Yuliya Kate is HOT

She's dominating and not afraid to push a slave to the absolute limit..and then beyond that!

European Fight Club

You know what the first rule of European Fight Club is, right? If you don't, you really should look at this

Men In Pain - Good!
Feb 19, 2010

My prediction for the future? Pain..

Going by photo and video quality alone, there is no higher quality site for Femdom than Men In Pain. The pictures are the highest resolution and the videos they make these days are all ultra-high High-Def. I probably don't have to explain much more about them because the site is world famous, but just for giggles, view the picture gallery and stand in amazement at what they have accomplished with this website.

Sit And Smother Babes

For when you want your facesitting women hot, sexy and from the UK, this is the store to see, ya smother pervert

Sista's Rule white slaves

Interracial Femdom here where the Black Beauties smother, trample and beat on white men for amusement

The Ultimate Surrender
Feb 19, 2010

I'd like to surrender too, please!

The good people at Ultimate Surrender would never let me get on the mat with these girls because I would surrender at the bell and lay down while the girls sat on my face. Luckily, the fighting women in the ring are able to work up a nice sweat beating on each other before the finally force them into giving up and giving the victor the spoils. This gallery concentrates on facesitting pictures, but there is a lot of other domination, including strap-on dildos, forced oral worship and other good stuff. These pictures should leave you drooling for more!

Staria Fetish Ownage

For when you live in Germany and the thought police won't let you see the girls naked, dammit!

CPL Wrestling Rocks

You might try and put up a fight, but in the end your face is going to be used as a seat, oh NOOOOOOO..

Smothered Slave Girls
Feb 10, 2010

Because sometimes Lesbian smother is better

At Smothered Slave they concentrate on Girl on girl action - I haven't seen one pic or video from that site with a man in it. That doesn't mean they don't exist, but I've never seen one. I haven't been a member of this site yet, but many of the pictures and videos I have seen make it look pretty good. I'd be interested in other people's opinions on this site as well because it looks like something I may be joining very soon. This article contains 24 pics from there for your enjoyment.

Femdom Army Forever

If you love facesitting clips, the girls in these vids this will drive you crazy..

Men Are Slaves - No kidding!

Slavery never looked so good! Amaze yourself with these pictures from some amazingly sexy Ladies

Totally Tread Trample
Feb 12, 2010

Tread out there in a world of his own..

Unfortunately for him, that world is FULL of women that stomp the living crap out of him, sometimes with so many at the same time that they can't all fit on him at once. There aren't many people in trample history that can take the punishment that all these women dish out to Tread, so he has earned his spot in the Trample Hall Of Hame, whenever that institution finally gets established. If you are even the slightest bit interested in seeing women crush the life out of a guy with his feet, Tread Trample is where you should be.