....haa haa guess what happened when she got sick of him not having an erection or if he did it was only over worshipping her feet and when she tried to use her feet on it or get him to apply his worship of her elsewhere or (heaven forbid) penetrate her he would give her the old I respect you too much, I am not worthy, you are too much of a goddess for that etc etc. He was dumped and still cant understand why. She has a great life with a new partner who still worships her feet but can also be the man she wants too....she is one woman who still tramples me when she gets a chance and gets really annoyed if I dont get turned on and if she cant stand on or tease that area.
I am sure there are others out there like Tbone etc who can probably add to what I have said rather than it sounding like a voice crying in the wilderness.

Now I fully expect all the slave boys and carpets to come out and say I dont know what I am talking about and that is fine but I will keep my belief in this regard because I see the difference between the relationship and friendship I have with my friends of the opposite sex and the type of relationship some of these other fellows have and how many women secretly laugh behind their backs. My studies (yes I am educated I think) tend to support my own personal life findings tried and tested on the field of combat (well not combat I just said that for comedy reasons)

Peace and friendship mate:D

07-21-2003, 10:10 PM
Hi Stryder and Helen,

Thank You for letting us know Your new video with Diana is ready, I just placed my order for the video:)

Helen, I hope we will be seeing a new full length video starring You in the near future:worship: Did You get to read my post dated 07-18-2003? I hope to hear from You again soon:D

Stryder, thanks for sharing some of Your earlier experiences and thoughts, I really appreciate it and I Love to read about Your experiences too.

Thank You,

07-22-2003, 2:32 AM
Hello Stryder,

I must admit that this is, indeed, the first time I have ever had such an exchange of views with reference to what we all enjoy here - that is foot fetishism and trampling. So, allow me the opportunity to say that I take great pleasure in 'communicating' with you, as I find it rather educating. I totally support most of your views (concerning the fact that whatever fantasy we may have, a man has to be a man and being Greek - you know the traditional Mediterranean perceptions revolving around the two sexes - I fully understand your point. I also agree with the fact that many women do have fantasies alike, only it takes for someone to make them feel at ease and then let them free. Like yourself, I do enjoy face standing and since it does involve some pain I could not possibly say that I am not familiar with this aspect of our fetish. With no shadow of doubt, I do respect your personal preferences. Just like plain sex, there is no one and nothing (apart from our governments perhaps) to dictate what is socially acceptable or not. What worries me is that no matter how 'open-minded' (sic) our societies may be, the majority of people do not understand what exactly we are into. Hence my argument about keeping it 'normal' (whatever this may imply) in order to further promote it. I know I am repeating myself here (considering my previous posts), but this is the point I want to make clear. I should not trouble us what one likes doing with feet or during a trampling session. Simply enough, different people have different fantasies and, therefore, express themselves differently. What remains to be examined, however, is the key issue of letting those around us ( inasmuch a wide scale as possible), if we intend to leave our hide-outs. Myself, I have been at peace with my fetish over the last few years as I no longer consider it something perverse. Rather, I usually introduce the ladies to its intelectual side before putting it into practice and to this day I can claim some success as they all find it intriguing. Nevertheless, there are other people, less extravert, who only satisfy their fantasies before a computer screen. Oftentimes, they feel they may become stigmatised as society can easily be cruel to humans, especially when it concerns something other people do not fully comprehend. For example, how do you explain the fact that there has been no reserach conducted by the academic community. There is no decent publication, by decent I mean scientific, to explore this area of human behaviour. I cannot possibly accept that there is no academic, related to the kind of sciences that could deal with fetishisim, not having such an interest her/himself. So, why is it that we have yet to discover what foot fetishism and trampling really is. How do we get it? Is it related to our childhood, a previous life (though I do not believe in this view as I am Christian, but surely other religions may well see it from this perspective too), our first ever girlfriend? To answer these questions we must all come forward, share experiences, assess the relevant information and only then, perhaps, we will trully understand our fantasies and enjoy them at a maximum without prejudices. Anyway, I am sorry if I have taken it a step too far. I do realise that this may not be the forum for this kind of discussions, but as you said this tread is becoming quite interesting. Before saying good bye, for the time being, I would like to ask you as well as our other friends here, whether you mind me raising this kind of issues for discussion. My contribution, in terms of pictures or clips, is insignificant right now, but I would like to raise issues such as these.

Thank you all for your understanding,


07-22-2003, 8:12 AM
Communicate till your heart is content I enjoy the converstations and it gives me a welcome break from study, and doing things for the site and being trampled and balancing my normal life with Helen.

By contributing your views and joining in discussion you are contributing. People seem to think if they have nothing by way of clips or pics to post here they may as well not say anything but a contribution for me is someone who bothers to say hello and share some views or opinions which happens too infrequently around here.

Oh and Hey Trampleguy miss talking with you mate and saw your post with SharinaNicole god her and VQ MM you dog.

07-22-2003, 8:16 PM

As usual, excellent pictures.. The one with Anna standing on Stryders face is simply amazing.

Stryder I don't know how you do it but you are awesome. How long did she stand on your face like that? Was it like unbearably painful? Talking about face trampling.. didnt Muad, Feriel and Camille stand on your face like that?

Carlo.. would you mind sharing those pictures also?

Thank you so very much to both of you for your amazing and informative contributions to this board.


07-22-2003, 8:53 PM
Hello criss234...here you go

How he did it.....no one has any idea than him :)

The video "Stryder's deadly dream" is our best seller ever not for a coincidence....Steve was really inhuman in that video

Steve in Stryder's deadly dream menaged to shot some kind of action more close to his style especially regarding the kicks and stomps that it isn't our main speciality...and i think this component make the video even more interesting
Regarding the facestanding full weight on one heel i remember that I had seen it before in some of his old pics and i was so amazed by it that i asked him if he was ok to shot this kind of action in stryder's deadly dream....i wanted to see it with my own eyes and he agreed :)
The girls in my opinion were perfect as well....maybe Maud was a little bit too worried as it was one of her first videos so she was a little bit unexperienced (sorry Steve i didn't tell you before :) ) but the other 3 girls was without any mercy as i asked them to be in that very special occasion :)

As we like to say in these occasions...don't try this at home :)

Take care criss


Camille hh facestanding....

07-22-2003, 9:00 PM
feriel hh facestanding....

07-23-2003, 8:01 AM
Steve and Carlo, thanks for all the time it takes to share your thoughts. Very few in the world have as much thoughtful experience as you two have. Your posts in the last couple of pages have helped to crystalize some of the thoughts and feelings I have. It's important to me to know why I do what I do so that's why I guess I enjoy these exchanges. "The unexamined life is not worth living." -Socrates

The problem is to sort through all that and put it down in a simple yet comprehensive response. Good organization and economy of words is sometimes so difficult when there's so much going around in your head and heart. It seems to flow out of you two and I've got to work hard at it.

Well, as Nathaniel Hawthorne put it, "Easy reading is damned hard writing." So much for just grabbing some pics and running.:D

I will have some more time tonight after work and after taking care of some issues with my son and after helping my ex to get her house ready to sell.... Sigh. Guess it's time to break out the old microcassette.

Thanks, you guys.


07-23-2003, 5:22 PM
After some of the face workouts I have had (particularly like the ones shown in the French pics) I cannot not chew properly for days but what a way to go often my neck is out of place and so is my jaw but hey whilst it is happening you dont think about the next day. I like to touch the sore areas the next day and remember;)

07-24-2003, 5:22 AM
Hey Stryder!

I just wanted to ask you a question, it has nothing to do with fem feet or anything like that.. more about music.. I put in a message in the discussions page http://www.mistressdestiny.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=14367

would be glad if you could tell me of some good bands from the down under :)

*thanks mate! :)

07-24-2003, 2:40 PM
ACDC (everyone knows them)
Cold Chisel
Screaming Jets
The Choirboys
Rose Tattoo
28 DAys
Midnight Oil (good one)

Plenty of new orginal bands at: http://www.hitsquad.com/monolith/aus_art/metal.html

Or just about everything you can find at:

Having been a musician myself my tastes are varied not really into death metal, or hip hop, rap etc.

My personal favourite aussie band was Little River Band but not really a metal band more pop.

Yep Micheal did the old autoeroticism big bang theory and his leggy lady Paula Yates finished herself with drugs not that long afterwards leaving the poor kids without parents. Yate's former Bob Geldoff I think has taken the kids on. I think they called one of the poor little things Heavenly Hernani TigerLily the stupid twats. Only liked a couple of their songs did not like him but they had some good sax. Chisel is good but Jimmy Barnes the lead singer has had almost as big solo career. There is a good history of Aussie bands from the inception of rock available on vid and cd called "Its a long way to the top" (taken of course from an ACDC song. Just jump on Google and search away there is plenty of good aussie music. I will ask H about the Kiwis.....I only know Split Endz and Crowded House and the aforementioned OMC most of the good Kiwi bands end up here anyway.

07-24-2003, 10:11 PM

Again super unbelievable pictures. You were saying that Maud was kindof worried. Didn't she stand on Stryders face also in high heels? Would be great to see that too :) Thank you once again for the pictures and your support.


07-24-2003, 11:00 PM
You know mate you can talk to me in the first person instead of the 3rd you know I dont bite.:D

Maude the most beautiful and the most gentle. Here is one of only a couple where she has full weight one foot on my face. She did do some with full one foot on my throat with the heel digging in and seemed to enjoy torturing my tongue but she looked so good that I did not care what she wanted to do or how soft or hard. I was worried because the shoes were a bit big for her and I was concerned she would twist her beautiful ankle.

07-24-2003, 11:59 PM
What a nice guy you are Steve ....(and i'm not ironic by saying this)

You had the time being worried for Maud to twist her ankle (because of the too big shoes) while you were fighting to survive punctured, massacred, penetrated, injured, destroyed, assaulted, marked, crushed, burned by those terrific heels

A human person while fighting to survive in those moments would normally see his full life passing in front of his eyes ... the pain is so intense that you get the sensation to make a real fight to take it and you was worried for Maud ankles ????????

what a sweet heart you are Steve :)
That's what i call a true gentleman , a romantic tramplee every girl should wish to trample him at least once in her life

All of this make me think in my fantasy how it could end your last trample shot of your life.
You'll have about 90 years old ...a last fatal trample in which the girl will literally pierce your heart by her stiletto heels.....in that last experience of your life, few seconds before to leave this world...your last words will be :
"sweet princess, i'm so... sorry to....to...dirty with my blood your be...be...be...autiful sho....es........................................


07-25-2003, 3:05 AM

:D 07-25-2003 08:00 AM :worship:

07-25-2003, 5:48 PM
Ha you are probably right I hope to be doing it at that age mate. And yes truly I do care deeply about women ane womens issues but dont have an unrealistic view of them I just treat them with respect and an open honest way. I have always seem to have best friends who are women and get on very well with them.

Some hot news which I will expand on later if anyone is interested. As we are going out for breakfast (slept in after a fetish club night) and Helen wants to look for a birthday present for me (for the 5th Aug)

Helen trampled her first woman last night in heels. This girls was beautiful and turned out to be another law student at my university. She started on me in gorgeous little metal heeled shoes very sharp and jeans and went crazy and kept trying to get her friends to join her then asked Helen to trample her and to my surprise Helen did. More later dare I say "perhaps"

07-25-2003, 7:57 PM
Hey Stryder... Mate...

Thats a pretty cool word.. mate.. :) Never heard anyone other than an aussie say that. Maybe I shoud start saying thet :) In any case.. mate :) I apologize for refering you in third person. I didn't mean any disrespect and if it felt that way I apolgize mate :) You and Carlo (Cucciolo) are the best here Your pictures are absolutely the best. I still don't know how you can take somoene right on your face in pointed spiked heels. Yo utold me that you were not able to chew for 3 days. How long did each of them stand on your face? I never had a woman stand on my face. I dont thinkI can take the heels but I sure would love to try have barefoot on my face? Do you have any friendly advice? ohw to stand, how to hold head steady when the girl stands on your face, hwolong should she stand.. etcPlease Carlo also help me out.

Have either of you considered doing a sensual trample where the idea is not to punish but to give pleasure? A sample story would be like a girlriend somming to see you after a long time, you kiss, then she complains her feet hurt and since you are a gentleman you get down on the floor remove the heels and massage them. Aftea=r a little while she gently puts a foor on your chest and gently push you down to the floor(not bed) and you lie down. She gently climbs on top of you and smiles, you hold her legs and massge the calfs while she stands on you something like that which is very sensual. Maybe later when you went out to get her something, her friend could visit and your girlfriend says how wonderful you are and the things you do. The friend is amazed that guys like you exist because her boyfriend is a jerk. You come back by that time with say flowers for your girlfriend and she introduces her friend.. you guys sit and talk and your girlfriend tells you how much of a jerk her friends boyfriend is and asks you to show her how a gentleman does it.. she guides her friend on to your chest and face and you do the same to her...teach her how to do sensual trample. Maybe later her boyfriend storms in and dont like whats going on.. but your girlfriend calms him down and let him lie next to you and she sensually tramples him and so on.. you can also have girls switching guys they trample... two girls on a guy.. one girlon two guys(one foot on one guys face and other on the other.. both legs getting gently massaged and so on. What do you think? There is nothing more sexier than a woman standing on a mans face while he is on the hard floor and nothing more sensual than him rubbing his hands up and down her legs giving her more pleasure. Maybe later you guys can challenge girls to a high heel trample.. seing who can hold longer or something.. so both will have to trample..What do you think about a scenario like that. I think it will make a very sweet video and potray the woman as what they are...gentle loving and sensual.. and potray you.. as wondeful guys who treat their women like a queen.

Thank you once again for the awesome pictures, messages and all your support. Both of you are invaluable members here and help a lot of people like me. Sincere thank yous for both of you for everything you do.


07-25-2003, 9:30 PM
Well mate. When we talk here sometimes in Oz we drag it out like Maaaayyyyyyyyyyte in a sort of disbelieving tone or like your friend has done something wrong.

Actually I have to find the sensuous in all my tramples otherwise I find it a lot harder to do the things I do. That is where Carlo and I differ. Even though the photos you see might make you or others cringe wondering how I can take so much punishment particulary with full face or throat standing on one heel with the heel fully penetrating rather than the weight taken off it etc I have to go to a place in my mind that tells me this is sensuous rather than punishment or humiliation and that I am allowing this because of my devotion to the womans beauty and allowing her to have control of a man for a change instead of the other way around.

My friend and partner in the site Mark cannot understand how I do that but says he actually sees my spirit dissappear to another place and my face take on a dream like happy state (generally) instead of pain or discomfort. Helen was explaining to this lovely young lady last night the actual look I get that she loves so much and when this girl Demi saw it she understood but I was only aware of the discussion. Demi started to question me about it while using these pin point metal heels (with a lower stilleto so more weight was on the heel) on me and because I then had to focus on what she was saying I had to come back to earth and the question and then I started to hurt.

This gorgeous girl danced on me in these heels for about an hour and half with Helen standing in heels on my groin chatting and drinking with her. At one point she stood facing away from my head toward my wife and my feet and put her heels directly on each nipple and allowed her full weight on them wriggling her bottom and bumping and grinding to the music...if her heel moved she would giggle and say I have lost my place can you put my heels back there?

I was sucking her heel deep in my mouth while she was chatting to Helen and her own boyfriend at one stage (he was a cool guy) and she had her other foot on the floor. She just stepped straight up with her other foot onto my nipple keeping her heel in my mouth and stood like that with her full weight on the heel in my mouth and because it was not a long heel the whole thing went into my mouth up to almost her bare foot I could only breath through my nose and it stayed like that for about 20 minutes while she ingored me and chatted for ages. I went from feeling uncomfortable to heaven as I just went with it and went to my special place (its not karate training as I could do that well before I became a senior martial artist).

I had a full automatic orgasm without anyone touching my c&b's after an hour our more of this angel and my angel enjoying themselves and ignoring me except for the occasional look down with a wonderful sexy smile. Demi could not believe it and actually had to touch my undewear with her hand before she would believe it and she was so excited she told all her friends and then she wanted Helen to trample her. She laid on her stomach and held my hand as I told her to squeeze my had if Helen was hurting her spine with her heels and she only squeezed it after a Helen got right to the back of her neck. She was totally turned on by it and think she fell in love with Helen even though as she kept saying "Im not really into chicks but Helen is gorgeous look at those calf muscles and eyes". The fact that she is at my law school and wanted our email is a very very very good sign.

The only advice I can personally give is to relax not tense up and shallow breathe. So many guys into trample think they have to tense all their muscles to take it I go the other way and loosen right up and let the heel sink in. Experiment yourself push your finger as hard as you can in into your stomach or pec muscle with everything tensed and then relax everything and try again it does not hurt as much. The only time you should tense is right before someone lands on you in heels whilst jumping or stomping but only for the second of the landing then loosen up. The time you are most likely to experience a problem is when the girl first gets on and strangely enough when she gets off as when I am really compressed and breathing shallow to jump off suddenly does weird things to my chest, ribs and body as the compression is taken off suddenly.

I will go to my martial arts to try and explain a concept that seems foreign to most. Dont fight the pain embrace and convert it to something worthwhile....in the case of trample in dangerous heels I convert it to love and sexual turn on and in doing so my body responds to that feeling instead of pain. That is hard to do unless you have had practice or been getting trampled forever like it seems at times I have. Once you get that concept only your own mind and physical endurance and sense of self preservation will limit your own boundaries and everyone has different boundaries so that is why I never enter the who can take more than who debate that often arises here with people who are perhaps less experienced with people and life.

The Penguin
07-25-2003, 10:11 PM
I'm Baccccccccccccck ! yes I know no one knew I was gone :( but oh well:p
Stryder you sure have gotten some learning especially for a collage boy;) Man deep thoughts with Jack Handy eh?

I know what you mean by Matttttttttte too only Kiwis and Auzzies really get it (think of using it in every scene of Jackass the movie ; mate! I can't believe you did that )
Best of luck with the babymaking process it takes time and lots of regular sex as well don't time Helens cycle just do it every second day for 6 months you can't miss (hopefully)
All of the photos are outstanding as usual clips too! the new Girls are a pleasure to look at as well;)

07-25-2003, 10:18 PM
Thanks maaaaaaaaayyyyte Heelin sizz thits jist choiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiccce cuzzy bro.

07-27-2003, 3:41 PM
As you know with only a few exceptions I am not into Dom's (VQ is of course the biggest exception) but Diana has started her own site and it has a lot of the material we have done together and as appears on Stryders Trample Downunder but I understand she will be actually offering sessions of trample and facesitting so those interested may want to check it out. It is only new and still has a lot more content to add.

She is at www.victoriapayne.com
At least I think that is right.

Enjoy the clips let us know what you think.

Shit I have put on weight again.:D

07-27-2003, 7:00 PM
they are excellent

im loving the high heels

im a big fan of high heel weight on chest and walking around so if u have time please post any of that when u get to that theme..thanks

07-27-2003, 7:43 PM
As you've said, Steve, the dom thing is so impersonal. I guess why I like Diana so much is that, in addition to being a beautiful woman, she's your friend. I've got to imagine that makes a difference.

From her site, it sounds like she's pretty straight out about the pain thing. I'd still love the challenge and experience under this lovely English rose's feet, but the dom thing really doesn't make it for me either.

Understand your exception in the case of VQ. Again, she makes it more personal, more a partnership thing from what I've heard and seen.

So many of the experiences we treasure in trample must be hard wired. When I first started out as a teenager, so many of the natural loves such as c&b trample just came out long before I had a chance to share much of any of this with anyone.

One of my ex's and my first experiences involved what you're doing with Diana in this clip. I put my c on a table and she just started to massage and roll the balls of her feet over it, putting more and more pressure on until she was standing full weight on her toes, twisting and rolling it back and forth. I remember being so surprised that it didn't even hurt quite the way I imagined. It took me all of about 15 seconds to expand to full size and she thought that was halarious. She tried to trample me back down to size but all that rougher treatment caused was an unplanned orgasm. We were quite the explorers then as there was no road map for this as far as we knew.

I remember how shocked I was when I first saw so many others on the net with the same experiences.

Haven't looked at the other clips on the site. Was Diana concerned about you or did she just let you have it with her spiked heels too in her inimitable fashion? I guess she loves to cause pain. Does she have the same immediate sexual reaction as my angel and Christie? I guess it's really different because the dom thing is so strong with her.

Nicely done, my friend.


07-27-2003, 8:07 PM
I think in Diana's case it is probably not sexual (however when she has really done something she thinks is quite cruel or I have to say stop or break she does get all glowing and smiling) I think it is more of a straight out power or control trip that helps her relieve her frustrations and annoyances of everyday life and when Mark or the kids piss her off. Poor old Mark cannot take rough treatment so I think she keeps it for me. And believe me sometimes I wish Helen or Diana would give him a workover as I think he often deserves it big time and he can be frustrating:D . God I would like to trample him myself sometimes (no not really just joking)

I can still manage to make it sexy in my mind so the fact that she likes cruel does not upset me. I still prefer Kerry and Christies style as their reactions are part of the excitement.

07-28-2003, 1:17 PM
Just as I expected 300+ downloads and two responses. Thanks Tbone as usual and thank you also underyu2001 for your feedback. I am getting just a little bit jack of this as we discussed Tbone. In the time it takes the 300 to download they could just say hi and whether they liked them or not. Think we will keep the rest I spent ages doing especially for this forum site until a least a few more decide to do as their mums taught them and have some manners


07-28-2003, 1:56 PM
I always seen your video but now i can't see...why?
My compliments for your site:)

07-28-2003, 2:14 PM
Yeah, I understand how Kerry's and Christie's more personal reactions would be a BIG part of it.

I think I would enjoy Diana's sadism mostly because I know who she is. Your commentary on how an intense trample affects her for days afterwards would be a considerable motivation. From intense lioness to purring kitten. Now that'd be an experience!:)

But one thing you mentioned goes right to the heart of the experience. This is why loving trample is the way to go for me.

When my partner and I like and respect each other, I find it not only easy to begin to embrace the pain she is willingly imparting (we begin to understand how this can be done out of love) but the warm feeling as I think who it is doing this to me actually takes the edge of the pain away and it is almost like slipping into another dimension. My reaction is much more intense even though the actual physical stimulation may not be.

Even when the setting and the actual actions are the same, it is never boring because the angel sharing this gift with me is not.

I find that when she is honestly enjoying what she is doing, the more I focus on her, the better it is for me. Thus the ideal of any relationship, we're much better off taking care of each other than just ourselves.

Come on, Carlo, you've got to admit that's why it might be just a little different with someone like Angelique.

Even some time after the love of my life and I ended up divorced, I still would not have it any other way!

Oh and isn't the internet amazing. One guy can shoot a moon and it's seen all the way around the world. That's powerful.:D Would you say you've "got the ass" with us, Steve?:) Not making fun; you've got a point and it's one I need to take to heart too.

Best to all you tramplehounds!


07-28-2003, 8:13 PM
Hi Stryder and Helen,

Thanks for the Great clips, I can't wait until I receive the video.


07-28-2003, 9:57 PM
I'm thinkin...your new female friend might be able to be in one of your videos...hmmm Stryder's first girl/girl trample vid...but from what you say...I don't know if she could take a full vid's worth of punishment...

Ahh well just a thought...

Another phrase that seems to mean a lot more than it seems is "Cheers!"...and then together..."Cheers, mate!"

I work right outside of disney...so I get quite a few foreigners and the occasional aussie...

anyway....awesome pics as always my friend...

Tell Helen I said hello!


07-29-2003, 12:47 AM
Well shit. I usually don't post like this, but for Stryder, I will make an exception.

Steve, you and the other Steve (Mat) are like heroes to me. A true inspiration. Seeing how open you are with this whole thing has given me the courage to come right out and ask girls I don't even know to walk on me with amazing success.

I absolutely love the dynamics of your trample sessions. There is a great deal of mutual pleasure between you and your ladies and it is not something that could normally be achieved through, say, paying a model or hiring a pro. Though I have always preferred barefoot trample and worship, I have been open to heel trample in more of a "foreplay" context. Pain before pleasure, say, like eating brussel sprouts before dessert.

I wish there was a more active scene in my city, but nothing like that has ever existed or probably will exist for long in this predominantly conservative state. I hope you realize what a truly great asset you and Helen are to this community. Not just because you contribute so much, but because you are a noble and sincere ambassador for all of us who still feel self conscious about loving trample.

I only download just a small sample of your material. But I do read your posts and enjoy them a lot. I especially love Ashley. I think I fell in love with her back when Daddo was still hosted by College Trample. The few pics you shared of her were really something and I have had a bit of a crush on her ever since, though I have long since lost the photos you posted. I still remember that sexy smile of hers. It would wonderful to hear more about her or maybe even see some of those old pics you took with her. Do you still keep in touch as friends or has she moved on?

If my questions are intrusive, I appologize. I'm usually more dignified, but reading about her just resurfaced a lot of emotions and if I don't ask now, I'll never know.

Much love and respect to you and yours...

07-29-2003, 1:00 AM
Hi there, I just wanted to tell yo uhow much I enjoyed the story of the law school student standing on your nipples, in your mouth and helen and her ignoring you. You came, I nearly did here, just by reading it! Lolz thank her for me (and thank you for expressing it so well and lively)

kisses and licks for the soles of the ladies, bye bye

07-29-2003, 1:44 AM
I love the work you are putting down in this community. You are the men and all ho are visit this area are glade that you are around.
Give Helen big kiss from Scandinavia.


07-29-2003, 5:16 AM
Hi Stryder

I want to tell you thanks for share with us the feelings
that you have when you take a high heels trample.
I like high heels trample very much, so you are my hero, like you can easy undestand.
It is great to see you to take a full face trample with stiletto
heels and after read your feelings about this situation.....
All this make trample more a real life thing and give to all
trample lovers the impulse to try to have new experiences.
I know that you like to have fun when you had trampled, but
I have agree with Cucciolo about video making; the 2 high
heels trample videos that you have done with him will remain
in the trample legend.
It is clear however that your site is great and that your new trample videos seems great too.
Thanks for your work and please post more about your feelings
about trample. ( and other clips too :) )
Thank you


07-29-2003, 7:14 AM
Hey Brother,

Hope all is well with you and the Mrs. I haven't run across you on Yahoo Messenger lately. My shifts at work have been real screwy so that doesn't help us at all.

I have been keeping up with the members site and you are still producing some phenomenal stuff!! Also thanks for the vey regular updates.

Hugs and Kisses to Helen for me and hopefully w will run into eachother online now that I have the webcam and maybe the me and the wife an treat you and Helen to a live trample!! ;)


07-29-2003, 6:13 PM
Stryder -

I, too, am guilty of not posting thanks and acknowledgement, not only to you, but to everyone who generously shares his AND HER THANK GOD material with the board.

It is fascinating to hear your stories of the psychology on both ends, and there is NOTHING sexier than a woman who is disappointed if she doesn't cause you enough pain.

You're living my dream! A wife that will encourage you to be trampled by other women?! Unfreakingbelievable! Is there polygamy in Australia? I'd like to marry her along with you!


07-29-2003, 7:47 PM
i'm not sure which part sent my brian chemistry more awry, the clips, the pics or the link to Mistress Victoria Payne's web site. It was bad enough when Rudy was getting all the really beautiful Trampling Women just 3,000 short miles away. Now it seems there is a whole continent filled with Women who not only Trample butt do so in a manner that makes my heart flutter and my brian stutter.

Too say that i am envious Steve, would just be mere words. you truly live a charmed life my friend. Now if only you could be really stuck up about all your good fortune, rather than the great guy you really are, it would be so much easier . hehehehehe

As usual, what you and Helen and all of the lovely Ladies contribute far out weights any accolades i could heap upon the fire. It's nice too know that there are real people who share the same interests.

Thanx and keep the faith.


07-29-2003, 10:05 PM

07-29-2003, 10:42 PM
Steve, great clips......Diana is a great cock crusher:eek: Yes you should get one of those boards with a hole in it like waffeled,actually you should have it sort of a runway so all tha Gals can parade back and forth in various shoes and barefooted like models . That'd would make for some great cock crush . Sorry to hear about your billing people. Was wondering if you accept money orders through the mail? Ido transactions with others for videos and memberships that way . Let me know, I live in the US.

P.S. I also lack in replies but Great stuff you offer to us in here
on a free bases. Thank you All!:beer:

07-29-2003, 10:49 PM

07-30-2003, 2:38 PM

07-30-2003, 3:12 PM
Hahaha Stryder, I think we all agree on that we could wait for this answer of yours, we saw it coming, it was just a matter of time. You have found the perfect way to creep out of your posting fetish, but that's ok. It was fun as long it lasted.

I really think that for someone who can take a heel in his eye, you are wining too much here, don't you think so?

You better focuss on your website, deal with the people who share their thanx by their payments, and leave all those globill problems for your clients and not for this board, now THAT was somewhat annoying wasn't it?!

I think I speak for all of us if I say that we have really appreciated all your work and amazing pix and strength, not to mention the lovely Helen in her exquisit choice of shoe ware! (but ofcourse you are not doing it for us, but for yourself)

I wish you all the best, lots of luck and hapiness with the ones you care for, and please stick around to share your thoughts!

subsole, The Netherlands

(Or will someone crawl and lick-up again and talk you into trying it again with us.. lolz... nah..., who knows... we are doormats aren't we?)


07-30-2003, 3:41 PM

You have found the perfect way to creep out of your posting fetish

I really think that for someone who can take a heel in his eye, you are wining too much here, don't you think so?

You better focuss on your website, deal with the people who share their thanx by their payments, and leave all those globill problems for your clients and not for this board, now THAT was somewhat annoying wasn't it?!

(Or will someone crawl and lick-up again and talk you into trying it again with us...
who knows... we are doormats aren't we?)

I have never crept out of anything in my life. I dont have a fetish for posting but one for sharing both the content in terms of the photos and clips and the responses and conversations which I enjoy because this is where we can communicate with everyone with similar interests throughout the world. I am not the only one who is annoyed by the lack of feedback you get when you see 6 and 7 hundred downloads and 2 or 3 responses. And as I have been posting here and previous boards probably more material than most over the years it is not something that I have just raised recently.

I have seen first time postings from people here with no one even welcoming them to the board. Has everyone become so used to getting things for nothing on the internet and particularly here that they have forgetten simple plain manners.

I have never wanted or looked for an excuse to get out of posting here as you would seem to suggest I do it because I want to and I like to make people happy but it also makes me happy to hear that it is appreciated from time to time. If you put money in a beggars tin everyday and they dont thank you or respond (or they try to insult you as I think you may be trying to do on this occasion) you soon get sick of wasting your time with that beggar. If you donate large sums of money to charity and never even get a letter of thanks or some type of feedback you start question why you bother. Well that is what I am doing. Questioning whether on a balance it is really worth trying to draw people out to say hello and become part of the community and to give such a large amount of free material (remember we have only had a site for a few months and I have been doing this for years and years) when so many (obviously like yourself subsole) miss the whole point.

I probably will post again (when I want to) and I will stop (when I want to) as I have done before. It is not creeping out of anything or whining as you put it it is simple annoyance at such a lack of manners by so many as it takes hours downloading clips from the site converting them to shorter smaller clips for the forum and posting them to see them grabbed up by so many who cant even be bothered saying they liked or disliked them.

Many of the pics I post are posted here first and not on the site and many that are posted here dont go on the site. This forunm and others like it always had my first interest deep at heart because it is where I first got to meet other people like me and so it was a pleasure to share. I just seems that lately and for some time because so many are so used to grabbing things and running (now that there is so much available) they forget the times when good material was not only hard to get but very rare and expensive. Sometimes we dont know what we've got until its not there.

But as you say you speak for everyone then perhaps it is time for us to leave here and not post and leave everything to those who are prepared to or can afford a pay site and forget about the thousands we have been posting here for over the years that cant afford a pay site or cannot through circumstances join one. But as you speak for everyone then they must have all contacted you to ask you to speak on their behalf (which is remarkable considering the number of people who dont respond to anything) in telling us to leave here and only worry about the site so perhaps you are right.

I guess everyone you speak for must also have given you permission to call their responses and requests here in regard to posting material as licking up and crawling and I am sure they are happy about that description. Since when is saying thanks or chatting about trample and footfetish crawling or licking up? And we never knew that all those you speak for consider themselves doormats instead of men and women. Oh well you are the voice of knowlege and wisdom and the spokesperson of many so you must be right :rolleyes:

Thank you for the few kind words you did manage to throw into your attempt at an insulting message I am pretty hard to insult and pretty good at responding when I am insulted or feel a person has something to say worthy of argument but perhaps that might be what you want so I wont.

See ya around mate keep up the good and supportive work on behalf of all those you speak for.

Love Stryder

07-30-2003, 4:48 PM
Hi friend,

I feel uneasy posting on this topic since I've probably been a member for at least a year and a half but haven't posted a single response until recently. Here goes anyway. What you've said is right on the money and I don't see how anyone could fail to understand that feedback and the good will created by it is the lifeblood of this forum. It's not just about the contributions it's like you said it's about having a place where you can go to talk with others who share a common interest. I don't know about most guys on this board but for me it's the only place I can go to discuss my fetish..I don't know anyone pesonally who I can share with other than my wife. I'm grateful for the responses that I get to my posts but I wish more people would respond and share what it is that they like best. I've been introduced to new things by reading the posts of others and it's added to my enjoyment. Well enough rambling...Stryder I've followed your contributions to this scene for many years and I for one truly appreciate your generosity...I've benefited from it greatly. THANK YOU!


The Penguin
07-30-2003, 9:41 PM
thank you Stryder/Helen for all the material you and Helen have posted throuigh out the years My HD and cdrw wouldn't be groaning under such a strain without your generous, genuine and "amature" contributions (saying amature is like calling an olympic gold medalst an amature) YES steve and Helen were/are amatures BUT not posures (wankers) like some other posters on this board and other boards.
I for one almost always enjoy their submissions and if I don't I keep my gob shut. (like I do about so many other postings cause while I may not enjoy the pics I know others do) A little pinch of good manners will always go along way
Most guys out there (myself included) can only dream about getting what Steve gets on a weeky basis and a little pic/clip or two fuels the fantasy for another week or so

Steve I will not beg for more pics/clips I have never done that on this board I will not start now(I have only encouraged people to keep posting when some dingle nuts complains) I will only wait in eager anticipation

dON'T LET SOME Drongo influence you to post or not to post pics/clips keep it as your decision

In my opinion your material ranks in the top10 sources I have pearsonally viewed ( I have never joined a site before. Also you answered another question (mailing a membership applaction)


PS Didn't the All Blacks Give the Wallabies a good pounding eh? 50 to 21 OUCH !!!!!!!!!!

07-31-2003, 9:30 AM
Helen and Stryder (as well as all the other people who work so hard on his site)provide the best content and information on this subject in all of the www. Their website is consistently updated with new material and they try to satisfy their customers and fans whenever an idea is presented or a concern is pointed out. I believe that they post free clips on this board both as a sound business decision (the free clips from the past certainly enticed me to want more from their site - a decision I never regretted) and to share with those who can't or won't join a site about trampling. They have a community attitude of giving something back without compensation. Very rare in today's profit driven environment.

They respond to questions and unwarranted criticisms from board members without delay and have an extraordinary amount of patience with the uninformed. The issue of billing doesn't bother me because when my membership runs out, I will immediately re-up with the new company.

I for one applaud their efforts and simply do not understand the periodic attacks that pop up on this board. Keep in mind that they are not required to share their efforts with anyone. Stryder's postings and videos clearly demonstrate that he enjoys his hobby. Clearly, so do the beautiful women who trample him. I do not think he would enjoy it less if all the movies were kept private. That would be a great loss.

trenton talbot
07-31-2003, 3:02 PM

Obviously you're very free and giving when it comes to your fetishism and I'm certain your work over the years has served as a beacon to other producers.

However most men are very private about the things that rule them and some even enjoy the "dirty little" esoteric nature of their fetishism. Being loathe to admit they are part of a sexual minority(or any other for that matter), taking an active role in any way, even by politely reponding to your posts, would constitute an admittal that they are indeed part of this community. So they take and they take, never admitting to themselves or their special ones what really turns them on and they live all their lives, sometimes right to the grave, without ever having approached their sexual pinnacle. Naturally, it isn't just trample guys who go through this.

Then there's people like you, who seem to not only fulfill their fantasies but exceed everyone else's, and still manage to live happy, well adjusted lives. I'm sorry that the lack of response to your postings seems to frustrate you but it is to be expected. The specifics of the trampling fetish is still rather new, even in the underworld of adult oriented material and there are not alot of men who want to truly reveal themselves.

There is also the added risk(?) of being outed through the internet. Inactive participation on a board like this can always be explained. (witness The Who's Pete Townsend's recent explanation as to why he was on a kiddie porn list) However, for active participation there can be only one explanation. This might sound paranoid to someone like you, who is so honest and open, but there are those who actually suspect governments, Microsoft, the Trilateral Commission, the world Jewish conspiracy or any other power group, real or imagined, are slowly compiling blackmail material on everyone who uses the internet. Of course when you're honest up front you can't be blackmailed.

Anyway, you can't be a pioneer when everyone comes with you and Stryder, you are something of a pioneer. When you're in your dotage you can sit back and scan the subculture for references to the legendary Stryder and perhaps then you'll be amply rewarded for your efforts. For now, only some of us can merely say thanks.

Trenton Talbot

07-31-2003, 3:08 PM
Hello Helen, hello Stryder,

you know I have some language problems. I only want to tell you, that always look forward for your postings. Sorry, that I'm not responding every time, but I think I look like a dude if I always reply "good pics" or "good clips".

I don't have the same oppinion like subsole.

But I have the same "problems" like you. The big quiet group of "downloaders" will be feeded every day. And if you don't post pics or clips they forget you very fast.
I posted a lot of pics, but the answers are few. Every time when we made new pics, I wonder to post some or not. And my decision is, to post not as often like in the past.

There are some people on this board posting only once or twice a year and they get all the response, which I wish to get in ten threads.

And so I think its better for me to post not so often.

Ok mate its your decision. I will be glad to see your posting every day or only once in a month.

(It was hard work for me to write this. Sorry, if I choose the wrong words sometimes.)



The Penguin
07-31-2003, 10:13 PM
Good explanation Trenton i appreciate your thoughts
NSA any one? national security agency
multi country agency that monitors all I mean all transmissions in the world
phone fax email computers radio tv every thing in the world
No Bullshit

07-31-2003, 10:50 PM
And just in case they are listening in to us what a great bunch of good looking folks the NSA has working for them.

Seriously thanks Trent, Heely, Penguin, Waffled and Thomaso. Dont know what subsole's problem is but hey you cant please everyone and expect no one to ever make an arse of themselves. He no doubt has a problem with me as yet undefined or perhaps it is just his charming manner and it is the way he talks to everyone.

07-31-2003, 11:59 PM
As usual, Trenton explains it well. But I think selfishness is also the root of a lot of the download and run. I'm selfish and this is just a selfish fetish. Any sexual drive as strong as this almost has to be. It takes a lot of committment to this life style to participate much, either by images or commentary. Most are just not that committed and I can't really fault them.

And I've found it true in my experience that if I don't pay anything for something, it's not worth anything. And that I mean in time, money, effort, thought, building trust in relationships and all the ways we spend our lives.

I'm sure for most on the board here all this fetish is just a fantasy. Most have never really discussed it with anyone and even never had a real trample relationship. That's ok. Most of the people in this world haven't and don't want to. If it had not been a pretty important drive for me, I would have never taken the chance of sharing with with my girlfriend before we were married. Even for many on this board, it may just not be that important a deal.

But I think it does set guys like you, Steve, up for a fall when you realize that it's a lot more important to you than the vast majority here. I don't think there's an end to this problem because we're dealing with human nature.

There's a thing called the 90/10 principle that applies to most organizations. I first heard it in context of church organizations and volunteer settings but have seen it in management studies also. It's that almost always, 10% of the people will do 90% of the work. So I guess it is human nature. All get the benefit of the organization, but those leaders at all levels get out of it what they put in. And participation for that 10% is a lot more fulfilling than for the 90.

I think most of the people here would love to have the life you have, Steve, where you're making these great things happen personally and professionally. But most of us don't have the drive, determination or character to make that level of achievement characteristic of our lives. As related to our fetish, that may be because for most, this part of their lives is not that important; it is an entertainment.

I do admire your character, Steve, which I have seen played out in your attitude toward sharing for over 3 years now. You and a few other people have shown that example to me and it inspires me to apply that same drive to excellence in other areas of my life, even some of the small stuff.

Here's to burning out, not rusting out!:)

Thanks for raising the bar.


08-01-2003, 5:47 AM
Very Goooood. ;) Greetings from Poland. Click here to new group MISS-VICKY (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MissVicky/)

08-03-2003, 11:23 PM
Hi Stryder and others,

I was out of town a couple of days, and had not the intention to disappear, or leave the discussion at what is/was! Few words are enough I think.

No Stryder, I have no problem with you, your family (wife) and friends, nor with the amount of words (pix and clips) that you use on this board to show your devotion in life at this moment. (And number of postings don't count in real life, now do they?).
But I was bothered with your feelings that you were not appreciated enough, while you have an excellent website running and have all the positive feedback you get here. It is more difficult to send you criticism (constructive or not), as you are very sensitive on this matter (and sometimes I have the feeling that NOT saying anything at all is about the same as criticsm). So.. watching you put up pix, clips, and then complaining over and over again about the little feedback you got was kind of humurous. Instead of reducing your posting frequency and quantity, you started complaining again. It was just too much (for me).

Sooo.. when I said I thought I was talking for everyone, this was on 2 matters: 1) that we could wait for this (complaining) reaction of yours, and 2) that your material is appreciated beacuse of its unusual contents, your strength and Helen's (great) looks and shoeware. There was nothing sarcastic there!

Then a last remark on "my ways with words".. I really don't know what's so strange about it. I am Dutch, thus an english native tongue was not my first gift in life. My teachers and experience in speaking english must have been the cause of my strange choice and construction. But yes, I am cynical, often sarcastic, but that's who I am. But to come back to my original post: "creep out" should have read "crawl out", I guess?

Regards, from the Netherlands, subsole

08-04-2003, 2:08 AM
common error in life:

NEVER EVER, assume that you are talking for everyone!! You will ALWAYS be mistaken. I am not into the painful/ heels side of trampling. But I appreaciate Stryders contributions to the forum. I can understand his feelings about us not posting replies. The truth is, that we don't appreciate what we have here.

Thanks Stryder. You are well respected in our community.

As for the postings being a a symbol of status, they can be. It depends on the content of those postings. Stryder has shared with the community plenty of himself. So in a sence, yes postings can represent what is going on in "real life". At the same time, we don't look at the number of postings but the quality. Waffled who is relatively new to this environment is also well respected here because of his additions. There are certain members here that are respected for thier ability to discuss issues dealing with our fetish. There are also people that are like you and I, Subsole. Members that post every once in a while. We are not that recognizable. People like us have to realize that before we can get upset or critisize the actions/words of others that are on a different level then us, we need to elevate our status in the community and know how that person is feeling first. Stryder has put in so much more to this community than we have. There is no way in hell that I would criticize him for any of his personal feelings/thoughts.

08-04-2003, 11:33 PM

08-05-2003, 1:27 AM
Steve, thanks so much for the clips. The longer ones of you and Diana on your site are awesome.

Subsole, good point. I think Steve is conflicted and trying to see his way clear on this. But, to use a football analogy, when you get sacked 3 times trying to go through the middle and it's 4th and 20, maybe it's time for an end run.

I learned in the Alcoholics Anonymous program that one of my problems is that I was reacting to situations the same way over and over again and somehow expecting different results.

Youcansteponme, good points also. We may say, "it's just a fetish" but I think our response, even in this little area may be typical of how we approach life and that is important. Almost a century ago Theodore Roosevelt said it better than I could. "To him who has an ear, let him hear..." Rev. 2:17 :)

"It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; because there is not effort without error and shortcomings; but who does actually strive to do the deed; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, who spends himself in a worthy cause, who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement and who at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly. So that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat." "Citizenship in a Republic," speech at the Sorbonne, Paris, April 23, 1910.

Best to you all,


08-05-2003, 12:47 PM
Hello my good Aussie friend!

I just wanted to let you know how awesome I thought the clip of your nipple being shredded to the point where the blood ran out of it on the members site was just amazing!!

I think you and I are going to need to build a box like Waffled and share some of the same types of pics and clips....maybe it will become somewhat of a contest...hehehe...I am sure I wouuld lose to you, but I think I could give Waffled a real run for his money...no matter how you look at it though, I don't think any of us would be losers in such a contest!!

Please give Helen a hug and kiss from me.

I hope I can hook up with her online some night and chat. Now that I have a webcam she can see me in all my chubbiness....hehehe

Bye for now mate,

08-05-2003, 3:06 PM
Steve and Helen:

I have been reading with interest all the responses as of late and find it almost difficult to respond. I have worked professionally with people for over 30 years and at the ripe old age of 55 I refuse to go down adversarial roads and get sucked into the frey. But some of the things you said in response to others had real meaning and were worth a word or two.

I sincerely believe the two of you have established many good friendships through this medium. You are both level-headed thinkers and seem 100% sincere. I responded to you once regarding the Leo/Sag commonality we had and your response back was great; even though you had no idea who I was. It is that type of down-to-earth personality that makes the two of you special. I think people who find it necessary to find fault in others lack those qualities, and as a result fail to understand the significance of just knowing (through responses to your postings) people appreciate your contributions. Whether you post for you or us is insignificant. The botton line is you shared part of you very personal life with us; and that warrants acknowledgement.

While distance between us leaves little chance we would ever get to be close friends, I have grown to respect the two of you and that is the main criteria when I do seek friendships. I don't know what significance this all holds, or what purpose it serves, but I guess I just felt compelled to say something positive about the two of you and all you contribute to this board. Thanks again for just being who you are and sharing your life with us.

08-05-2003, 10:41 PM
Wow, Stryder! As I work for a company that doesn't allow to download and register programs on our PC's, it is hard to keep up with the right codecs and movieplayers to be abe to view all material that is produced and shared, so you had to wait a few moment before I could comment on your last clips (as I had toi download trhem at home, which is sooooo much slower), but hey! Here it comes!

AMAZING.... It takes a lot of guts to spread out your male pride and let someone like Diane take care of it like it was just tje street taht she walked on! And I loved the way you looked at her when she passed over it... A moment of full compliance, as you seem to notice that she wouldnt care less.. Great!

Good luck with your studies and projects,

08-05-2003, 11:30 PM
These from the members site and from a soon to be released video Suffering For Cleo (with the lovely Christie doing her best Cleopatra reincarnation). These clips show injury and some blood so if this is likely to disturb please dont download them and the following ones (if people want to see them) will take it close up as she works the injury with her heel even after realising the nipple is damaged. I am not in pain or screaming as you would expect though and you can see my happiness and pleasure so dont feel concerned about me. When it is done right it feels right I guess. There are about 16 clips in all showing this never before seen type action so let us know if you really want to see this.

08-06-2003, 10:04 AM
Hi Stryder and Helen,

Hope You are both doing well:)

Thank You for those GREAT video clips!:bugeyes:

Helen, I miss hearing from You on the message board, I hope to hear from You again soon! Also I can't wait to see You staring in a new full length trample video, maybe You could try my request of shoving Your toes directly up Stryder's nose again in the video:)

Thank You,

08-06-2003, 11:10 AM
I don't run. I stay here to say: thank you, Stryder! You and Peterek are the best contributors. :thumbsup:

08-06-2003, 2:18 PM
How the hell to you cope outside the trample world with the nipple damage
and all the other injuries

Three times this year my breast have swollen to the size
of a small female breast
My doctor puts me on a course of anti-biotics for about a week
and when the infection as softened enough he then cuts my breast to get rid of the well you know what,
but i cant have my nipples trampled for about a 3 weeks after
while it heals up
At work i tell them its dirt infection from building work

but how do you explain heel marks on your face
when your out in public ,or the other cut & grazies on your body
in the middle of summer
or do you have to stay at your own home while the marks heal up

I've seen in your other posts the type of injuries you get
but i would like some guidence to the type of damage limitation
that you take after a prolonged trample in heels
Best regards Stryder

Highheel Lover
08-06-2003, 2:21 PM
"There are about 16 clips in all showing this never before seen type action so let us know if you really want to see this". .... you bet...great clips...please post more of them... you 'da man !

08-06-2003, 3:37 PM
Yes John you raise a good point. I have had that type of infection in my nipples several times (thank goodness not for a long while) it is painful and a little embarrassing and when the infection goes through your system it makes you feel ill and your glands swell up like you have the mumps etc.

I usually put methylated spirits on them after they are cut and damaged (which is most of the time lately they never quite seem to get better or not have a scab or two) and now that really hurts and stings like crazy but it helps dry it out and stop infection and then I put a little antiseptic creame on them. But the pigmentation is gone from the nipple so it does not have the natural colour anymore (pinkish brown) it is whitish scar tissue now but they are still very sensitive thank goodness. My father has asked me when fishing with him a few times why they look like they do and I tell him it is the Michael Jackson skin thing (I actually have that white blotchy skin problem so that is ok you may see it sometimes on closeups on my chest and shoulders particularly when I start to tan in summer.

Injuries to the face are harder to disguise. I have gone to Uni with grazed chin, black eye, bruising and heel marks several times lately. The heel marks Helen puts a little makeup on for me sometimes:D or I say it is from Rugby (in the right season of course) the rest I blame on karate.

The body bruising and heel marks and permanent scars from them on my chest etc I just dont worry about. Unless it is the next day or so after a big session they are not that obvious and can usually be passed of as something else if anyone asks. I am very outdoorish so this can be tricky at times but the ocean and swimming and sunshine help them heal well and I think I naturally heal very well. Bruising is another story and looks terrible sometimes so I just make up another karate or training injury etc.

As you know you cannot do real trample in heels or even sandals or boots etc without some type of injury or mark so I just live with it and work around it. It is the internal things that sometimes cause me concern like a lump developing in my chest below my rib cage on the left and what feels like a permanent cracked rib on the same side. I really have to watch that and I have had the lump checked out and it appears to be scar tissue (the doctor thinks it is from surgery I had in that area back in 1993 but I think I know why it is there).

It is hard because as you see from the clips I am not hating every minute of it or crying out in pain or complaining I am loving it and when that mindset and body set is in place this type of injury happens and passes and you dont even realise you are hurt until much later. Really though this injury in these clips is not anywhere near as bad as it looks.

If we get to the last clip you will hear the gorgeous Christie saying her sexy little voice (after stomping me on that same damaged nipple) "I stopped the bleeding" she was right stomping it stopped the bleeding what a great nurse she would make:D

So here are the next two starting to focus in on her wonderful action...sorry if it upsets anyone but I think it is wonderful but then I am nuts. Thanks for the feedback I am not game to say we like it for fear of getting in trouble:D Or being told by my buddy tbone I am conflicted:) that conflicted me:D

08-06-2003, 4:27 PM
Thanks Stryder
But to go a little bit deeper i am now going to be reffered to a female breast cancer clinic
because my doctor now feels i have a form of pagets disease
which only occurs in women

( but tramplers can see the conection look it up)

the'yre is no way that after this length of time that
i can say to them that it's the cause of having my nipples
trampled on by high heels
or rough soled shoes

Boy have i a good time to come ( not )
keep you posted to the outcome if you want'

08-06-2003, 4:34 PM
Take care mate we will be thinking of you. Personally I think it is best if Pagets is ruled out however it seems strange that the problem should be staying and/or recurring so much. I can only speak for myself John but I would have to volunteer (in the most watered down way I could) about my sexual experimentation in this area. The diagnosis and cure are sometimes only as good as the information received from the patient. It may give them a start point or a term of reference rather than poking around trying to find some other causation and perhaps doing something to you that they shouldnt through lack of knowledge about a probable cause.

Whatever happens be well and take care.

08-06-2003, 5:20 PM
Many thanks Stryder
your comments really hit home

Yes i should come clean
before the NHS start cutting away looking for somthing
Thats not there in the first place

Stryder you have done more for me on one night than any one
could have
many thanks for your help on this subject
good friends for ever,
John & Stryder

08-07-2003, 5:28 AM
Always here and glad to help in anyway I can you only have to turn on the computer and type a few lines.....distance becomes irrelevant. Take care of you mate and keep me posted.

Hope these cheer you up but dont do any of this until you have a clean bill of health which I am sure is only a little time and rest away.

John I have not talked to you before but Steve says you are pretty cool. I dont talk that much here but some people are worth talking to here. I read about your health problem and I guess I have to say Steve is right it is better to give those doctors all the information they need to help you and make sure you get well again as they make mistakes and if they go off on the wrong track it might not be the right track for your health.

Anyway we are off to bed but please dont stuff around with problems in that area as it is just as dangerous for guys as it is for us.

08-07-2003, 6:28 AM
Steve, so nice on the cleo clips. Love them in their longer version on the site. She may be rough on you, but that is one of the most sensual performances I've seen in a long time. You both obviously love what you're doing. Does it get much better than that?

By conflicted, I mean only just in regards to people. You love people and it makes you a little angry and frustrated when it seems that they don't care. We'd all admit to experiencing some of that reaction if we were honest.

You're one of the most unconflicted people I've seen in a while regarding trample. More than anyone you know why you do what you do, what the cost is physically and how keep the drive in balance relationship-wise. So you're one of the clear voices in our community.

John, Steve and Helen have the word here. Do back off and rest a little. We wish you the best.


08-07-2003, 7:11 AM
Just a little reply to say "thanks" to this man that posts clip...

Teo Series is wonderful.

08-07-2003, 4:58 PM
Hi Stryder and Helen,

Thank You again, Helen I LOVE the new picture of You, wishing I could have the honor of laying under Your chair while You use my face as Your footrest:D It is really nice to hear from You again, Do You think You will be staring in a future trample video with Stryder anytime soon? (Please don't forget my request;) )

Thank You Very Much,

08-07-2003, 11:41 PM
Sounds like a movie title: I actually hate conflict but there is a certain negative feedback or even rudeness displayed to folks like me who say what is on their mind in the most honest but nicest way they know how. It is not always a good thing to do but it is the only way I know.

Anyway on a much brighter note. Thanks tbone, spiritl and of course footstool (no toes up nose tonight mate I dont feel in the mood). I love that pic of Helen sorry it did not show feet or shoes etc we put it in a frame here at home.

08-08-2003, 12:22 AM
Ah, I see now. By conflicted I mean having two opposite reactions pulling against each other within yourself. It has more to do with what's going on inside of you than outside, such as the disappointment you feel when you love someone but yet hate what they're doing.

Sensuality resides first in the mind and heart. And it has been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. So face shots, especially candid ones, are often the most revealing.

What a wonderful image of you, Helen, but then most of yours are suitable for framing!:worship: Thanks again for brightening our day as you so often do.


08-08-2003, 8:48 AM
Hi Stryder and Helen,

Regarding clips 11 & 12 all I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!:bugeyes: :bananajum :bananavic :thumbsup:
They are GREAT!

Helen, I just wanted to let You know that I for one miss hearing Your thoughts hear on the board, please consider posting more often, we miss You!;)

Helen, I also hope we will be seeing a lot of new pictures of You and I definitely can't wait to see You staring in some new videos in the future:worship:

Have a GREAT day:)

Thank You,

08-08-2003, 2:39 PM
Stryder,Steve,tbone And of course Helen
many thanks for your kind words
I will be coming clean with the medical as to how i
have received the infection
but for now from the 12th august 14 nights holiday in Crete
and no trample
Best wishes to all of you ,
especially a big thank you for Helen for your personal message
and picture
It means a lot.

08-09-2003, 11:02 AM
Hello Helen and stryder,
After reading your threads, and how much you are into this scene I was really impressed. No doubt you are a great boon for us trample fetishist and it worth praising the time and energy you expend besides your busy schedule to maintain the site and quench our thirst for some real trample scenes and vids.
Also you are the luckiest guy in the world having beautiful helen as your wife. I really wish if we had a chance to come Down under to get some real trample delights from Helen and her friends. I know you have an open invitation to people who are into this and who are in touch with you thru this board. Please let me join you and your beautiful family. Was wondering which state you are from in Australia. I know its a beautiful place and one day I will definetely visit Aus.
I just joined your site, You guys are amazing and keep up the great work.
desfan (and helenfan too :D )

08-09-2003, 3:55 PM
Wicked clips Stryder, nearly made my eyes water! Sorry I have not been around much lately but have had head probs, I know you have been there and understand. I have new treatment and have a new lease of life. Hope I can join in the fun again soon
Love and best wishes to you and Helen. Pervy2

08-10-2003, 7:20 AM
Stryder the posts by you and your lovely wife Helen are exactly what I meant when I said earlier "It's not just about the contributions". I am beyond impressed by the genuine concern and encouragement you've both extended to John Ealand at what must be quite a difficult time for him. To me things like this far outweigh the gratification I get from viewing the pics and vids you post. (and believe me I get tremendous gratification from the pics and vids!! :D ) You and Helen are truly among the greatest assets in this community. Now....about those pics and vids.........amazing....how you manage to withstand such a brutal trample assault (and apparently enjoy it) is incredible. ( I know this is redundant..and you hear it all the time...but I had to say it ). My wife trampled me last night in those yellow Steve Madden shoes that you liked so much. I was immediately turned on to the extreme but as the heels began to tear into my nake chest, stomach, and thighs, the searing pain was hard to ignore. Also the treaded rubber sole ripped at my penis when she stepped on it full weight. I loved it and really got off on it but at times the pain was distracting. What I'm getting at is was this ever the case for you? And if so did you get used to it with time? Or are you just one tough mofo?

08-10-2003, 5:58 PM
Hey Stryder, Waffled2001 brings up a good point. Was this someting that took a long time to build up to or did the martial arts help you with the endurance?

BTW - he also brings up a great point. IT is the feedback that you have given John and the advice that helps other like me that is the real contribution. Thanks.

08-12-2003, 3:40 PM
In order:
Laryywildman: I think the martial arts probably helps when you do it for so long and go so far with it (not much in the last year after damn knee reconstruction it has really slowed me up and was supposed to fix it good as new) you learn how to block pain somewhat but you still need the adrenaline surge you get from the fight or the hard workout. So taking that to trample the surge is there but the added thing for me is the sexual turn on. The harder the meat the harder the body and attitude I personally have found.

So if I am tired, unwell, stressed, injured (and still carrying the injury like this damn cracked rib) upset or annoyed or as in the case of a video shoot that goes for hours just over it (and believe me that does happen when the camera is on you and you are outside on cold hard concrete etc) then yes it hurts and is really hard work.

Helen trampled me two nights ago as part of our baby making thing. But because she is so strongly built and so familiar with my body she stood in her pumps on me and did some nice things to herself so we could take it to the next level (after I studied all day). I was tired and my rib is killing me and it was bloody painful we had to skip the pumps and go to the bed for nice and loving. She got sad because she thought that I dont like the way she tramples anymore but we can do it anytime so when conditions are not right we dont have to bother.

Mate I have noticed some folks compare you to me on your thread in terms of c&b material (which is flattering for me) and you saying you think I am a tough dude. Buddy your C&B material and the innovative way you do it has got my interest and I think you are as good as they get in that area (having those gorgeous feet and heels on your wife surely is your best asset in that regard). In terms of full body trample and the level I take. Yes I think about it at times too. It certainly has increased in its intensity over the years (and was really bad during a long period of depression it went to the riduculously brutal for all the wrong reasons). I have to say again for me the workout my body gets is only as severe as the level of turn on I get from it so that is why the bond with the girls and the right attitude from them is essential.

Sometimes it can really start to hurt like crazy and then I focuss on her feet, shoes, smile and overall attitude and change it again to pleasure in my mind (I dont think I can explain it better than that without a lot of boring psyche chat).

I love C&B and would like to think that I was one of the earlier pioneers of posting this kind of stuff (certainly not the first to ever do it though that would have been happening back before I was born with the babes and heels of the 30-60's). As you know I have been a bit quiet with the C&B lately (well the ball stuff anyway) with the baby making attempts dont want to upset the apple cart there too much. Still doing quite a bit of cock crush though as I love it. The box has to be the way to go as I prefer my penis in that position.....I loved the old Strictly walking stuff and they were real pioneers (I turned the sound down though the dialogue drove me bonkers). Another pioneer and one of my heroes (who does not seem to talk much lately) is Arthur Rugman he was one of the first people in our community I ever met.

The C&B material you, atyourfeet and Heely do is first rate and I keep most of your pics....love those Steve Maddens and will order some when I work out the size difference for Helen. I guess a good measure of my own personal likes and those I admire here (in terms of their pic content not their friendship that is another thing as well as I have friends here that cant post pics or clips for many reasons) is when I download and keep a pic or a clip. There are only a few and you are one of them. NOt that all those who post material are not great it is a matter of taste as we all know.

PERVY: G'Day mate nice to hear from you again. I wont say too much about your problems unless you want to or send me an email but you are right I have REALLY been there and almost didnt make it. I will say though if you can stick with it identify the issues and deal with them (as hard as that is and as long as that takes) get rid of toxic people and situations in your life and work hard on you (some great books are A New Guide to Rational Living By Albert Ellis...Managing Love and Hate & Tactics for Change - both books by Nicole Kidman's dad Dr Anthony Kidman and the two oldies but goodies Pulling your own strings and your Erroneous zones by Dwyer) I found these of pivitol significance in my search for inner peace as well as a really good counsellor (the rational emotive ones I feel are the best as they challenge your thinking) Mate as Shakespeare said "THere is nothing bad that thinking does not make it so" (or something very close to it). OUr inner upset comes from that chatterbox inside that tells us all the bad things and wont let us see them for the irrational things those thoughts can sometimes be.

DESFAN: Yes mate it will always be good to meet like minded folks around the world as long as we get to know the kind of person they are through here or email or other means of talking. We are in a prime location on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia which is one if the biggest tourist destinations in Australia the beach and babes and bush etc etc are brilliant and the weather perfect all year round. It is still winter and 26 deg Cel and sunny today.

JOHN E: Stay well mate keep us informed privately if you wish and glad to have helped in anyway.


I notice Mark has updated the site. Some new clips and a brand new Gallery 1 (starting again from the beginning with about 84 new digital treasures). I gave him about 800 new digital pics yesterday for the site as he does not like editing pics and getting them ready for the site as much he prefers vids and clips so now he has a heap ready to just put on there for you all because I like working with digital pics a new hobby for me.

Some of them you have seen examples of here recently and some other great stuff some of the damage and marks in some of them fans of that will love. There are socks, and runners too for those into it and Moby and Helen make a return appearance in some of them as well as some of the pics from Carlo's best selling vids Stryder's Deadly Dream by courtesy of Carlo of course.

We have moved the old Gallery 1 (which contained a lot of old classic stryder material some before Helen and all of them before Digital) to the FREE GALLERY AREA so enjoy that. New vids coming soon including the Cleo vid. So now there should be a lot more pics as well as clips in the regular updates...anyway I like pics myself:D

Oh and my webmaster has obtained a new vid editing program for me so once I learn it (Pinnacle) I should be able to make clips for here that my Mac friends dont have trouble viewing like I did before.

Best wishes to all from Me and H



08-13-2003, 2:53 PM
Another two in this set...the long clips in high quality are on the site and some excellent pay per views will be available soon as well as the video itself.

I love when she says "I stopped the bleeding" right at the end after stomping the damaged nipple this will be in clip 17 or 18 which are the next to come and the last in this set unless I make some more. Oh some things have to be experienced to be understood. But at least I can share it here with you and that comes closer as the vid explains better than I can.


08-13-2003, 8:36 PM
Hi Stryder and Helen,

Great clips:bananajum :bananavic :bugeyes: :worship:

Thank You,

08-13-2003, 10:02 PM
Hey Stryder!!

I didn't forget about you!! My word, I'm kicking myself in the ass that I didn't check out your threads sooner, cause photos etc. have a habit of disappearing after X amount of days. I hadn't realized what I was missing!!

I will certainly be on the lookout from now on, you have my word!!
Take good care, it looks like Helen is fully capeable of inflicting irreversible bodily harm:D


08-13-2003, 10:34 PM
Hey meministry, what are you doing on here ?

Come on, come back home..:)))))

Steve i wanted to ask you one thing...i have found recently on my hd a great clip of you taken on the sexpo full of people looking at you trampled by a girl
I think you posted it on here some month ago

That kind of situation was damned good for me ...so my question is have you a longer version of that shot and do you have it on a tape ?

08-13-2003, 11:29 PM
Meministry, I would rather say that the lovely Helen is capable of inflicting irreversible bodily heaven if you're in the zone.:) I'm sure that Steve would much rather be with her marks than without them; I surely would.:)

Helen, how do you cast a spell like that on people (specifically me) halfway around the world?:D

I also just love the clips of Christy; how in such a sensuous way she sinks those wonderful heels into you. The slow sinking of the spikes into you is a whole different sensation from the stomping, in some ways more intense.

Certainly let her know how elegant she is in that shoot. I, too, would love any feedback from the lovely lady as she is so gladly imparting such a sensation to me!:)

Best to you both,

A very thankful Tbone

08-13-2003, 11:36 PM
:D That is funny Carlo making Mem go home again. I was teasing as you both know before on your thread as Mem has always made a point of generally thanking everyone here that contributes and that is great.

But Mem never feel intimidated to say hi or have a conversation Helen and I love it as much as Carlo does. Now its pics you prefer so tell me what you would like to see and I will dig something special up for taking the time to sneak away from Carlo's clutches and pay us a visit.....(teasing again):D It is a good break from study for me to come here and talk with other trample folks as I cant do that anywhere else in my life and that is why I like to hear from people. Actually when folks ask for something special I try to find it if I have it.

Thanks again.

Carl there are two clips from sexpo and they were great I will find them and post again for those who have not seen them. Shit there were thousands there each day. No unfortunately they were both only short. The dreaded Kurgan took them with his digital camera (he is a terrible camera man....teasing Steve dont worry...better stick with calling you Kurgan there are too many Steves here) The girls in the stand for the fetish clothes and shoes were great and loved the attention and the trample. They all had a turn on me even the angel giggling and watching. I met a really great girl there (Honi) she is the one in the pink bellydancer outfit and pink heels and she has become our friend and had trampled me many times since. She is very cruel but very sexy and actually goes to my university as well. She did an interview with me for one of her Journalist assignments on foot fetish and trample it was cool.

They kept putting on all the shoes they were selling and cute fetish outfits and dancing and walking on me. I wish Kurgan would have captured it when there were three together but the crowd standing around was almost too much to get through.

The blond girl was well over 6 feet in her heels about 6 foot 3 or 4 and awesomely gorgeous but I liked the little brunette in white laughing she had the most fun but alas we have nothing of her actually doing her thing


08-14-2003, 1:14 AM
I love when she says "I stopped the bleeding" right at the end after stomping the damaged nipple

thats awful, sutures please !!! some Betadine, Hibitane and the works.

:D :D :D

08-14-2003, 4:18 AM
So good these public clips. :thumbsup:
The girls around seem to think :
Will we go to buy this new original doormat :D

08-14-2003, 8:08 AM
Steve, I think I saw those in a slightly longer format when you first posted them? I think I remember the girl at the table laughing and getting up, as you explained to get a pair of shoes and join the fun!:)

I believe that is where you first made the connection with my angel through Jules; I think I remember her talking about that.

At any rate, thanks for sharing those clips. That tall blonde must have been awesome. But then you got trampled by so many that weekend that you probably don't remember most. What a way to go!

You haven't mentioned her in a while; when you see my angel, say hi to her for me.


08-14-2003, 3:44 PM
You are right that friend of mine is very special and very reliable. I have not seen her for a few weeks now and miss her. We may see her tonight at the fetish club. I have not rang her yet but it is a kid free weekend for her as her ex will have them and so as they live in Brisbane it is not as far for them to go so I imagine that she and Jules will be there. Yes you are right I did meet her at the same Sexpo those clips come from. I dont know whether they were longer or not I will check the original clip from Kurgans camera.

That girl with the dark hair smiling and laughing in the nurse outfit was such a sweet lady she loved it so much when she picked a brand new pair of really high really pencil thin heels to use on me after seeing what the other had done and tried to go one better. Then she the blonde and Honi worked me together for a while.

The gorgeous Anneka rang and she is going tonight and is keen to ruin me...she gets off on looking at the pics after they are done and wants to do a vid next week (SEE THE ATTACHED PICS OF HOW ANNEKA LIKES TO PLAY ONE SHOWING OFF WITH HELEN AND THE OTHER GETTING NASTY WITH KERRY...she told Kerry that she did not care where her heels went and how hard). Helen of course will be there and wearing a brunette wig for a change. The only concern I have about tonight is my rib and the lump in my chest just below it. Even gentle pressing with my fingers hurts that area at the moment so it will have to be face, throat and groin area as well as worship tonight.

Last two of the Cleo clips set. Will have some old C&B clips for Waffled and the gang soon (so Mac users can see these ones) and these pics are for MEMINISTRY thanks for dropping in mate.
The pics are all part of the 700 new digital pics that will be going on the members site over the next few months during the updates. 84 new ones went on gallery 1 this week including one of these.


08-14-2003, 5:57 PM
Hey mate , when will you insert a clip in the payperview area with trampling in sneakers and socks. No kick but just sensual trampling like if the girls was crushing grapes ?
Will be great !!! :D

08-14-2003, 7:52 PM
I am sure M. La Petterman and his lovely friends can cook up something like that for you soon mate. I will find some older stuff like that and repost for you as well.

08-14-2003, 9:12 PM
LoL Stryder, you and Carlo are a riot!

YES!! I managed to make a successful download....man oh man Stryder, it only prompted me to go deeper into diskspace-debt to get some more from this thread.

Thank you thank you thank you!
:worship: :worship: :worship:

best wishes,

ps: irreversible bodily heaven...I like that :D

08-15-2003, 6:27 PM
Hey Meministry thanks for the feedback. Just for that you're gonna love this I hope we will see if we can lure some more responses.

This is from last night (so first time seen anywhere here again) before things really started to warm up in our old Karate Dojo. How do you like Helen as a brunette? Very stark...interesting. We have about 200 pics from last night and about an hour of vid from various parts of the night.

Sorry Tbone Kerry did not make it she has the blues and we will ring her today and try to help out as we are worried about her so is Jules.

This is Helen, Jules, Tabra, and Josie. They had a photographer from a well known magazine there last night so who knows what might happen. He certainly liked the multiple stuff and guess what????!!!! We had the video cam going Footstool.:D

Enjoy and please let us know if you like this pic.


08-15-2003, 7:03 PM
Amazing pic. Thank you for great pics and clips. I like to see how happy are the girls stepping on you, they really like to do it.


08-15-2003, 7:25 PM
Ciao Steve, thanksssssss for your sexpo clips
Wowwww that's my favourite kind of situation ever....

In some way the fact there are people all around looking at you with surprise or interest and curiosity make the whole situation, the trampling and the girls even more exciting than a normal situation....even better than stuff into the fetish clubs (which i enjoy a lot anyway) maybe because the people looking to the scene are not into that kind of action
I dunno how to explain it but that's really an exciting situation for me

thanks a lot to post them for me and...any chance you'll be there again or at a similar event soon ? :)

08-15-2003, 7:33 PM
Hi Stryder and Helen,

Thanks for the Great picture, I wish I could have been there!

Helen, I miss hearing from You here on the forum. I would Love to hear more about the party or any other experiences You might like to share with us. I can't wait to see more pictures and videos staring You Helen :worship: :D

Have You talked to Danielle recently, do You think we will be seeing her trampling again soon?

Please say hi to Kerry, I wish her the best :)

Thank You,

08-15-2003, 9:59 PM
Man, Stryder...that photo was fantastic - it brought back old memories of when I used to train in martial arts, and yes, I was well of my fetish back then as well and I had many foot related experiences (including a female sensei who would demonstrate moves on me cause I was one of the bigger guys in the class)...it all ended for me when at a tournament I was doing freestyle kumite (sparring) and my opponent managed to make full contact resulting in broken ribs.

With that said, however, I am thinking of rejoining cause not only is karate (and martial arts) fun and challenging, I've found it's a great place to meet females who enjoy males under their feet...same with girls who are into ballet, but I don't think I will join ballet class just for that :p

Thanks for bringing back the memories, Stryder!!

take care,

08-16-2003, 5:10 AM
Originally posted by Stryder
[B]Enjoy and please let us know if you like this pic.

Yes. I doubtless liked it! Thanks :bananadan

08-16-2003, 5:56 PM
Mem, Footstool, Carlo, Escargot (nice to see you again) carpet4w.

Yes Sexpo. There were thousands there I think they had about 60 thousand over the 3 days period. I guess they were not all into trample but went for their interest in sex....The Sexpo is always popular although I must say some of the organisers were rude and I dont know that I want to be involved again.

I have a plan to put into action soon with Helen and a couple of others at a large Shopping Mall to do a trample.. I will have to keep my clothes on mostly I guess. But Helen and the others will invite other women to just join in. That should be very interesting and I will get permission from the centre first as I have some contacts there so hopefully that will happen soon.

Two more pics from Friday night. I really like Amanda she is one cool lady and has the nicest small well shaped feet I have seen for a long time. I gave her some bare foot worship later in the night while she sat and chatted to Helen and Josie (the busty blonde in the multiple pic).

The stilletto boots were new and nice and as you can see in one pic she was trying to stick it right through and out my back. They look like flat boots in that pic. :D She has an amazing figure.




08-16-2003, 8:03 PM
Helen as a brunette.........SMOKING!!!!

She is still at the top of my all time favorites list!!!!

Hoping one day I will get to look up at her while she treads upon me.

Hope you guys are doing well!


08-16-2003, 11:13 PM
Very nice photographs, many thanks indeed. Wow, that seems like a daunting (and daring) task to set up a trample in a shopping mall, although if it all went through it would be quite an adventure. You seem very open about your fetish and certainly have guts (with feet on top of them no less), which in essence is a good thing cause we need more people to be exposed to it, as it hasn't hit the mainstream really hard until recent times, and yet just the other day I was reading an article that in a study of relationships, toe-sucking (females feet, of course) ranked almost as high as hand-holding in terms of sensual physical contact. I guess it's kind of a toss up, eh? It really depends on the girl, but I guess if she's not into it, it was never meant to be...what girl wouldn't want to be worshipped though? :confused:

take care Stryder,

08-17-2003, 5:54 AM
Good grief, where did those heels finish up. I haven't seen heels disappear like that since the days of Strictly Walking with Bob and Imelda. Great pictures, as always.


08-17-2003, 10:49 PM
Sorry Tbone Kerry did not make it she has the blues and we will ring her today and try to help out as we are worried about her so is Jules

Being a single mom is not easy and I know there must be more in her private life. Steve, when you talk to Kerry please tell her I was thinking about her and wish there was something I could do or say to cheer her up.

Does Amanda have experience at this or does it just come natural for her to sink her heels so far into you?:) She's gorgeous.

Josie looks like another big girl. I just love her bright smile. I can see how she made her impression.

Helen, I think you look just great with any hair color but your natural blonde does really suit you. Some women seem to look great no matter what they do and I can assure you you're one of the fortunate few.

They all look athletic enough (Helen definitely) that one fantasy (and I know it's just a boxing analogy) would be for each to take turns jumping on you, Steve, from the ropes. Now that'd be a "tag team match" from heaven! How many rounds do you think you could take?

And, Steve, it looks like you got more attention to your chest anyway. How's that healing up?

Thank you both again for sharing your continuing adventures in Aussie heaven with us.


08-17-2003, 11:06 PM
She was going to come to visit us on Saturday night and come to the movies our treat and for dinner but cancelled out and said she could not drag herself out of bed all day. Jules could not get her to come out either.

She said she was going to call us Sunday but sent me a text message to apologise and said she was not up to talking.

Our next move is to go and visit her and Helen and I can hopefully give her some comic relief. As you know you cant just tell someone to snap out of it etc. You can only be understanding and supportive and help them find their own solutions. She said she did not want to trample me on the weekend because she was frightened she would really hurt me taking out her upset and frustration. I doubt whether she could deliberately hurt anyone but I offered to let her do just that.....at least that got a little laugh out of her.

Josie is really tiny. She only comes up to my chest and has only got about size 5 feet (Aus) Helen thinks she could wear high heeled babies booties. However looking at the body (and real breast) she is no baby. I think she is keen to do some work with us as she thinks we are nice folks and she enjoys trampling. I think I could swallow her whole foot given the chance.

Mandy....she makes and sells fetish clothes and dabbles a little with some light dom stuff....mostly tease. Her boyfriend is the guy who runs the club and it is also his gym. He is on of the leading kick boxing trainers in this State so we have a common interest there as well. She loves trampling me but prefers to have her bare feet fussed over. She says she feels a bit clumsy and has trouble balancing in heels but looks fantastic in them.

Yes the chest really got a work over and my rib is still cracked. But we got some great pics and some video so it was good. I think Amanda may want to do some video work with us. I had a lady who has been to all the fetish club nights and likes to wax people finally ask if she could trample me. Its funny because I wanted Tabra to trample me for ages but I did not think she was into it. Well she started and couldnt stop. In boots and then in Helens pumps and in a black rubber fetish outfit and very revealing underwear. Great pics and video of her and her and Helen together. She is another natural but different. Slow, intense and very sensual.

08-17-2003, 11:48 PM
It doesn't get much better than slow, intense and sensual. My experience is that it takes more control on my part, a little like getting into a cold pool slowly vs. just jumping in.

Yeah, you and I both know what that depression is like. Dealing with it usually takes some outside support. We usually can't deal with it alone any more than we can grab the top of our shoes and lift ourselves off the ground.

Sounds like Kerry has it and hopefully it won't last too long. I always just appreciated knowing that my friends were still there. Sometimes a friend would come around and just hang out with me. No big activities; just being around once in a while. In doing that sometimes they'd help me in ways that my $80 per hour psychologist couldn't. You've probably got a good idea going to see her. A little positive input is like a seed planted; it'll eventually grow.

As I said, let her know that I wish I could do more but I do think about her fairly often and wish her the best.

That little joke about letting her take out her frustrations on you is funny partly because we both know you'd lie down before her in a moment if you thought it would help. That's trust. Over a few years I can't think of how many opportunities I had to help my ex that way and I took her up on just about all of them!:)

Tell her she needs to give you a few good stomps for me. (he, he)

Regards to you both, my friends,


08-18-2003, 10:36 PM
Some older ones for those who have not seen them and a new pic of Helen and Jules. I think these ones are ok for Mac viewing as well.

Meministry. I am still competing in karate and sparring guys half my age and even younger....It takes its toll in your 40's and I am really slowing up cant see most kicks or punches until they are on their way back to the source. I remember the second big tournament I went in at about 19 got kicked tripped over my own feet trying to maintain balance went out of the boundary and into the officials table corner and damaged my spleen.....great start loser boy:D Won the round but did not go any further except to hospital.


08-19-2003, 3:00 PM
Thanks for the pics!
I'm back from my uncomputerized summer place and enjoy your postings, as usual, Helen and Stryder. I hope that Steve will learn the new video editing program soon as I'm looking forward to see some of the newer clips, too.
I hope that you have had a good summer (winter for you) and that the Sexpo was a great experience for you all this time.

08-19-2003, 6:54 PM
Beautiful!! Very sensual cock trample...Helen really knows how to do it :) Thank you for the post. My wife trampled me pretty good two nights ago and I did fairly well. I thought about what you said about focusing on the attitude of the one trampling you and it really made a difference. It still hurt like hell but I enjoyed the pain as I thought of my sexy wife being gratified as she ripped at my body with her spikes. She enjoys seeing me get turned on so it's kind of reciprocal. Anyhow I'm rambling....thanks again and please give my regards to your incredible wife.

08-19-2003, 7:46 PM
Thanks mate glad you liked them (had you seen them before because there are a lot more if you have not)? Another thing that helps me through the very serious and brutal parts of some trample situations is to put my mind in the position of someone who has just walked into the room and is watching the action. So I imagine guys and gals thinking or saying to each other "shit look what that babe is doing to that guy and look how he is enjoying it wow she is gorgeous and cruel but he is loving it etc etc" its kind of like an out of body experience and when I actually actually have fantasies about trample (for my own pleasure) I usually put myself in the position of the observers watching me getting treated like this by these angels. Probably why I like being trampled at clubs and in public so much.

Good to see you back mate. I have a new program to edit vids so I should be able to make short clips for the forum that everyone can view again....hopefully.


The Penguin
08-19-2003, 10:00 PM
Thanks for posting all the great stuff Stryder I appreciate It allot .

I been busy with life summer hols job the family etc so time is short for the comp time :cool:
Cheers The Penguin

08-20-2003, 4:26 AM
Hi, Steve; thanks for the clips. I think that one of the most sensual scenes you and Helen have done is the foot worship although the socks are one of my favorite too.

The outline of Helen's toes in her socks as she stands on you is quite captivating.

But one of the really great parts of the worship clips is that we get to hear Helen make a few comments. I just adore that Kiwi accent. What a princess; you're one fortunate guy.:)


08-20-2003, 8:32 PM


08-20-2003, 11:52 PM
Just beautiful. Helen, I love the slow transition of your weight on Steve until your toes go down and cover him up. I can feel the delightful sensation as you bear down.

I'm not really a sneaker fan, but I sure make an exception here. Steve, I haven't seen anything and Helen have done that isn't very attractive. I'm not a real sock fan either, but I had to run those clips a couple of times. How do you do it?

Thanks for the boost to my night.


08-22-2003, 9:21 PM
Some more older material. A couple from Jules that I have not posted before when all the others from this night were just did not see them amoungst the others. Jules is doing some dom work now as well and calls her self Mistress Viper she usually does it free as well so you know she has to love it.



08-22-2003, 9:31 PM
May I ask if Helen has any plans to or considers getting an additional pair of running shoes?

08-22-2003, 10:17 PM
The second clip of Helen's feet is amazing. I'm not sure how perfection would be defined, but the outline of her foot is on the level of art. Great shot and subject.

Jules is just beautiful; what a figure. But then I heard my angel doing that silly doodle on your piano and you know where my attention went. Her laugh is music.

Thanks so much, Steve.


The Penguin
08-22-2003, 10:43 PM
I jus t want to thank Stryder for the detailed title on the zips it saves me from downloading stuff I don't want ;)

08-23-2003, 7:08 AM
Very new very real and never seen anywhere because I just made it for this forum. It was done with my new program Pinnacle Studio 8 so I am hoping the problem that existed for my Mac using friends like Cave and Sabina has been cured with this. Please let us know if this is correct and if you like the clip. THE GIRLS WIN BY A KNOCKOUT IN THE FIGHT RING

Helen, Jules, Tabra, Josie just stops before Mandy joins in as well but I have that on the larger part of the video shot that night. Only done last weekend. Jules on the face, Helen chest, then Josie in the boots on the stomach area and Tabra on upper leg and groin. I posted a pic earlier of this multi trample.



08-23-2003, 7:18 AM
Wow, I am not in to sport shoe trampling but your trampling clip is outstanding and I like to be in your place, that is dream I have.


08-23-2003, 8:22 AM
Hi Stryder, that one is fantastic and I love it! Thanks very much but I am a little jealous as well! Best wishes to you all, Pervy2

08-23-2003, 3:54 PM
Thank You!
Hi Steve. Thanks for the last couple of clips. The old Jules-clips were perfectly viewable. The multi-clip was viewable as I could see two different stills, but hear all of the sound. But that's better than nothing.
Hope you all had a nice weekend.

08-23-2003, 4:27 PM
Not exactly sure what you mean about seeing two still and hearing the sound. I was hoping it would be fine for you using the new program. But I quickly tried something new so could you check this and let me know if it is any better ASAP.

08-23-2003, 6:29 PM
Cave and my other Mac user friends. Let me know if the clips done in Real format can be viewed correctly by you. I prefer to watch in Windows Media as I think the video content and size is better. If it works in Real I will go to the little extra effort of doing each clip in both formats when I make them exclusively for the forum however all the clips in the members section and the pay per view at the site are long high quality and viewable by anyone regardless of operating system.

Some good news. We have a beautiful 28 year old neighbour Marina who we have mentioned our love of feet, heels and trample before at a neighbourhood bbq. She is really slim, blonde, brown eyes, weighs 55 kilos and has the cutest little small feet I have seen for some time.

We both know she has worked in fetish shoe stores (where we bought some of our shoes before) and has many friends in the sex industry. We mentioned to her that we would love to involve her in the site and she was overwhelmed and said she wished we had asked her earlier. She is so excited. She ran across the road and bought back two pairs of new shoes in Helens size that were left by a person who ordered them when she was managing the shoe shop and did not return. She brought them home to use (she also has a large collection of fetish outfits what a great neighbour) but found them too big for her tiny feet. She said to Helen "here babe these are for you". A pair of clear stilleto platform strappy mules and these amazing boots (see pics). They fit Helen perfectly.

She wanted Helen to have them. Helen then put on the stilleto mules and I took my shirt off and Helen showed her what we do (we also showed her some pics and clips and she loved them). Marina had little sport socks on (she walked across in them and no shoes) shorts and a little pink sports bra on showing her her perfect breasts. She then put the same shoes on (with her socks) and jumped on to test me out. Dug all her weight into my nipples and giggled and said "thats as hard as I can do it" because she is so light (a bit like the french girls) she can really work me over. She said she is only too happy to do everything to me that she has seen in the pics and vids and wants to start as soon as possible.

God I have never seen anyone so excited and she is really a beautiful looking fit lady. She does body sculpturing contests and is so brown and slim (I think too slim at times) but I think her looks and attitude are going to be world class. So we are doing a vid with just her and I next thursday and then she is teaming up with Helen on the following saturday for a special one if my body can take it. Oh life is so good she could not wait to tell her husband and he is a great guy too.

Its sunday morning I am supposed to be studying and Helen is pottering around in her track pants and "flip flop" or thongs as we call them here. So here are some pics of her in the flip flops especially for my recent sparring partner (if he is still here but not talking anymore) and the boots that Marina gave us I think a wonderwoman outfit on Helen or Kerry will suit these fine and should stir the patriotic yanks up to a frenzy.

Let us know about the clips please so I can post to keep all my friends happy.


08-23-2003, 7:51 PM
Hi Stryder and Helen,

I just wanted to say hello and I hope everything is well, sounds like You found another Great friend to help Helen trample You not that Helen needs any help;)

Thank You for those Great clips and the pictures above, I Love the boots and would Really like to see a picture of the clear stilleto platform strappy mules.

Helen, if You have some time I would Love to hear from You here again on the forum, maybe You can share with us another of Your trampling experiences?

Thank You,

The Penguin
08-23-2003, 9:29 PM
Nice neighbour you have there Steve and Helen kinda funny in a way well best of luck and success DAMM SOME people have all the luck and the rest of us just get to watch.

I need to move my neighbours are ugly :p

08-24-2003, 7:10 AM
Steve, those clips show what I'd call slow, intense, sensual heaven. I know you had to be in your special place to enjoy all those wonderful ladies at once like that.

Your encounter with your neighbor is proof that, to enjoy something at the level you do, it has to be what you are, not what you do. If we're honest, most of us would have to admit that we would have never even mentioned our fetish or made the connection in a gathering like that. You had already met her in that context (the store where she worked) and knew a little about her so the next step just came naturally. Guess that's why it seems so easy for you; you're not forcing yourself to be something you're not. Living that kind of honesty is not easy but the reward it brings has been a lesson you've been showing us for a long time. "Carpe Diem!":)

Well, keep this up and the pilgrimage of a life time would be to see you guys in your little piece of Aussie heaven.:D

Josie is really interesting; love to see more of her.

The everyday stuff is awesome. Thanks, Helen, for sharing those Sunday morning images; they're the best. How you can make an image of something so mundane and unsensual as flipflops so elegant is a wonder to me. It's got to be you, not the flipflops.:)

Talked to my angel lately? Been thinking of her and wish I could do something to help. Send her my regards.


08-24-2003, 2:59 PM
Thankyou Stryder!
Yes, the real player clip worked. It's not as good picture quality as windows player, but at least I can see you and the beautiful girls moving.
Thanks again for making such an effort for us Mac users.

08-24-2003, 3:44 PM
Sorry about the cameraman he was Tabrah's partner and unsure of what to point the camera at but he did do a great job of all the digital pics from the night and there are about 200.

Glad you can see the clip. Hopefully soon they will release something to allow Mac users to view the new codecs microsoft forced on us with an automatic download. The whole vid clip from the night will go on the PPV soon I think.

I just send a text message to my neighbour to see if she wants a 'practice run' today prior to her first vid shoot on Thursday :D Hope she is not busy.

Tbone Jules says Kerry is feeling a bit brighter and a guy she likes is coming to visit next weekend from our capital canberra. We have been invited to a wild party next weekend by the lovely law student who trampled me into stupidity a few weeks ago it is a Heaven and Hell theme and her boyfriends birthday and she has already told me she has about 20 girlfriends keen to join her......oh dear:D I think she wants Helen to trample her again too.

My chance for a huge real multi trample public episode (OOOOOOOOOOOOH MY CELL PHONE MESSAGE BANK JUST BEEPED HOPE ITS MARINA....HANG ON YES IT IS!!!!!!!) I must go but here take these and enjoy they are the same clip in the two formats

08-24-2003, 7:00 PM
Thanks for the clips. I'm sure it's just the format. I tried both clips and the first one seemed to be quite a bit clearer.

Hope you taught her well and Tamara really stomped you into the floor. What a way to start a friendship. He, he.


08-24-2003, 8:32 PM
She is really special. Helen and I are so lucky with our friends and to think this absolute wonder has been on our doorstep all this time. HOT OF THE PRESS SHE JUST LEFT AND HERE IS HER INTRODUCTION

Please make her feel welcome as she will look at this on Thursday when she comes to do the video. She said "I dont want to mess you up too much today if we have to do a vid on Thursday". On top of that she just went for it and was REALLY creative. Took many pics herself including the deadly eye pic. What an absolute angel and she said "I just want to do the best I can for you for asking me to join you".

I cant believe it I really cant......I truly think a star is born and I am fortunate enough to be caught in her blazing light. She rang Helen at work while she was here to tell her how much fun she was having and to thank her.

Seriously gang please give her some feedback because I think she will continue to provide some amazing material for all of us if we keep her happy....and of course I would be lying to say I did not get something out of it. She stepped on my erection and I said "sorry I guess I like what you are doing too much" she responded "hey its cool dont be embarrassed with me Steve I am glad you like my feet" and just ground away at it with her heels........and her bare feet were perfect brilliant and probably the best feet I have experienced in a long time so small I could have almost deep throated it to the ankle:D

Her shoe collection is to die for...and to think this was just a practice audition picture shoot and her first time apart from a few minutes with Helen on the weekend when we first asked her.

God and I have her and Helen together on Saturday


You will see a lot more of her soon at


08-24-2003, 9:33 PM

Another beautiful Goddess Stryder is sharing with us!! Thanks so much...
Tamara, You're gorgeous....very nice legs, feet and heels...<gulp!>
I wish I wasn't so far from Australia...

Stryder and Helen: for all you do for this community - Thanks from the bottom of my heart! :)

Welcome Tamara....



08-25-2003, 1:24 AM
I agree. Just finished editing the pics from our first get together it was a pain because we had to use the remote and it was not working really well so my big arse dumb arm is sticking out in some and I am looking at the camera as if to say what the f*#k!!!:D

I cant wait till Thursday. Gang I tell you truly I know some folks cant believe that a woman could enjoy trample as much as we do but now I know at least 4 who do.

Marina just rang us to say thanks. She said she wants to be the best at this and even said she will make sure her shoes are all clean and her feet perfectly pedicured for Thursday. I told her I have a good way to clean her shoes and her feet are just perfect already. She said "I have been at the gym and thinking of some good things to do to you to make it interesting and different for everyone"..

Tbone (teach her???!!! boy I learnt a lesson myself about how a small light little package can really work you over like someone much heavier. I simply told her what I like and what people have come to expect from my material. I told her I would let her know if I was hurt...quickly showed her how to use her heels on my throat and face and groin told her to feel free to jump stomp or whatever and she did. She was creative and was doing her body sculpturing poses on me and dangling her barefoot over my face then crashing it down and standing on one foot. She trampled and stood on my throat so hard in heels and barefeet on one foot etc that she has hurt my adams apple and I am having some trouble swallowing (I did not tell her that though) she did jumps in heels and skidded off one side taking the skin with it.

When SHE took the pics with those heavenly gold stilletos platforms she dug her heel into my eye further than anyone has safely done before and lingered because she could not get the camera to go. I could not believe she had not done this before. She says her husband has a foot fetish and loves her feet (god I can see why) and her boss at the fetish shoe shop (and he is also the owner of the best brothel I have ever been too....where Nikki and
Ashley used to work) had a foot fetish and loved to get her to model the shoes.

She also remembers meeting Nikki because the shoe shop was under the brothel and Nikki bought her shoes there. What is amazing is that Marina has that strappy pair of white stilleto sandals exactly the same style as my favourite ones I once bought for my ex girlfriend Lynette and later gave to Nikki (see my earlier pics I think called white eye pain or insane).

All in all this girl has walked out of a combination of my fantasies and experiences and lives directly across the road and gets on so well with H. She says she is used to guys liking her feet but has not ever trampled anyone or had the degree of worship she had today and she likes it. She is just so easy going but like Kerry is a radar O'Reilly in terms of picking up the vibe flowing with it and increasing the stakes........god what a day I have not done an ounce of study.

08-25-2003, 1:49 AM
Stryder, once again I see another pair of heels that I don't see worn in any of the pictures. :D Do you have any shots of her wearing those black blocky-heeled sandals??? *drool*

08-25-2003, 2:37 AM

08-25-2003, 2:54 AM
Stryder....how lucky can one guy be??? This girl is not only hot to look at but she has beautiful feet and know how to use 'em. I agree the shoe collection rocks I can't wait to see more of Tamara on you!! Thanks Stryder and Tamara your efforts are well appreciated :)

08-25-2003, 7:31 AM
Steve, no need to ask for feedback from me.:D

There are thousands of beautiful women everywhere (appearance) and a few beautiful inside and out. Tamara's attitude toward you as a friend and being sensitive from the start to what's going on under her feet even though she's apparently comfortable with putting her mark on you puts her in the class with Kerry and Helen - apparently a really nice person and that would put her in the second category.

I just love her comment that she "doesn't want to mess you up too much today if we have to do a vid on Thursday." There it is; caring trample by a friend not afraid to impart some intensity. The thought made my heart jump a few beats per minute!:)

Although I know we're seeing her through your eyes (who she is) I know you enough to trust that. You're right; there aren't a lot of women like Tamara.

As always, thanks for the details as well as the pics; it makes me feel like I really know what happened.

Although I know you love to do it, still, thanks for sharing your newfound friendship with us again.


08-25-2003, 7:40 AM
Hey mate , thanks for the flip flop.
It looks so fresh :)
Congratulation as well for your new model, she looks lovely ;)

08-25-2003, 2:32 PM
Yes Tbone she is a great gal. You know we have only caught up with her a few times since I have been here and since Helen and I have been together usually just a chat in the front yard. I gave her a book on Australian birds (parrots) to read as she shares a love for our fauna. Seen her at a bbq at the next door neighbours once and she looked after our yard and pool when we went to France. I cannot believe what a diamond existed so close what an absolute foot fetishist's and trample persons dream come true. She rang last night to say thanks again and told me she is thinking of all kinds of thing she wants to do.

Rasta salute....you will be pleased to know that she is a real gym junkie and when I went over to check the shoes she had to bring over for her "practice" she had about 3 pairs of runners and gym shoes lined up in the hallway. She said she wants to do trample in them and gym clothes so that is good. Also she wears little helen gym socks a lot but more importantly she has the best bare feet so small and perfect I spent a long time under them yesterday mate delightful her face and throat crushing with them was insane.

But I cannot believe she had the exact same pair of shoes that has long been my obsession since I bought them for a girlfriend and later gave them to Nikki back in about 1998.

I cant stop thinking about these white heels and what will happen on Thursday.

08-25-2003, 2:34 PM
She's top

Marina is a fantastic woman. And the shoes she is wearing are great. I would like to see much more of her.

:bugeyes: :bugeyes: :bugeyes:

Stryder I hope you are going to church every Sunday and praise the Lord for all the luck you have with your girls.



08-25-2003, 3:01 PM
Fantastic , mooore pics, or some clip please with handtrample.

<div align="center">

08-25-2003, 8:37 PM
Hi Tamara, your legs & feet are perfect......hurt him good.......Thanx Stryder.

08-26-2003, 4:53 AM
Originally posted by Stryder

I cant stop thinking about these white heels and what will happen on Thursday.

Neither do we...


Let us know .... :D

08-26-2003, 3:23 PM
Well things are just improving for members and friends and ME:D

As well as finding this treasure living across the road...(roll on Thursday...I spoke to her yesterday in her gym clothes WOW we are doing a whole series of different clips and outfits and shoes from barefoot, to gym gear, socks right through to all her perfect heels on Thursday and then sandals , gym shoes and nice everday shoes on saturday with Helen) I have made some more great finds only yesterday at University.

One of my close friends in my law class (a 23 year superfit, super smart, pint sized beauty queen) who knows about my fetish and the site and is very supportive has joked about being part of it before. Over coffee yesterday she told me that she really does want to be involved and thinks the idea of her big friend worshipping her feet and letting walk on him (and making some money from it) it wonderful. She has been teasing me in class with her feet for two years now. She also has a beautiful friend who works at the local Tavern with her who is gorgeous and a total extrovert and wants to join her. Kym told me yesterday that she wants to use her little cowgirl boots on me first because even though she knows they are not my favourite shoe of hers she thinks the guys will love it particularly when she dresses accordingly.

This beautiful future lawyer entered into a huge contest for Miss Indy here on the Gold Coast for the big Indy car races happening here soon (International Event) and went straight to the semi final. She is dropping out now because as she said "I just went in it to see if a small fit brunette could rattle the amazon blondes and I proved my point now let someone who really wants to be in it take my place." After coffee we went to a shoe shop and picked the most sexy pair of heels but kind of dressy casual ones in army green canvas wooden stilleto with a big army belt type strap around her ankle and peep toes. Of course before putting them on (Rasta) I helped her remove her little red sneakers and socks and she was worried that her feet were smelly and her toes unpainted.....

She is a tiny size 6 AUS and paraded them for me in the shop. She then asked me to help her take them off and I kissed each foot whilst doing so in front of the staff:D Kym just laughed. I bought them for her and told her it was for her birthday and for her to wear on her audition photo shoot next week. We are both excited about it and again she and Helen are good friends so that is great. Amazing how in tune, imaginative and understanding this first class honours student is ( I dont know how she balances her training, studies, work and boyfriend and still manages high distinctions in her exams...ah the wonders of youthful minds)

Amanda the tall busty brunette in the stilleto boots from the fetish club rang and told us she would like to start doing some serious material with us as well. Shit all this and we have not even advertised for girls yet.

Oh and for our barefoot friends I have been slack with barefoot material on the site but things are taking a big change for the better for you there too from now on.


08-26-2003, 5:21 PM
Full :thumbsup: Stryder

08-26-2003, 7:50 PM
Hello Stryder and Helen,

WOW sounds like everything is going GREAT! I Love the clear high heel platforms, they are Very Sexy:bugeyes:

Please keep us updated, do You think any of Your new trample lady friends might join us here on the forum and share thier thoughts with us?

Thank You,

08-26-2003, 11:07 PM
Well, it seems that your friends such as Kym and Tamara are really smart and creative. As you say, maybe they'll be teaching you something. Isn't it great when they get into it to the point where they're dreaming up things to do to you!

You may have a problem staying healed up enough to keep on satisfying all these beautiful women.:D I know from experience that just one small woman can easily keep you tender and bruised up.

As always, thanks for taking the time to share the details of your life with us.


08-27-2003, 3:36 AM
Thanks for your pics and clips.


08-27-2003, 2:55 PM
Dear Helen & Stryder
How fast two weeks go by
Two weeks on the beautiful island of Crete,
I'm not a white skinned limey anymore
and no trample in that period,
The swelling as gone down
I now have an hospital date at the Brest cancer clinic
Thursday the 11th of September
I wiil stay away from being trampled on until after that date
I will keep you posted
Many thanks to you and Helen for your kind words
of support and to all the other members of this board
who are really giving kind & good support in their comments
A very gratful John & Wendy Ealand

The Penguin
08-27-2003, 9:43 PM
Thats great Helen, Steve I noticed you have the exact same tiles I had installed in my previous house ;)

08-27-2003, 10:09 PM
Anytime John hope the trip helped heal the soul somewhat and the further examinations find something identifiable and readily fixable. Feel free to drop us an email anytime you want have a chat mate. Stay well we are thinking about you. Now to cheer you up

Gang just when I thought my trample life could not get any better it goes up a notch. It must be some nice things happening to me for a long period of bad some years ago.

You all have met my wonderful neighbour by now and she has asked for her own reasons to call her MARINA from now on here and on the site. Fine by me as it actually suits her with those big brown eyes framed by her blonde hair.

Well we did our first video shoot today. What can I say sweet suffering Jesus what a vision. Mark nearly had a heart attack when she came across the road looking like she did. We have done the lot for all our fans (and gratuitiously in trample terms for me too).

Started in our home gym with bare foot worship and prolonged barefoot trample and worship (man I was in heaven)...then into the yard with her black mini skirt and top and lovely tan with her chunky heeled platform shoes for heaps of worship, tease and serious face, throat and nipple torture and then some of the most extreme face stomping in heels I have ever had but I loved ever minute of it as this girl is so gorgeous and talked to me all the way through it OH THAT VOICE. She then not only did finger crushing with them but jumped full weight with her chunky heels on my hands and fingers against the concrete.

Then inside for her white strappy stilletos (my favourite shoe they drive me nutz) you wont believe what she did with them and how well she used them from face and throat crushing to really full on jumping and landing on the heels and some great c&b crush and stomping. In between she made me worhip and clean the shoes so it went from soft and very sexy to hard and still very sexy.

Then the beautiful gold platform stilletos and they have to be seen to be believed.

Then (Rasta and Platformnasics) she put on her pumas and socks and crushed, jumped, twisted and grinded my face and body and c&b. It was amazing because she is a horse rider and we did not realise that they had all the junk from the stables stuck on the soles so it was breaking off and being ground into my face and body. She had me taking her runners off and she had a cute pair of helens socks on for more worship her feet are so small she made me deep throat them with the socks on till I nearly gagged (she did the same earlier with her bare feet) all the time talking naturally to me and telling me to take it and telling everyone how much she was loving it. Shit did I say a star was born I was wrong Marina is a constellation Mark and I both cannot believe she is real and he also asked her if she had done this a thousand times before.

Because of her looks and body and her great personality and enjoyment you can all look forward to seeing the envelope pushed to the max in the most beautiful and stunning ways I have ever seen anywhere and you know I dont really exaggerate about things like this. I cannot wait to see how it all turns out I have been under the best of them but this girl is a wonder and one of the best things to happen to trample in years. Of course she is teaming up with Helen for another video on Saturday but she has squashed me like a giant ripe tomato today and I am still off with the fairies in my happy place I may never come back



08-27-2003, 10:17 PM
You're definitely correct, Stryder. Those white sandals look great, especially with those striking legs. She definitely has an impressive collection!

Oh, and I am reeeeally looking forward to seeing photos in which she wore her Pumas. :)

08-27-2003, 10:26 PM
Mate I seriously cant wait for you all to see the pumas and then the socks in action. I bloody loved it so it just goes to show you that you can teach an old dog new tricks. Her and Helen will both be using runners on me on Saturday (sorry Helen only has the NB's and an old pair of reeboks Marina has a big collection). I would like to think that this first really serious segment with the pumas will rock your world she was creative and very intense and sexy in them and kept the black outfit on just to add the impact and left me covered in welts and dried horse shit mud and hay.:D

08-28-2003, 12:10 AM

Stryder, those pictures were amazing. You are doing some great work, god alot of people would give up so much to be in your, er, position....ie:under gorgeous females, all the time.

Thank you for sharing these photographs with us, it was a pants-raising experience :D


08-28-2003, 12:48 AM
Originally posted by Stryder
Mate I seriously cant wait for you all to see the pumas and then the socks in action. I bloody loved it so it just goes to show you that you can teach an old dog new tricks. Her and Helen will both be using runners on me on Saturday (sorry Helen only has the NB's and an old pair of reeboks Marina has a big collection). I would like to think that this first really serious segment with the pumas will rock your world she was creative and very intense and sexy in them and kept the black outfit on just to add the impact and left me covered in welts and dried horse shit mud and hay.:D

:o They are double teaming you with their sneakers on Saturday? Good God, mate!

Hey, believe it or not, before I saw the first set of pictures you posted of Helen wearing her New Balance runners, I really was not a fan of seeing girls wearing NB. That sure has changed, let me tell you. I love seeing girls wearing ASICS, Mizuno, Saucony, Puma, some New Balance, and a couple Nike. Before seeing those pictures and clips, I had not seen hardly any femdom involving the sneakers I like. Much thanks to you and Helen for changing that.

I am glad to hear that you have come to enjoy being trampled with some nice pairs of runners. A couple months back, I had my friend trample me in four-inch high-heeled platform sandals. It was a shocking change from what I had had done to me. However, I found myself wanting her to continue despite the pain. She hopped off me though, as I later learned she is more submissive than dominant. Not more than a month later (a month ago), a female friend who has had much experience dominating men tried some things on me. However, she had not much experience with foot domination. She turned out to love having her running shoes licked (I bought her two pairs), something she never thought she would like so much. Her real forte is ballbusting though, something I never thought I would enjoy. That is totally a different story now, and I wish it could happen more often. It is not possible though since I live across the country. Oh well.

Something happened to me a little over a month ago though that was a dream come true though. Stay tuned. I will either post it in the Pictures or the Stories section very soon. It still blows my mind. All I will say right now (because I need to get to bed because I have an "in" on an occupation I am trying to pursue) is that I met someone who is totally into shoes, and well...I'll share.

Back to base, I will be very anticipant for those pictures of Marina tearing you up in her Pumas, and Helen doing her magic in her runners. Keep up the recent good work. There have been some real winners lately!

08-28-2003, 9:11 PM
I dont mind a bit of the old BB with the right lady and conditions but I have been giving it a bit of a break during baby making practice:D

Yes mate tomorrow the two of them but I am really knocked about by the gorgeous Marina from yesterday but still on a high.
The video is nearly ready already Mark worked on it all night and the PPV's will be ready soon as well. I cant wait to see it tomorrow and I just hope I can get through the shoot tomorrow as I know Helen will really cause me some grief with the injuries I already have. Marina jumped from the floor onto my face in her pumas and then jumped up and down with both feet fully on my upturned face with my head on concrete.......I am a happy fool.

Anyway some more from the Fetish Club multitrample from a week or so ago. In WMV and Real play for our MAC friends so they are both the same clip



08-28-2003, 10:13 PM
Hi Stryder and Helen,

WOW!!!!!!!!!! Thank You for sharing the details about Marina's first video shoot and for the pictures. Marina You have Beautiful feet and legs and I LOVE Your toes:worship: I can't wait to see the video!

Helen, I also can't wait to see You trampling again and to see what happens when You team up with Marina to trample Stryder:D

Thank You,

08-29-2003, 10:35 AM
Nice, slow and intense. Bet you saw stars when Marina jumped on your face. Tell us a little more specifically what that sensation was and what it felt like when she jumped up and down on your face. That'd make a sneaker lover out of anyone!:)

Thanks for the clip and updates.


08-29-2003, 10:03 PM
You have no idea tbone. Marina is one of those beautiful dangers who is so striking, imaginative and sexy that you have gone too far before you realise. I asked her to jump on my face in her pumas and I cant remember whether she was already standing on my chest and jumped to my face or jumped from the floor onto my upturned face full weight. I thought she would balk at the idea but just did it before I was even ready. Then if that was not enough after she landed on my face with both feet she jumped up and down from that position landing with both feet and full weight on my upturned face. I felt like my head was going to explode particularly since it was on the concrete floor so the back of my skull was in trouble and pain. I wanted to say enough but just couldnt I wanted to see what she would do and how far she went. She finally seemed to anticipate my being knocked out and just stopped and I think I was relieved but still managed to mumble some useless term of endearment.

Today we just finished a vid with both Marina and Helen. First both in Gym gear with runners doing a work out in our home gym and trampling and jumping and making me lick and worship their trainers and then socks and bare feet. There is some full weight jumping both feet in runner on my hands and wrists and then barefooted (shit I thought my wrists were breaking) they both were so hot looking I could hardly breath just looking at them. Then out to my pool area and the shoes and outfits depicted in these attached pics for foot and shoe worship and lots of licking dirty soles and a heap of face, throat, nipple, eye and mouth torture with these heels it is mindblowing I know I was there.

Then inside for Marinas white strappy stilletos again (cant get enough of them) and helen in clear platform stilleto mules with mother of peal straps for some heavy workovers...Marina is a jumping fiend in heels and Helen her usual ballbusting in her heels (must have forgot the baby making for a while) shit I am totally written off and was still recovering from Thursday with Marina. Wait till you hear them joking talking naturally and Marina telling me to take it etc....lots of talking and giggling and laughing it was just so natural and like we were not filming at all.

There is truly something for everyone on this vid and also Thursdays video I am so confident that they will be loved around the world that I will give up trample if someone says they hated it.

Pics are of Helen and Marina after the gym workout part of the vid and just before starting the next part. Stopped long enough to change clothes only. Marina says thanks for the compliments she is one amazing girl and Helen loves working with her. Mark's wife Diane cant believe how beautiful and talented Marina is and she is not free with compliments but thinks we have hit on a natural wonder. We are going to do a three girl vid soon with Marina, Kerry and Helen as I think that combination will shake the earth the idea of it is already shaking mine. Another vid with Marina next wednesday and a special surprise for super hero fans in that one.



08-29-2003, 10:43 PM
Dammit, Stryder! You're teasing the hell out of the sections in which they are wearing runners. Gah! :bugeyes:

Heh. Aside from that, those hi-heeled sandals Marina are...*hot* with a stutter. Even though it's almost impossible to buy videos (or anything) online, I think I try to figure something out for this video.

Insert stutters throughout my post.

It would be amazing to submit to both Marina and Helen. I'm afraid they would be much too vicious though, seeing how hardcore they do their magic on you! No facestanding for me but I don't mind seeing it done to you! :D

08-29-2003, 11:33 PM
Sorry mate but my words really cant do the vids and the girls and action justice even though I consider myself a bit of wordsmith at times;)

You wont believe what this browneyed, blonde tanned Oz angel did to me with the sandals you like. Helen thought she was going to poke both my eyes out of my head but was amazed by Marina's control and how well she read my tolerance. I thought I would lick the soles of both pairs of shoes as they sat there torturing, teasing and turning me on at various times all of it at once and chatting about things like I did not exist.

Our members and any barefoot afficionados will love to hear that the first ever clips of Marina went on the update clips section of the site this morning. Clip 2 and 4 I think. All bare foot and worship of this spectacular lady. Sorry I cant post any of it here as I dont even have the clips myself and they are only 15% through the download from the site. I cant wait either can Helen and when they finally download we will go over and get Marina to come and check herself out.

Platformnasics mate dont know what to tell you about the vids. We would never not send them as we love to make our friends and members happy so there is no problem to fear being ripped off. Some people have ordered vids snail mail with cheque or money order and I think that was quite successful for those who dont want to use a credit card Mark has those details at support.

Come on download my pants are bursting waiting. And yes mate I am a gym shoe convert but still prefer heels........Marinas slow grinding c&b workout holding on to the gym equipment made me want to scream in ecstacy but Helen had her New Balances crushing my face and throat. Is that teasing again...??? The socks were yummy too and Marina tried to force her whole foot down my throat again.

08-30-2003, 4:17 AM
Sounds like Marina's a natural dominant without being too serious or forcing it, if you know what I mean; it seems to be essentially what she is, not what she does. Maybe that's why she's a natural. What a treasure.

But Helen, Kerry and Marina together? You know that Kerry alone would rock my world. I think she'd be like Marina to me, just let her go and take it as she immediately transported me to that special place.

Helen, you you find that you key off Marina a little and tend to be a little more bold?

Good forture with those three; it's going to take you a few weeks to recover!:) I'd so gladly take every mark, bruise and cut with you if I could.

Thanks again for the wonderful details.


08-30-2003, 8:31 AM
Hi Stryder and Helen,

Thank You so much for the update and the two pictures! Marina You are AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL, I wish I could be Your footstool, I would soooooooooooo LOVE for You to use my face as Your footrest, resting Your Gorgeous feet on my face, rubbing/grinding them really hard all over my face, forcing Your toes up my nose and Your whole foot deeeeeeeeeeep in my mouth:D

Stryder, please pass my message on to Marina and Please let me know her response, if she would enjoy using my face as her personal footstool?

Helen, You look FABULOUS as You always do:worship:
I was soooooooooo happy to see a new picture of You and that You just made a new video and are planning on making more in the near future. I can't wait to order these new videos and to see You trampling again:D If You have a chance I would Love to hear from You again here on the forum, I Really miss reading Your thoughts and hearing from You. I hope everything is well:thumbsup:

Stryder, Do You think Marina and Helen could try and force their toes directly right up Your nose in an upcoming video? Please Please Please, I would sooooooooooo LOVE to see Marina and Helen doing this:D :D :D Please let me know if Marina and Helen would enjoy doing that and if we might see this in an upcoming video?

Thank You Again Very Much,

08-30-2003, 9:29 PM
Hi footstool sorry I have not been here much lately but people dont seem to want to talk all that much just look at pictures and clips which is fine or they are not really interested in what I have to say with a few exceptions of course and you are one of them but mostly I have been really busy and tired.

We finally saw the first clips from the site ourselves after Steve downloaded them last night as we dont have any other material from either the video that Steve and Marina did alone (where these first clips came from) and the one we did together only yesterday. I really loved doing the video with her she is such a great friend and I cannot believe her imagination and how much she loves it. She sure has more imagination than me and I mean that.

We did a lot of bare foot worship stuff and I think Marina had her toes squishing Steves nose. Steve says in the first vid with her there is plenty of that and the clips just stop before the trampling in barefeet. I will tell you a secret. I found those clips of Steve and Marina that are on the site very sexy. My big lump of a boy is pretty gentle and a good foot worshipper and feetlover and I think Marina was totally into what he was doing. I felt all flushed and warm watching it which I did not think possible and it was not from jealousy because it was fun to watch someone else receiving what I can get at any time and seeing how happy it made her was just fantastic. I cant believe how small her feet are and how much smaller they look in Steves hands.

One more secret. I went to bed before Steve last night and got back up to ask him something and he was playing with himself watching the clips of him and Marina and he had the headphones on. I went up behind him and kissed the top of his head and nearly gave him a heart attack poor thing . It is funny because he rarely gets that turned on over his own videos and he really likes the material that Lucien (I think I spelt that right) in Europe does and waffle and the german dicky trample stuff and the dark haired girl from England with the woman worship site and tattoos and of course anything with Vinyl Queen and his friend Mitch.

I think I can honestly say you have not seen anything yet because if I can find the clips sexy you will love it. Steve and Marina are perfect together in terms of trample it is amazing to watch and when I joined in it is true I learnt from her which is amazing since I am the one who has had Steve to myself for so long so you are right there tbone. I cant believe how pale I am compared to her tan but the platform clear stilletos that she gave me are really cute so wait till you see them in action.

I fell off Steve in them holding Marina's hand so she could rock back and put her full weight on her lovely white heels (she is going to try and find a pair in my size) and I lost balance. It was really like funny home video and I hope Mark cuts it out or I will kill him.

I did some really good things to Steve too and you will just have to wait and see. I think we will have good things coming from our friend and neighbour. Thats all I am starting to go on as much as my boy.....its nice except when he lectures me about things sometimes and I wish he would lose his voice then.:D


08-31-2003, 4:41 AM
Oh Helen.

You are the centre of the universe.


08-31-2003, 4:56 AM
Thanks Kinta that was really really sweet of you. I am off to bed I have work tomorrow and Steve needs the computer for more study (boring). Goodnight to all and thanks again.

08-31-2003, 8:09 AM
Hi Helen,

Thank You Very Much for Your reply its Great hearing from You, I could read Your words forever;)

Dreaming of having You resting Your foot on my face in the above picture, I offer Your Beautiful toes and feet my cyber kisses:D :worship:

Thank You Again,

08-31-2003, 9:55 AM
Hi, Helen and Stryder

I really do enjoy what you gys are doing here and thenks alot for the pics and the clips. I do admire a lot. you are the greatest. and do you gys ever wanted to come to Sri Lanka forvacation or do you know someone from here I'D love to here and meet them. and unfortunately here in Sri Lnak 0 activity regarding footfetism.. hope that you may know few people from this part of the world and try to visit here some time.
anuraab from Sri Lanka

09-01-2003, 7:35 AM
Hello HELEN,

I think you are one of the most beautiful & natural trampler of the foot-fetish scene because most models are just porn stars,nothing wrong with ultimate-sexy-pornstars but I like the natural, girl-next-door type ladies. Stryder is one of the luckiest guy. My wife tramples me all the time, she's very beautiful, petite, sexy feet but she's not comfortable about sharing our trampling pics with public. By the way, I'm writing you from Turkey & invite you lovely couple to Turkey. Hope to meet you people in person, who knows maybe we make a visit to Australia some time... I have one question : What's your job ?:cool:

09-02-2003, 2:50 AM
From Helen
Thanks Denizen. I have been to Turkey in 1994 I loved some of your beaches it was before Steve and I met. I thought the people were really nice and more friendly than some of the other places than many other places I travelled to in the Mediterranean area.

I manage an office on a riverfront which rents out large Marine facilities for boat builders to work from and we also pull large yachts and catamarans etc so they can be cleaned an repaired. I like being near the water I always helped my dad on his boat back in New Zealand when I was young and I think the beaches here in Australia was one of the main reasons I came to live here.

Steve made some more clips of the fetish night we went to a few weeks ago. I went with dark hair that night but most of the people close to me think my natural colour is better.

I am posting some and I think Steve said to post one for windows and one for real player for people with Apple computers. So I will give it a try

Love Hx

09-02-2003, 3:41 AM

THX ....... :) :) :D :D :cool:

09-02-2003, 4:28 PM
Thanks Helen for posting the two latest clips also in rm format. You're a goddess for us Mac users too, and a brilliant poster.
Thanks again.

09-02-2003, 6:32 PM
Holy snapping duckshit batman:D
You all know I would not exaggerate about something just to make it sound better and I try to be a perfectionist in the way I do things on any level so even though when I am being trampled and dont have much control of things there I go into it conscious of how to best let my friends and members share it from my view and I think I have passed that clearly onto our camera man.

I still dont have the videos that Marina and I and Helen Marina and I have done recently and it is driving me crazy because I am so keen to seen them that it hurts. BUT

I went to the site this morning and noticed the new updates Mark has put on. He has put the "Clip of the Month" on (which will be a regular thing from now on as well as other clips on the update).

I just finished downloading it and the barefoot trample and worship clip with Marina. The barefoot one will blow our barefoot friends away.


The 20mb high quality clip of the month with Marina in gorgeous chunky heeled black platforms and her wonderful feet showing does some insane and wonderfully sexy things to my face whilst all the time talking to me in that soft, sexy but cheeky cruel voice and making me lick and worship in between the pounding is just unbelievable. Seriously folks I think we have found the right formula on this one. How can someone take something so severe and yet convey the sexuality and love it takes to really carry this off the answer is Marina of course I just went along for the wonderful ride.

One day I am going to have to learn the words ouch or stop or learn how to scream for my own protection but with someone like Marina those feelings and words and self preservation ideas just fly out the window and I am in true trample heaven so its words of love and pleasure and letting her know to just go for it or giving her the control to go harder if she wants.......and she always does.

POV fans will flip out and I mean it. First the camera puts you right in my position with her foot pounding down on my face from my position on the ground apart from the impact you may as well be there. Then my favourite POV from Marina's position and then from the view of the very close observer. My heart still has not stopped beating fast and I seriously cant stop watching it. I will drain myself of all energy for the rest of the day if I am not careful.

Rather than take my word for it I would please ask one of our members to do an honest and/or critical review for you all. The other good news is that Mark just bought a new much more professional vid cam so we cant wait for the next shoot which is this week and a surprise. Marina is a little unwell with a chest infection at present so the shoot for today has been postponed to later in the week.

THanks Cave and Denizim. Den you know if we get to know you we may just take you up on the offer of a visit and the same is extended this way. Helen wants to take me on a kayak trip around your waterways....if she can keep up:D

Best wishes to all oh and I will post some barefoot material as requested later today for those who have asked and the site will be featuring a lot more of it as well along with all the rest..Wait till you see the barefoot work with Marina and Marina and Helen shit I loved it and it is a welcome break from heels and so different (although heels and strappy sandals are still my personal favourite)

I did not post a lot of barefoot material before because I thought so many sites did it and I wanted to be different but that did not mean that I never did barefoot trample or worship as Helen and I do a lot of it in private but now we will share more if it with everyone because it is the essence of worshipping a beautiful woman and more loving.

Some of these barefoot clips are already on the members section in the last two updates and soon with Helen and Marina's barefeet together yummy.



09-02-2003, 7:13 PM
Stryder you could not have described it any better!!!

Guys one of the things that also takes this video clip over the top is the conversation that takes place between Marina and Stryder.
Her voice is as sexy as Helen's and she really gets into telling Stryder what she is going to do to him next.

If you only had the audio from this clip and nothing else, listening to her talk would take you over the top and make you blow your load!! I know it did me... :p

Great work Stryder...you lucky bastard! :D


09-03-2003, 4:48 AM
Thanks for that extended reply, Helen. With the job you have I don't know how you have the time or focus for the site or the board. I know you have to be getting as tired as Steve sometimes.

Atyourfeet is right, your thoughts on the forum and voice on the clips really makes it for me. Thanks so much for being around and talking to us.

I still love that slow and sensual you were getting at the club, Steve. That's really intense.:)


09-03-2003, 7:19 AM
Hi buddy. Glad you like the clips. Did you catch the new update with Marina making her grand opening appearance? Saw some more of the vid with her today (still dont have my own copy yet) it drove me nuts because I wanted to bring them home and get all private with them but they were still being prepared for the site and being rendered at Marks place and so I was left frustrated.;) But Ahhhhh I do have the clip of the month from the site so I am just about to check it out before bed.

09-04-2003, 12:18 AM
*anxious* I hope you get the video soon, Stryder. I am moving this morning, and I will not have internet access for a couple days. *crosses fingers*

09-04-2003, 11:59 PM
Mate I have finally seen the high quality PPV of Marina in her Pumas from the video we shot with her....(have not seen the one with her and Helen together in trainers) and I must say it is the best single girl trainer trample clip I have ever seen I think it goes for over 10minutes and features the full face jumping C&B, etc etc etc I wont tease you now but it should have been on the site today so I dont know what the delay is.

Sorry about the delay with the barefoot pics here are the first few of many that will be going on site. I had lost this cd full or rare ones from when Helen and I were in France. Ahh pic #1971 (same year she was born)

Also another part of the fetish club nite on vid in both formats.


Got your email thanks mate a very nice quote.

09-05-2003, 12:37 AM
Helen & I are the same age... Thanks a million for the pics, maybe some barefoot trampling too ?!??!!:) :) :)

09-05-2003, 6:24 AM

Ahhhhh finally the wait is over. 8 new PPV long high quality video clips have gone on the site at

These are from Marina's debut video shoot and I have to say it is probably some of the best material I have ever had the pleasure of being involved in she is stunning and simply amazing and I dont think I have seen better many place anywhere.

There is something for everone with barefoot trample and intense worship, white and gold stilletos and black chunky heeled platforms, jumping, stomping, grinding, heaps of foot and shoe licking and cleaning with everything from loving worship to the most intense trample at the feet of this stunning blonde goddess the most amazing Puma runners and cute socks for our friends who have been asking for it and let me tell you I think it is probably the most amazing thing you have seen in this area of the fetish.

The members site has been updated also with first release video clips from the second video Marina did with my angel Helen only last week and I have not even seen any of this material myself and as I am going to bed now I wont download it until tomorrow but I notice that the two of them together make trample music that has to be seen to be believed. But if even Helen cannot believe how good it is then I know the members will love it.

You mean pics like this

Gang you will seriously love this new material I cannot believe it myself and if anyone is disappointed I will give up trample.:D

09-05-2003, 7:57 AM
Well, Steve, I know we're all taken with Marina (as we well should be) but those last full-body shots of Helen show her to be the amazing, beautiful woman we've all known; she's still the leader of hearts.:)

Thanks so much for the beginning of the images with Marina; you guys are creating some real dreams there. I get a little lump in my chest thinking of what the sensation under her must be like but then I'm sure she's gifted you with many there and elsewhere by now, he, he!


L Murray
09-05-2003, 1:51 PM
Thank you very much Stryder and Helen for all the pictures! I especially love the barefoot pictures of Helen standing on your face and privates. Beautiful red toes!! Please stay healthy and well both of you.

09-05-2003, 2:18 PM
Hi Steve- sorry I have not written in a long time- have just been too busy to smell the "roses" (toes?). These are fantastic pix & movies- Marina is certainly a gem!! A great find.
How's Helen doing. Give her my best- keep up the good work-we are all in AWE.
:) :D :cool: :worship: :eyebrows: :bugeyes:

09-06-2003, 4:03 AM
A beautiful full body shot of Helen. Thank you so much. She has such a beautiful body and love the bare feet stuff.

09-06-2003, 5:03 AM
beutiful i loved it

09-07-2003, 12:58 AM
Something else you might like gang. Thle three with Helen in barefeet are all on the video "Helen and Stryder In France" and I am sure that most of the barefoot part is on the PPV section and on the members site in clips. The pic of Helen and Marina just talking was exciting as they were planning by themselves how to work me over. Some of the clips from this amazing duo have just gone on the members section but the video itself is not yet available nor are the PPV's but I will keep you all informed. Some may have already seen the clip with me as the footrest for these two angels while they sit around our pool on stools just chatting and I lick and worship their sandals.....then they take me inside for stilleto platforms on Helen and Marina in those white gorgeous stilleto sandals....yummy, ouch oh heaven.


09-07-2003, 6:48 AM


I love this. It is probably one of the best real live very sexy videos I have been involved in since coming into the world of foot fetish and trample all those years ago.

I notice "HEELS OF PLEASURE & PAIN" with the stunning Marina has now been released as of tonight. Check out the description and some great pics at:


There truly is something for everyone in this video, barefoot worship and trample, runners, socks and of course some wonderful heels on this beautiful amazing trample goddess. I can't wait to see it myself as I dont have it yet.

09-07-2003, 8:20 PM
That fourth picture above with Marina and Helen in it is so amazing. The wide view I think would make anyone want to lie on the floor. Great heels and great shot. Thanks Stryder.

Cannot wait to see the pictures when you get to see the video. :)

09-07-2003, 10:02 PM
platformsnasics: Mate have you had a chance to check out the PPV section and the new video release mentioned above. Both have the Puma trample with Marina there for all the gym shoe and trainers trample and worship fans to enjoy the vid description has a little teaser pic I think you will like.

The next vid was of course with Helen and Marina and a couple of the clips are already on the members section and I have not had time to render them into short small files for the forum. The sequence with the shoes in the above pic worn by Marina and Helen is really sexy with mostly worship and shoe and foot licking interspersed with some cruel little nipple tortures and face and mouth punishment and luckily for me a little occasional stamp by Marina on my eager groin area. They just sit and chat virtually ignoring me until they decide to concentrate on some cute little torture. Marina loves digging those heels into my eyes...

The runners clip in the PPV with Marina has been grabbed by quite a few people and I am really pleased and it encourages me to do a lot more of this type of action but wait till you see her using them on me you will freak out I guarantee it.

09-07-2003, 11:42 PM
Hi there Stryder, Helen and gang,
The clips and pix are just awesome!!! Here in the Netherlands we wonder how it is possible that you survive! Ofcourse we are glad that you do! I especially wanted to express my gratitude for the bathroom pix, where Helen walks on you and where she threatens to stomp your male pride (hard!), Ufff.... a lovely pose indeed (and I hope she finished her move!).
Regards, subsole

09-08-2003, 1:14 AM
Thanks mate glad you liked it. Yep Helen sure does like to work that groin area over she is partial to a a little ballbusting as well but has been kind to me recently with the baby making being a priority....although having said that the video we shot last weekend with her and Marina together was a different story.

While Marina was working over my face, chest, throat and nipples with her white stilleto sandals (I love those shoes and once bought a pair for someone who ended up not only breaking my skin under them but breaking my heart...Marina worked in the same place I bought them and must have bought hers around the same time but we did not know each other then) Helen started doing some c&b kicks and stomps with her clear platform stilleto mules (given to her by Marina as a gift). I think you will love that and if you have seen the clips on the last update on the site two of them are from this yet to be released vid.

One of the first trample pics I ever saw (back in the early 70's) was from the Netherlands and it had such impact on me the lady was stunning (probably older now) but she has stayed young for me because I kept the pic and still have it.

09-11-2003, 8:33 PM
Hi Stryder and Helen,

I just wanted to say hello, I hope everything is going well:D

I ordered Suffer For Cleo and Heels of Pleasure & Pain, I can't wait to see these videos:)

Marina looks Fabulous in the pictures on the video store page and from Your descriptions she sounds like an AMAZING and VERY CREATIVE trampler :worship:

Helen, I can't wait to see You and Marina in the video You did together!

Stryder, I am curious if You have talked to Danielle recently and if You think we will see her again in some future videos?

Take Care

09-11-2003, 8:55 PM
Shit just thinking about you mate. I am sure you will enjoy the vids I think the one with Marina is great and the one with her and Helen twice as good. I think you will probably receive a copy of that one before anyone else maybe before release as I think Mark has a surprise for you for being such a valued friend, member and supporter of our site and videos so I hope that keeps you smiling mate.

Yes Danielle is still very keen but she has recently moved house (still local) and has had some personal upsets and blues so has asked if we can give her time to get back on top. Shit Kerry has been the same too its frustrating not to be able to help them much. Kerry was available last weekend but we were not so it is sometimes a merry go round.

Hope things were sorted out to your satisfaction with the clip mix up.

09-11-2003, 9:16 PM
Very much so, Steve. Your service was quick, abundant, and friendly. Thanks for the good work!


09-12-2003, 4:06 PM
Stryder my friend good news,
Had my appointment at the breast clinic today,
No padgets or any other form of cancer'
The problem stems from my first nipple infection,
part of it is still there
Which makes sense
I've only went back to my doctor when it as been infected
and swollen'
so its gone unoticed
I never went back after the swelling had gone
The original infection never went away in my left nipple
and when it as hardened it as left my nipple glands open to
any form of infection
All that i need is keyhole surgery to remove the hardened tissue
that will let my glands heal up

So to cut it short No more tample on my left nipple until december
I did tell the doctor about my trample fetish being the possable cause(she did'nt even bat an eye lid)
But i bet its all arond the hospital by now.

Serious note
I was very worried that i had paid a high price for my trample
But like falling of a bike
you have got to get back on again(from now on with care)
Many thanks

Stryder & Helen

for all your support & true & heart welcoming words over the
last few weeks
A very relieveid

09-12-2003, 9:11 PM
John that is such excellent news Helen and I are so happy that everything is fine the old keyhole is nothing been there several times but do take it easy until everything is 100% in that area. Here is a pic for you for the good news. Helen going brunette for a night. Some suede boots in there for you from the same angel (Tabra of the slow sensuous trample) I posted for you before; joined by Jules, Amanda, (can only see her stilleto boots) Helen and Josie and me down for the count again.

09-12-2003, 9:14 PM
Great last pics :thumbsup:

09-14-2003, 4:01 PM
This woman is a wonder. I am about 5 minutes away from her knocking on my front door for a video shoot. She wants to show off her superhero outfit and is bringing her collection of heels. My body is fit and so she is free to do what she wants to see what kind of mess she can make. Very nervous as always I think that nervous energy is good.

Will keep you all informed Mark has just bought a new top of the range Sony cam semi pro model

09-14-2003, 4:41 PM
Beautiful shot of the ladies on you, Stryder. Thanks for all the great pix- I also thank you for the 2 vids I bought- GREAT stuff!!
Say hi to Helen & wish her my best, as well as to you!!

09-14-2003, 9:46 PM
Well as I said this morning just finished the shoot with the angel Marina. Barefoot fans are in for a treat in part of this vid. Two of my favourite fantasy ladies made an appearance today. Wonderwoman (who kicked me in one pair of boots so hard she broke the boots but not me....well nearly)


"I dream of Jeanie"......

These clips are so new they still have the ribbons on them and it will be a short while before you see the result of the brilliant new camera and the extra high quality vid and clips it produces. We need to do the editing but I grabbed this little snippet off Mark before he went just to share here. My good what she did to me. Jumped off the bench onto my chest and C&B full barefoot face jumping with my head on concrete and some of the best foot worship you will see with these magic Jeanie feet.....then she put on the gold stilletos....my god. This girl is amazing and if I had three wishes they were all used today anyway.

Ball busting fans are also in for a treat......I managed to survive wonderwoman destroying that area.

Hey Bronch nice to hear from you again mate glad you liked the vids which ones were they?

These clips only about an hour old and they are in both formats so you only need to download one or the other format. The R ones are in Real Player the others WMP. Sorry for the quality but there are restrictions here you should see it at a 1000+ kbs amazing.

As usual enjoy


09-15-2003, 7:54 AM
Stryder -

Love the barefoot/worship stuff. Excellent clips! Thanks for all the outstanding material.


09-15-2003, 1:56 PM
jkonnyck: Thanks mate you are 1 in over 300. The bare foot fans must be hard to please or cant type :D

So just for you here is another from the short piece of footage I grabbed from the hour and a half vid we shot yesterday. My ribs are black from bruising kicks and my gorgeous friend Marina has bruised her instep from the impact....I guess you cant get more dedicated than that. And two I posted elsewhere but I am not sure that many saw it on that thread because they may have had issues with the guy who started the thread or something as well as two new ones from that set of clips from the soon to be released video.


09-15-2003, 4:27 PM
Hello Stryder and Helen.
Amazing pictures yet again from you two! And, as always, very generous of the both of you to share them with us here. I am not as experienced as alot of folks in here, but I can reckognize amazing things when I see them. I am working on enduring more lengthy tramplings, and can't for the life of me understand how you take it. Wonderful! I have a question. I have seen some old pics on a site called stardeck9 or something like that, and I wondered if they were of you and your lovely wife Helen? Thanks again.

09-15-2003, 7:41 PM
Hello Stryder and Helen,

Thank You for those Awesome video clips:bugeyes: :bananajum
:bananavic I LOVE the I dream of Jeanie outfit that Marina is wearing she looks Fabulous:worship:

Helen, do You think You will do a video in the future while wearing those black spandex workout pants that I LOVE?

If You could wear the black spandex pants in an upcoming full length video with black stockings/panthose underneath the spandex pants so that we could see Your Beautiful Gorgeous feet encased in black stockings and then wearing several different pairs of high heels, WOW that would be my dream come true:)

Thank You

09-15-2003, 9:14 PM
Hey Steve.

I had sent you an email end of last week, but have had no response.

Did you get it? Or perhaps I have an old email address of yours?

Can you drop me a line at thound@socal.rr.com and let me have your current address?

Thanks : )


09-15-2003, 11:08 PM
Hey mate. I just replied to your email sorry I was tardy but had a lot on my plate which I explained in the email.;)

Just spoke to Helen and she said "Ok Ok boy is Footstool persistent...the spandex training shorts ok and the stockings ok but I think they will be a fashion mistake to have both at the same time dont you?" Her words mate (LOL) :D Marina did some wicked Footstool type things to my face with her beautiful bare tootsies yesterday but you may have to sweat and wait till the editing is done but the clips I posted are from it but only just the very beginning of it.

09-16-2003, 4:02 AM
Thanks for all your clips.


09-16-2003, 7:43 AM
Stryder, old man -

Good show! Thanks for your personal response. There are lots of us worship guys out here and I know we all appreciate your contributions. Keep this up and I might, dare I say it, consider a membership at your site!

Please tell Helen that her beauty is matched only by her enthusiasm toward our little community. Thanks again.


09-16-2003, 10:02 AM
Hi Stryder and Helen,

Helen, Thank You Thank You Thank You:worship: :thumbsup:

Tight Shiny Black Spandex Pants and black stockings or black pantyhose are my two favorites! Helen, To see You trampling in a full length video while wearing them both together with high heels and then rubbing/ grinding/ wiping Your stocking feet hard all over Stryder's face, WOWWWWWWWW that would definitely make my dream come true and my knees go weak:D :bugeyes: :worship:

Helen, Thank You Sooooooooo Much for saying that You will do a future video wearing Your black spandex pants and black stockings/ black pantyhose:)

Thank You

09-16-2003, 4:51 PM
From Helen
Hi footstool....well I think I said yes to spandex training shorts and yes to stockings my concern was that the two of them together gives me an image in my head of really bad fashion and worse than some 80's stuff (and I was a little fashion queen back then NOT). Soooooo I will try the outfit on first and get Steve to take some pics and if it is not too dreadful you will have your wish and both together....I wear them for the first part of the video I did with Marina with runners socks and barefeet in the gym workout part of the vid (no stockings in that one)..If it looks crappy I will do your request with stocking and then with the spandex......Ok :D Kind of like some pics I have seen with black stockings and white heels yucckky or summery sandals with stockings which is probably ok in cold places but they would run you off the street here and send you to the fashion cops :cry:

Love H

09-16-2003, 9:03 PM
Hi Helen,

Thank You for Your response, that would be Fantastic:) It's wonderful to hear from You again, I hope everything is well:D

I Really like the way in the video Helen & Stryder in France when You were sitting above Stryder and resting Your Amazing feet on his face and rubbing/grinding/wiping them all over his face! That is exactly how I Love a Mistress to use my face as her footstool, I could stay in that position forever:D :D :D

Thank You and Take Care:thumbsup:

09-20-2003, 9:44 AM
Stryder, I've said it a 100 times you are the luckiest man alive to be trampled by those beautiful Goddesses. :p

The Penguin
09-21-2003, 1:51 PM
Hi ther e Helen Ialways enjoy reading you posts and do look forward to seeing some photos/clips once in aa while
Cheers The Penguin

09-22-2003, 10:22 AM
Hi Stryder and Helen,

I just wanted to let You know that I received my video order and Mark included the new video with Helen and Marina together, I sent Mark a Thank You email, please tell him I said Thanks again the next time You see him:thumbsup:

I also ordered the new video with Marina "Heels of Pleasure and Pain". Stryder, I didn't think there was any way Your videos could get any better but these two new videos with Marina and the one with Marina and Helen are just simply AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!:bugeyes: :worship:

Marina is absolutely Gorgeous and her attitude is Fantastic, the chemistry between Marina and You and then the chemistry between Marina, Helen, and You are AMAZING! Ohhhhhhh how I would sooooooooo LOVE to have Marina use my face for her personal footstool, I would be the happiest man alive to stay in that position forever:D Stryder, Please Please Please say hello to Marina for me and pass along my above message to her and let me know her response, maybe Marina could even post a reply herself:)

Helen, as always You looked Spectacular:worship: WOW how I LOVED the way You looked in the beginning of the video wearing Your sexy black spandex workout pants :bugeyes: :)

I hope to see many more videos in the future with Helen and Marina and my other favorite Danielle:)

Thank You

09-22-2003, 3:04 PM
Glad you liked the vids bro. Yes I think that Marina is an absolute rare combination of great looks and unbelievable skill. She makes up everything she does to me herself and just asks before a vid if I would like her to do this or that and of course I say yes even if it is kind of scary.

Glad you liked the gift but that is just a THANK YOU for being such a loyal friend and a great customer.

Mate you will not believe it when you see Marina doing the new vid dressed as Wonderwoman and Jeanie very very sexy but oh so cruel. As wonderwoman she kicks me in one pair of boots she had to change them because they broke then she put on the red white and blue stilleto boots and really works me over...one sequence of very hard BB in them and she just seems to be really hot doing it saying Oh yeaaaaah in her sexy way. The bare foot material as Jeanie is sublime and then she gets right into it by jumping up and down on my face full weight.

Two days later we did another vid with her in some of the most sexy evening wear you have ever seen mate and classy heels. Lots of worship in this one and using me as a footstool because I was still quite injured from the last video but then she seemed to forget that and took it up a notch again. She placed a small cushion over my face and proceeded to jump up and down on my up turned face in her heels full weight. I could not breathe and the cushion had blood all over it when she took it off. She then does some of the most savage kicking dressed like a stunning angel you have ever seen including karate kicks to my body in her stunning heels dressed to kill. I would not have believed it if I wasnt there mate. Later today after university I will try and post a clip or two of wonderwoman so stay tuned. I can tell you that I have had multiple and the girls tend to get in each others way and have to wait their turn but in terms of intensity one woman like Marina is worth 500.

On the multiple subject I have not spoken to Danielle (Dial T 4 Trample) for a little while as she has been a little down and I cannot seem to help her but I understand she is better now and keen to get back into it. I really want to do a vid with just her then perhaps her Helen and Marina.

09-23-2003, 12:32 AM
Very good work

09-23-2003, 4:35 AM
Here is a little preview of something good to come. As I have said I have had 60-70 women in one night at a fetish club lined up waiting to work me over and many more than that at Sexpo but for sheer intensity nothing beats a beautiful woman who enjoys pushing you to your limit and who is intent on destroying your body but in a very sexy way... it's magic of the most amazing kind to those folks with the same tastes as yours truly.

The worship material comes from the same vid before wonderwoman and jeanie make their magic appearance and I think Marina is magic any way she comes.


09-23-2003, 4:55 AM
You're the best Mr. Stryder...you can take pain that I can only fantasize about. A tip of my stetson to you, sir.:)

09-23-2003, 8:50 AM
Hi Stryder and Helen,

Thank You for those Awesome video clips:bananajum :bugeyes:

I LOVE the wonder woman outfit and those red, white and blue boots with the thin high heels! I especially like the clip of Marina kicking You in the groin and the one where You are worshiping her toes. :) You are Very Very Very lucky Stryder!

Thanks Again,

09-23-2003, 3:12 PM
Thank you as usual for your feedback mate. I know I have said it before but this crowd is hard to motivate into giving a little feedback there have been a lot of downloads and only good old reliable Footstool and another old mate Ritchie responds to the clips (thanks Ritchie).

These are so new the vid itself had not even been edited and I thought they may draw some interest but same old same old. I will try with two more and then keep the rest if they are not that popular. Tough audience:D

09-23-2003, 5:43 PM
Amazing!! I would like to refer those who compare my work to yours to these clips....the stomping and the kicking you absorb...although given the beauty and sensuality of Marina I'd be tempted to try it :D Thanks Stryder.

09-23-2003, 5:57 PM

You are truly a Living Legend!!!!!

Thank you so much for creating these masterpieces!!!!! And thank you for also being so generous in sharing them with us.

09-23-2003, 6:51 PM
I know it's never said enough Stryder. You and Helen are amazing people. Kind, considerate, and caring. Your honest and trutworthy. All that means more than all the pictures and videos that can ever be posted on this board. But, thanks to you two anyway, they are great. ;) Take care good people.

09-23-2003, 7:33 PM
Hey waffled always nice to hear from you mate...I meant to say on your thread good traps and delts....a bit of work gone into that for an old bloke like myself my traps need work and I can never get the right exercise apart from shrugs. Hey I still love your work and I will have a surprise for you and my friends who love CBT as I have a plan involving Helen, Marina and Danielle so that is something I am looking forward to as much as I am sure you will.

Thanks Joe and sinbad (now let me find another barefoot worship for you sinbad)

Getting feedback is what makes posting worthwhile it really does.

Yes footstool rang Danielle yesterday after your inquiry and she is really keen to get back into it and has left one of her jobs so has a lot more time so next week her and I in a solo act perhaps beach bunny to suit her wonderful look.

Some of these new vids will be released very soon as well as PPV from each of them (of course Footstool you have had a head start with the Helen and Marina vid...shit I have not even got a copy of it)

I hope members like the new clip in the updates section called s016 with Helen and Marina digging their heels into my eyes and some great foot and shoe worship. As I have not seen this vid yet I am in the same boat as members and must download the clip:D but I love the way they are fooling around and talking especially when Marina giggles and says "squash him he loves it" and Helen giggles and says "you have a mean streak girl" and Marina says "he loves it" which of course he does no looks of misery or pain from me (well not often) (lol) probably what spurs them on to go harder.

Its the responses that keeps us posting and the big quiets that keep us the same way cause and effect (lol). And just think all these clips I have just posted and the action are all from the one video and throw in I dream of Jeanie as part of the fantasy sex romp and mind trip. I cant wait to see it myself from the safe comfort of my armchair this time.:D


09-23-2003, 7:41 PM
Hey Stryder, have you still not gotten the video back yet? I have been gone for a bit. I would still love to see those sneaker clips.

09-23-2003, 9:12 PM
Well mate no I still have not got that video from Mark and in fact believe it or not I dont have any full copy of any vid since Secretary Trample. I have some of the PPV's to write the descriptions but I gave Mark a heap of mini dv's to give me copies of the masters. Can you believe how frustrating it is to not even see your own vids in full????:(

The sensational clip with Marina in her pumas is on the PPV and I cannot render that to a smaller clip unless I get the video master itself. The material with Marina and Helen both in gym gear and runners has not been released on vid yet (although one member now has it as a gift so perhaps footstool can fill you in as I experienced it but have not seen it). Some of this vid has been released as clips on the members section including some of the sneaker material with Helen and Marina but if I try to copy the download from the membersite and reduce it to a clip for this forum it will look like shit.

So in terms of a freebie if that is what you want mate I cannot help out at the moment:D I may be able to do something hopefully in the near future or you could take a peek at the site (lol). The runners, socks and barefoot part of that vid with Helen and Marina should be great if the clips on site are anything to go by and I look forward to being able to watch the whole damn thing myself. Its hard to get good help these days mate;)

09-23-2003, 9:26 PM
Hi Stryder and Helen,

That is GREAT news to hear that Danielle is feeling better:) Please tell her I said hello and I offer her Beautiful toes my soft passionate cyber kisses:D It will be GREAT to see Danielle trampling You again!!!:thumbsup:

Stryder what do You think about doing a future video with the same type of outfits from Your video Secretary Trample? I absolutely LOVED their outfits in that video, short skirts, stockings, and classic high heels. I think Helen by now knows how much I Love stockings and spandex;) :bugeyes: :worship: :bugeyes:


09-24-2003, 7:09 AM
hi stryder!please can i know how to order your video because i have not a credit card and i'm in italy!thanks anticipating!
my email is suamiumani@hotmail.com

09-24-2003, 11:02 AM
Stryder, thank yoy voor de video's!!! Allthow I'm new here, I enjoyed it a lot...thank you!!

09-24-2003, 2:24 PM
Hi, Steve. Bet you walked like a duck for a while after Marina got finished with you. You know, the endorphine dump at the beginning of an experience with someone like her is like an anesthetic. But it does wear off.:( That's the best obviously full strength kicking I've seen. How does Marina react after doing something like that to you? I'm sure she knows the pain she's causing you!

Love her worship too in that first clip. She really does love it doesn't she?:)

How's my angel doing now?


09-24-2003, 2:50 PM
Doubled up on the message hate that I will have to stop drinking that cranberry juice with breakfast it must mess with my head:D

Marina is truly intense. After she is finished with me the only worry she has is that her friend and my wife Helen will be upset with her for doing so much visible damage. Helen just says I am big and silly enough to say stop but when someone like Marina is just doing her thing (and she does it without any direction from me other than the occassional MORE or go for it or give it to me or a slight adjustment of her foot from a really dangerous position) it was funny as I usually tap the foot that is dangerous (like on my throat before I black out etc) but when she is kicking or jumping its hard to tap and like a fool I forget that I have a mouth to say ENOUGH but for some reason I very very rarely say it. Its not bravado or trying to be the toughest around (I have a fair idea where I am at with that becaus that is just me not because I want to prove anything) its just that as you know my mind clicks on that masochistic track which says "this is pleasure not pain and it is love not an assault on my body" and so I cant see it as cruel, harsh, evil, nasty or anything else other than two or more people exploring something different and exciting.

09-24-2003, 2:54 PM
Hi mate long time no see. Thought you might have done the car run over thing and we lost you to the dark side:D

Kerry has not visited for some while I think her depression might be intimately tied to her intake of hemp. I dont particularly have anything against the substance (before all the hemp defenders jump down my throat) even given my former vocation but as a child of the 70's when I was the local narcs son and for my own reasons never tried it even when almost everyone else did I am kind of glad I made that choice. Those who continued their heavy use into adult hood became someone lazy and uncaring, slightly paranoid and often just plain dull. And from a legal point of view so many applications to the court for a discharge from an offence on the basis of diminished capacity came back from the experts as drug induced psychosis and without exception the drug that did it was hemp in large amounts, with only a few attributed to other allegedly more dangerous substances like acid.

Kerry claims it to be her only vice which is fine but she is a heavy user she does not drink or smoke or take anything else that I am aware of. I rang her yesterday as a matter of fact. It was 11am she was on a week off from work to be with her kids for school holidays she was still in bed stoned as a statue had no idea what her kids were up to and they were making a noise and made little or no sense at all so the conversation was disjointed and boring I told her I would ring back when we could talk like two straight adults. Almost every weekend and every holiday she is like this in the mornings till almost lunch time and I think personally there is more to life than that. What a waste of a gorgeous, senuous, lovely friend. Hopefully when I can communicate with her properly we can organise some more wonderful times with her when she is herself again and under the influence of life as it should be.:D

Oh I should mention you are right adrenaline does wear off and you are left bruised and limping and in some discomfort for days but last time there was only two days between the wonderwoman vid and the next even harsher vid with Marina.

09-24-2003, 4:07 PM
Hi Helen and Stryder
Hope you're doing fine and that the site is going well.
I feel a little jealous with all the PC users who had been able to see your last clips in this forum. Is it possible for you to take the time and do some repostings for us Mac users too. These last clips seems to be breathtaking.